Channel Mum & You Tube

I’ve just received an email from Channel Mum accepting me as a one of the vloggers on their site.


I am not a sponsored vlogger but my content will be featured in the list of videos on the site.

What is Channel Mum?

Channel Mum is a website & youtube channel founded by Siobhan Freegard.

It is a community of parent vloggers who represent the “honest face of parenting ”

There are videos from loads of parents with tips on a range of parenting issues as well as showing you an insight into daily life.


What this means for me?

I will hopefully build my audience which will boost my confidence.


What this means for readers and viewers?

More content will be uploaded hopefully

I would like to be able to be accepted to do product reviews and sponsored posts as long as the products i feature fit in with me and my family life.

I already have a growing channel on you tube but I now cant wait to start adding more content and offering tips with the rest of the channel mum vloggers.


Thanks for joining

Please head on over to Channel Mum and see other parent vloggers


Nina x