July Update.


July has been Epic. So epic I thought this month I would give it its very own blog post. We certainly ran with our word of the Month which was Summer. July was.. Full of family adventures. We kicked off […]

April Word Of The Month


“Take the maps they gave, And burn them, Take the lessons, And unlearn them, Whoever’s holding you down, Whatever’s changing your mind, There’s a road you will only ever find, Is there, If you dare Just for once don’t stop […]

Easter Bucket List


Today is the first day of the Easter half term for most people. It is also Good Friday for some reason the holidays have started dead on Easter weekend which means there isn’t much time for easter crafting before Easter […]

February Plans.


There’s so many plans being made at Spencer’s ARC this month. So many trips to be made and things to be done. It was a little to much for my little square on instagram so I thought I’d let you […]