Keeping memories safe with Portable North Pole.

**I just want to point out that this post is in no way sponsored and I paid for this book with my very own pennies.

I just love Christmas and the magic surrounding it. PNP just adds to the magic.**

Last month I attended the country living fair in London and I met up with the elves from PNP.

They were showcasing a few of the PNP products and gathering interest for a brand new product that isn’t fully going to launch until next year.

Now if you read this post from December 2017 you will know how much I love Portable North Pole. The magic it creates is tear jerking.

At the stand there was a book on the table.

As I opened the book a message from Father Christmas started to play.

I was totally sold there and then. I didn’t need any more persuading.

I know, I know I’m trying to cut down on Christmas, and the amount of gifts we just don’t need. But this is such a special little item. It’s brings me so much joy when I see the kids faces receiving their message from Father Christmas.

If something brings you joy it’s allowed right?

The book it’s self can store around 3- 5 videos depending on the size of the video. So you could use it for more than one child.

You upload to the book from your computer using a usb lead that comes with it. It also uses this to charge.

Along with the book comes a pass to access the PNP videos.

When I spoke to the PNP elves they said they had only made a limited amount this year to gage people’s interest. As such I can’t give you a link to buy these adorable books all I can do is tell you to watch this space for next year.*

If your anything like me and love the magic of Christmas. This has to be on your 2019 Christmas list!

Nina x

*You can however still purchase other Portable North Pole goodies from John Lewis and amazon.

Finding the magic this christmas with Portable North Pole

So I posted a couple of days ago about traditions, I did miss one of our most magical traditions out!

A video message from the big man himself – Father Christmas.

As a family, we are Christmas mad, how could we not be with 3 birthdays & a wedding anniversary all in December. So December for us is already pretty amazing.

Sometimes though we just need that extra little bit of magic.

We have used The Portable North Pole website since the Christmas twins were born.

Its such a magical experience to receive a video from Santa, I love to see the kids reactions when Santa knows their name and age.

Santas’ voice is so very warm and friendly. The videos are an amazing way to find the magic at Christmas.

There is now a PNP app for your Android or Apple phone and tablet.

This year they have a reaction Cam on the videos when you watch through the app and save the videos for years to come.

I should have had it on myself I was in tears watching the magic unfold!

Unfortunately, the quality of the video isn’t very good as Melody wanted to hold the phone herself.

It doesn’t ditract from the magic I feel when I play the video though.

I can’t wait to “receive’ some more videos from the big man.

There are loads to choose from including a birthday message. which we will definitely be using come the twins Birthday.

On the site, there are loads of videos to chose to receive as well as telephone calls!

Portable North Pole has a couple of free videos the rest you can access with a magic pass The magic pass gives you access to all the premium videos on the site and at only £9.99 I think its totally worth it. With the very special code at the bottom of this post, you can get 20% off your magic pass

To keep the Magic going, now in conjunction with John Lewis & Amazon, you can purchase PNP branded gifts and toys.

From Elves and reindeer to Puzzles and a good deed jar! Each gift includes a unique code to access a free Special unique video from the PNP site.


I so love the Portable North Pole and the magic it creates for our family.

I do hope you get as much from it as we have gotten.

Nina x

Discount code for 20% off the PNP gold Pass

This post is not sponsored however I did receive a gold pass in order to write the post!