A New Daily Rhythm / Routine

Back to doing school work means trying to get back into some kind of routine. Schooling at home is no different. In fact i think getting into the right routine or rhythm is probably even more important for us at the moment.

To get into the our new routine I need to first work on what I want out of my mornings before the kids get up! So I am heading back to look over the miracle morning again.

What Is In My Ideal Morning

Every time I write down what is in my ideal morning its always yoga and a cuppa in the quiet that makes the list. I also like to get outside for some sunshine and fresh air first thing.

Writing morning pages can be so good for my wellbeing too. Writing a little bit of a gratitude diary, some plans for the day, and a little bit of a journal to get thoughts and feelings out from the day before or any dreams that I may have had in the night.

I find its usually helpful to create a bit of a mindmap for what I want my Mornings to look like.

This is for before the rest of the house wakes up and obviously I’m not going to be doing all of these each day but writing them down to get an idea of what I like helps.

But What About The Kids?

Once The kids wake up and my morning time is over Its time to focus on getting ready for the school day. Im looking at getting started on our school work days by 9am So that if we want to do PE with Joe Wicks we can join in live without rushing.

So working backwards from there I think the kids need to start getting up about 7am. Remember this is not a hard fast schedule If I think they need that bit extra rest I will let them and if one day we just don’t want to do schooling then we can have a movie day or play in the garden for a while. I just think our days are a lot smoother when we have a plan in place.

I find creating a bit of a mind map for what we need and want to get done before the school day really helps to remind us of what needs to be done.

So thats how I’m hoping our mornings are going to look for the next few weeks or so.

The Rest Of The Day

To get the most out of our day Im going to start blocking our time out too. Once our Morning routines are over next comes schoolwork time.

Our day will hopefully look like this

  • Mums morning time – 1 – 2 hrs
  • Family Morning Time 1-2 hrs
  • 9am School Starts – Exercise
  • Academic time
  • 12pm – Lunch
  • No later than 1pm – Naps/ quiet time – Time for me to work or have some self care
  • No later than 3.30pm – Naps/ quiet time over
  • Reading time / online learning
  • Dinner – 5pm
  • Outdoor time
  • Bedtime Routine For Kids – 1 hour
  • Grown ups down time! – 1 -2 hrs
  • Bed no later than 10pm

So thats my plan hopefully this will help us get through the next few weeks up until what should be May half term.

How does your Week days look? Have you set up a schedule for Schooling?

Nina x


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