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Summer Road Trip – Diary – Day Seven – Long Rock Beach, Treloy Touring Park

Last Morning at Sennen Cove. When we arrived the manager said our stay would go quickly and he wasn’t wrong. But on to a site now with lots of things for the kids to do.

Waking up to the smell of bacon drifting over camp sure is a great way to start the day but only if you have your own bacon buttie to look forward to.

Today however we don’t so we pack the van up quickly and head to McDonalds.

We park up near to where we were last night overlooking the beach and St Michael’s Mount.

In the sea there are paddle boarders, people canoeing and the odd one or two having a swim. My mission after breakfast is to sneak in my first sea swim of our holidays.

Time For A Swim

The big two end up coming with me. They are fairly competent swimmers now so at least if won’t distract my swim too much.

a swim swin can be very bracing but once your in you dont really notice the temperature. Once we got out I could feel that endorphin high sweeping . and a smile appearing.

Then the we took the little twins to have a splash. Mason really love the beach and his curls make us think he’s going to be a surfer dude when he’s older. Maybe we need to move to the coast?

Campsite number 5 though I’m not sure you can really call this one a camp!

Treloy Touring Park

This site is amazing, along with the usual shower blocks shop and things there is also a pool, games room, massive play park, dedicated playing field, a cafe and a small entertainment bar. It’s more like a holiday park really.

I wanted to give the kids a bit of a treat with this site. We have already made friends with the family across as they have a lovely old english sheepdog who is just one and is ready for a lot of fuss which is handy as Jessica is such a dog fan. I blame that Waffle Doggy!

So post nap time was swimming in the surprisingly warm pool followed by dinner in the cafe and obviously testing out the play park.

When we got back to the Motorhome it was getting towards dusk so Chris set up the cinema for the kids and I set up marshmallow toasting.

We were joined halfway through the film by the dog from across and his human boy. The dog however wouldn’t sit for the film so went back to his tent but the boy stayed until the end.

I Hope these simple memories will be the ones the kids remember when they grow up.

Nina, Chris & The Kids x


Summer Road Trip – Diary – Day Six – Lands End, St Michaels Mount.

Today’s adventure involved a trip on a bus. The community bus stops right outside the Campsite.

You can’t come to Cornwall without visiting lands end can you? We decided that we would head to the famous landmark on public transport today.

The community bus was fab. Just a little 16 seater minibus ran by volunteers. The driver was very friendly and helped us aboard with or million children.

Lands End

There are lots of things to do once at the landmark. Most things are extra to the car park fee, though we didnt pay as we came on the bus. I had seen on the website an Aardman Animations exhibition which I did want to go and have a look at. I was surprised by how good the exhibit was. We also paid for a photo underneath the famous sign. Well you’ve got to haven’t you?

Then before catching the bus home we had a bite to eat. They were huge portions but as you would expect for a tourist attraction the prices we quite steep.

Back on the bus and to the motorhome for a bit of an afternoon nap.

After naptime its time to head back out again for a trusty old mcdonalds and a trip to St Michaels Mount. We got there at just the right time for the tide coming in so we got to see the slipway disappear under the tide. Afterwards a trip to the play park to burn off energy before bedtime.

St Michaels Mount and the island is actually closed on a saturday but you can still head across the causeway or climb the rock on the beach for a view of the causeway from above.

We drove all the way back to the campsite and then remembered we had no milk. Unfortunately the only shop was back in the town where we had just been so we had to turn around and go back. I can’t live without my morning cuppa.

Nina, Chris & The Kids x


Summer Road Trip – Diary – Day Five-Tintagel, Port Isaac & Sennen Cove.

It’s been a busy day today. Lots of walking involved. Our First Stop Tintagel Castle.

After seeing some posts on instagram of the views from the top of the castle and my dad saying we really should visit the new bridge I decided to add it as a stop off.

We packed up early and set off – No time for breakfast today. We had it once we got parked up. That’s the good thing about motorhome life.

Tintagel Castle

We parked up and made our way to the entrance. You can buy tickets to the island at the top of the hill as well as at the bottom. we were quite early in the day and queues were minimal. Then we headed down the hill. Be warned it is very steep and we had decided not to take the pushchair as I wasn’t sure if it was pushchair suitable. There is a landrover service to get you down the hill and back up again. It’s pretty inexpensive too. We actually used it on the way back up the hill.

At the bottom there is a shop and cafe toilets and ticket office. Then you can either head up to the castle at you allotted time slot or down to the beach which is only accessible during low tide. You only need a ticket for the caste and to cross the bridge. When we got there it had just turned high tide so the beach was off our list today.

Getting to the top of the steps to cross the new bridge was quite a challenge again there is a slope if you want to take a pushchair or wheelchair. Mason Our littlest boy twin managed most of the steps up. I’m quite pleased as I thought I might fall if I had to carry him up.

The view from the bridge is well worth it. I think I’m slowly conquering my fear of heights. Over to the castle The kids thought it was great almost like a “real life minecraft”

On to stop number 2 of the day Port Isaac. A must for Doc Martin fans. Again the car park for motorhomes is a walk away from the town and its down quite a steep hill. down the hill is full of pretty little shops and cafe. The beach was full of people enjoying the sunshine. Splashing in sea and rock pools. We only lasted a few minutes of splashing as its rocky underfoot.

We did however managed to climb back up a hill to the doc’s house. Where a few were taking photos.

Sennen Cove

On to our fourth Campsite of the trip. This time it’s Sennen Cove.

This site seems a lot more friendly than the last. Although its still caravan and camping there are still rules to follow but it just seems a lot more child friendly.

On to Saturday and its time for lands end I think today we are heading out on a bus to save trying to park up our motorhome.


Nina, Chris & The Kids x


Summer Road Trip – Diary – Day Four – Bude

Well today has had its challenges. There have been lots of meltdowns by both toddlers and a big boy.

Today I changed our plans a little we were going to an adventure garden but in light of Jessica the last few days we thought maybe just a short trip today.

That took us back into Bude and while Chris had a quick work call I took the kids for waffles and a hot chocolate at a great little beach side diner. Outside the diner was a play area the kids enjoyed playing together while i finished my latte.

Still waiting for daddy to finish his call we decided to have a little play on the beach stacking stones.

Once Chris had done we walked a little way into and through town to another play park (I’ve said before we are touring the world play park to playpark.) It was then time for lunch which we found at the side of Bude Canal.

Once we got back to our campsite I thought that we were going to get a nice long nap time but just as I settled into my usual naptime routine of editing and watching amazon prime they woke up and boy did they wake up.

The Tantrums then started. So we headed back to the beach from yesterday.

The beach really is a great tonic for most things. We all had a great time splashing in the rock pools.

Thank goodness for the beach.

On to day Five and in true belly up Spencer style I’ve booked us into another campsite tonight so that means traveling on bank holiday Friday!

Fingers crossed for a stress free trip!


Nina, Chris & The Kids x


Summer Road Trip – Diary – Day Three – Bude

I usually write my diary in the evening however I think maybe I felt a little travel sick yesterday as last night I felt a little dizzy.

We woke and headed to the showers These are not the camp showers I remember as a child these had underfloor heating and were so clean and fresh looking.

After our showers it was time for a bacon buttie which took a lot longer to cook that it did to eat.

After breakfast had been consumed we packed up ready to head to our next camp. I said yesterday I wish I had booked a couple of nights at this site as it was really nice and friendly and not far from a lovely beach.

On the road again we navigated some narrow roads and decided that maybe we need to download a sat nav that is tailored for wider vehicles. That’s better no more standoffs with other drivers.


We arrived in bude early for campsite check in so headed into bude. There was a great car park full of other Motorhomes even one from the same hire company.

The kids go out and immediately ran on to the grass area to fly their kites. All apart from jessica who decided she would head back to bed. Shes still not great with this traveling thing.

I made a bit of lunch, Well sandwhiches and picky bits then we went to explore the beach. Jessica only lasted a couple of minuites before chris took her back while the others played in some little rock pools.

On To Camp

This is our first camping and caravanning club stay and as such I felt a little concerned that our kids may be a little too much for this club site.

No ball games, no kites, etc. The site was quiet and although there was evidence of children around there wasn’t a sound or sight of them. Not until our lot arrived anyway.

Now onto lidl to pick up some more supplies our motorhome kitchen isn’t really big enough to store more than a couple of days of food for our hungry kids.

On the way back we found a beach front carpark I think we might head there tonight too. The kids explored the beach I fashioned some hot chocolate from milk and a bar of chocolate at Jakes request.

This would have been my dream parked by the beach cuppa in hand watching the kids play but Jessica is still feeling a bit fragile and mason seems to be constantly screaming so im feeling a bit anxious and stressy at times.

On to day Four…………

Nina, Chris & The Kids x


Nina, Chris & The Kids x