September Word of the month.

Ahhhh September, the smell of new books, freshly sharpened pencils, new school shoes, and back to the chaos of the school run!

September brings new possibilities, a chance to start over or get back to working on your goals.

That’s why Septembers word of the month is more a sentence that a word.

Back To It!

This is my theme this month.

  • Back to school. The big twins are starting year two this school year. They will be in separate classrooms for the first time. Hopefully this means they will appreciate the time at home together a little more? The littlest twins are also heading to nursery one morning a week so that I can focus on my other goals below.
  • Back to working hard on the blog and social media. I have fell out of a routine for working lately. It’s hard to find a balance when it’s the school holidays. So hoping to get back on it.
  • Getting back into a routine. As above I so need to get back into a routine. Both for working and for keeping the home in check.
  • Back to the healthy way to live. I really need to work on my getting fit for 40 goal, summer has seen many ice creams eaten, many coffee & cakes had, a lot of meaty BBQs and not enough exercise. I’m now feeling the effects of this. I’m so unfit.
  • Back to the mission of decluttering, minimising our stuff. This is my biggest goal, I really need to minimise our lives and our stuff. It’s getting out of control and I think minimising will help all of our wellbeing’s!!

So whether your goals are to get back on it or something else I hope you have an amazing September.

Let me know what you have planned this month. I love our little community here and it nice when we can support each other with our goals.

Nina x

July Update.

July has been Epic.

So epic I thought this month I would give it its very own blog post.

We certainly ran with our word of the Month which was Summer.

July was..

Full of family adventures. We kicked off July with a trip to our favourite island – Lanzarote. It was quite hard work with 4 kids and there were a few moment where I could quite happily got back on a plane home.


We returned back to England and the kids returned back to school for transition. I still haven’t posted why I’ve sent them back. Maybe I’ll get around to it one day.

We’ve spent lots of time outdoors. Exploring the forest, visiting the fire station open day, and cooling off in the garden.

July meant 3 days off for me and 3 of my friends as we attended the unofficial WI camp just down the road. Tea & Tents is a mini festival 500 + women camping, crafting, gossiping, sharing stories and skills. There food and alcohol. But best of all there are no husbands and no children. Though we all missed the kiddos by bedtime I’m sure.

We celebrated a few birthdays in July too. One of which was my own. And my uncles which is on the same day. He was 60 this year. So we decided to head up to Whitby and surprise him. Little did I know His girlfriend had planned an amazing meal in his local pub and restaurant. Complete with a cake each and a balloon.

My birthday celebrations continued the weekend following as we had our annual summer/ birthday BBQ. Unfortunately this marked the beginning of the rain storms. I’m so grateful for amazing family & Friends.

Also in July, my 17-year-old god-daughter moved out of her mum’s, me & Spencer’s ARC Daddy managed to wrangle a date night to the cinema for Mission impossible Fallout. – It was brilliant. I was on the edge of my seat for most of the film. Though there are a few moments in it where you sort of know where the story is going.

I’ve accepted my first ambassadorship.

I’m going to work with a little Brand called Little drop in the Ocean. I will be writing a few blog posts going forward about why I love the brand so much.

Then we ended the month playing in granddad’s pool and soaking in the hot tub which I was lucky enough to receive from Spencer’s ARC Daddy for my birthday. Though I do think he bought it more for his benefit than mine. Lol

Right. Phew. On to August. I told you July was Epic.

Come back to the blog tomorrow for my August word of the month.

Nina x

2017 A Round Up

What a year this has been. I’ve got to the end through the skin of my teeth!


I was panicking that I wanted to start the new year, healthy, with a tidy decluttered house but in reality, there is stuff everywhere. 2017 was meant to be about decluttering and living more simply, minimal. Instead, I ended up filling our house even more with two extra people!

Why do we do this, why do we strive to start the new year as we mean to go on, when really we should start each day as we mean to go on.

Each day is a blessing! Each day we should make it a day worth living.

2017 has certainly shown me how fragile life can be and what is truly important in my own life.

Here is my year in review.


Oh and what adventures we’ve had!!! 


Our family started the year as we have for the past 3 years on “our paradise isle” Lanzarote.

We spent it with some friends of ours and for the first time since me & hubby have been together we actually went out for new year.

We danced, ate and the kids had pony rides at one of our favourite places for a day out Texas Rancho Park.

When we got back to England, I was able to help out for a couple of days at the theatre, where it was panto time. My favourite time of the year.

After panto had finished I realised I was late for my period and took a test!

The test was positive!

I soon became sick with my pregnancy and me and hubby decided we should have an early scan. To make sure this time there was only one baby.

SHIT! There’s two AGAIN!

Spent a good part of 3 months crying, and asking everyone close if we were doing the right thing, and would we be ok?

We also took geocaching back up this month and went I to see Grease the musical.


Sold my beloved Delilah. She had been with us for 3 years. She was part of the family. I know she had her quirks about her. Like sometimes having to bang the breaks off with a hammer, the muscle toning steering and her kitchen that when you turned a corner everything fell out. But she was mine!

We also took another trip to Lanzarote in February. This time, knowing I was pregnant with another set of twins we joked that we should make the most of this trip and visit places we had never visited as it may be our last trip for a while! We certainly did visit places we had never been before. Like A&E for my mum who trapped her finger in a car seat, and the doctor’s surgery for not just me and my pregnancy sickness but at the end of the week after suffering on hubby decided enough was enough his throat was so swollen and painful he couldn’t hack it anymore.


Well, March was a busy month, it saw a school trip to a windmill, the dreaded class bear, nits and A trip to London for the day with the girls, to see The Girls, musical.


April was another trip to London this time with my kids. Where I took them to daddy’s office, a trip on a boat, a walk to the zoo, a trip on the underground and a stroll by the Thames.


May was all about redecorating the house ready for the new arrivals, we also redesigned the garden, making an amazing bbq area for our family and friends to gather. We also this month got out the paddling pool, went to the splash park and made the most of the spring sunshine.




While June was a down month for me pregnancy wise, I’d hit the struggling to move point of it and was feeling bad for letting the other twins down by not being able to do as much for them. We tried hard to soak up all the sunshine each day and me and hubby became godparents to our friends baby.

Too Cute


A busy month again.

I waddled down to London for Tesco’s Christmas in July event! While I was there I was fussed over by all the team. I’m really glad I did the trip even though it took it out of me for a day or two. I went to Friendsfest, with a couple of girlfriends. It was great seeing all the costumes, and scenery. I even had a Ross,/ Monica, “my sandwich” sandwich. Which I have to say was very tasty.

It was also my birthday this month so obviously, we had to have a BBQ party.

And the start of the summer holidays


This month I tried had to parent our first set of twins as well as grow the second set. Life was becoming increasingly difficult. Little did I know at the beginning of the month just how difficult it was about to be.

Halfway through August, I had a scan that said my placenta was low, after this and a few back niggles I was admitted to hospital, sent for other scans, blood tests, and MRI. All which confirmed that I had something called placenta percreta. Something that now is a common word for me, but back then something that I’d never heard of before and was apparently very rare.

After iron infusions, being monitored constantly and being scared half to death by my surgeon. I finally met my new babies on August 30th. After about 5 hours of surgery, a hysterectomy and 10 litres of blood transfusion.


I was still in hospital as I became quite poorly after the twins were born, sepsis followed by a twisted bowel which meant a week after my cesarían hysterectomy I had to go back to sleep and be cut open through the wound that had split to untwist my bowel.

I managed after a whole month of being in hospital to finally get home.

Recovery was to start.

But not until I’d been hit by gallstone pain. The worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life. Ment I ended up in A&se twice and being admitted back into hospital.


Now my recovery can start and my new healthy lifestyle that I’ve been forced into due to my gallstones.

I managed to spend some time with the big kids over the October holidays while Nanny Sue took charge of the babies.

It almost killed me pumpkin picking but I’m glad I could catch up with my biggest two.

I was discharged from Jessops after my follow up appointment.

October also saw me picking up my laptop again to document my birth story and other things less dramatic.


Blogging, soaking up my new babies, recovery, spending time as a family of 7, lunches with hubby, a trip to the cinema, seeing the Coca-Cola Christmas truck, a school trip to the railway lots of midnight feeds and picking my Christmas tree. Oh and another trip to A&E.


The end of the year in sight but first it’s Christmas. Our favourite time of the year. The tree is up, well two trees. One real one artificial. The elves were out and about up to mischief. There was more wrapping paper than a small forest can sustain being flung around and all the sellotape. The big twins turned 6 this month. Time really does go by so quickly.

My hair really decided to disappear this month and is the thinnest it’s ever been and still going.

We’ve seen Santa on a boat, on a train at the local club twice.

We got through a lot of my cranberry cupcakes.

It was the WI Christmas meeting where we take in nibbles. I had to think of new low-fat buffet options. I’m getting quite into eating healthier. Though I have managed a Baileys coffee or two, and a couple of cakes. But I’ve cut down tremendously and I feel a lot better for doing so.

I cooked Xmas dinner for 13 and we all had amazing Christmas.

If you’ve been with me from the start of 2017 or joined me through the year Thank you for all for your support I couldn’t have got through it without all of you.

What a year.

If you are just joining us I can’t promise that 2018 will be filled with as much drama. In fact, I’m hoping and praying it won’t be. I can but hope for more adventures with my family and my friends and some adventures just for me.


I wonder!!!! 

Happy New Year to everyone.

May 2018 bring you everything you desire and be filled with magic, adventure and love.

Nina x

La La Loopsy Minis

Little Miss M has been recently watching a series on Netflix called La La Loopsy,

She is quite obsessed with it and also watches some of the unboxing videos on YouTube of the associated toys.

So when I was asked to review a La La Loopsy product and with the twins birthday coming up I jumped at the chance.

La La Loopsy are rag dolls that take on the personality of the items of clothing they are sewn from. When the last stitch is sewn the dolls come to life.

There are six characters in total

The characters in our set are

Spot Splatter Splash

She was sewn on October 25th from a painters overalls.


Crumbs Sugar cookie

Sewn December 4th from a bakers apron.

When M opened this gift on her birthday her face was a picture. She was so excited to have received this set.

M is so creative so it really is an ideal gift for her. Not only is she able to play with the set but she can also redesign the outfits again & again

In the zipped carry case there is 4 dresses for each doll one pair of shoes, two hair pieces and an accessory.

There is also a pen to use on the dolls and accessories to change the style. The pen is easily washed off with a damp cloth

The idea of this set is that you can change the clothes of each character.

I have to say Melody found it a little tricky at first to get the dresses on while being careful not to damage the dolls little legs and arms.

Once I had shown her though she played with the dolls for ages. Swapping outfits and creating a play where the dolls interacted with each other.

I am quite impressed by the set myself and am currently looking for more in the Minis collection to see how we can add to this.

Follow more La La Loopsy adventures by searching the #magicofcreativity

Nina x

We were sent this set in exchange for a review.

The opinions expressed are my own.

Gallstones Diet Plan

If you’ve read this post you will know that I have been told I have gallstones and I am currently awaiting minor surgery to remove my gallbladder.

I’ve said a million times that I need to be healthier let’s face it most of us have.

When I was faced with the worst scare of my life ( My cesarian hysterectomy with an unknown amount of blood loss) I prayed and told whoever was listening that I promised to be a better person, I’d eat better, exercise more and try to just be an all-round better person If they just could let me get through the op!

Now I’ve survived I have not much choice to but fulfil my promise as I have had to revamp my diet due to the gallstones!

I now have to follow a low-fat diet!

It’s one thing to be told low fat but what does that mean?

Well from talking to several people and using the knowledge I have from doing a healthy eating course years ago I have devised some rules for my new healthy eating lifestyle.

  • Low Fat –  Under 10 Grams of fat in any 100g
  • Low saturated fat – Under 5g in any 100g
  • Low Sugar – Under 10g in any 100g
  • Less Processed Foods – Wherever possible Home cooked foods with fresh ingredients
  • Hydrate – Drink 2 litres of water per day
  • Plenty of fruits & Veggies – A least 5 portions
  • Protein – As I’m still rebuilding muscles from my last op protein is important to aid them rebuilding
  • Carbs – Should be whole grain, Like brown, rice, pasta, bread.

So that is my diet plan

I’m going to print it out and stick it to the fridge!


Feel free to do the same.

Leave in the comments if you have any tips for gallstone diets?


Nina x


I survived….. Just! Part 4, I’m Home well for a while.

As I’m writing this we have been home 7 weeks!  My recovery is going well but slower than I would like. I try to push myself and then end up feeling poorly so I need to learn to take it easier.

We arrived home Tuesday evening quite late. I needed to sleep and was in a little bit of pain. However, I also wanted to see the big twins.


Grandma brought them over and we all had cuddles then they went back to grandmas for the night!

IMG_3239 (1).jpg

The first few nights we slept downstairs – It just felt like too much stretching for me to get upstairs (besides I thought id be more comfy in the reclining chair I’d been used to the hospital bed that I could sit up!

While it was nice to be home I was anxious that we were now on our own! I wasn’t under constant monitoring to check for infection, or to make sure my wound was healing.

Though I did have visits from the midwife team, Who checked my wound, asked how I was.

For a week or more I was paranoid about my bowel movements worried that I wasn’t going enough or that It somehow twisted again!

The first week the furthest I walked was next door to my InLaws as she cooked almost every night!
Everywhere I walked I was still having to hold my belly.

By the end of the week, however, I had managed to do a school run & a trip to the coffee shop on the way home!

download (4).jpg

The week after however things took a turn for the worse!

Monday Morning I started with a pain in my back that slowly throughout the day radiated through to my chest and under my ribs!

It was that painful in the evening I ended up at A&E – they gave me some morphine and took some bloods. I was put in an observation bay to wait for the Dr, when he came he said that he thought it was just gastric distress and he sent me home!

download (3)

Meanwhile, My mum had the 4 children.

The Next day came and after a week at home hubby had to go back into work (He had used up all of his paternity and more while we were in the hospital)  So I had my mum and Hubby’s mum on hand as I wasn’t healed enough to lift and carry. I woke with a similar pain to the night before though not quite as bad. Again by tea time, I was in agony.

I ended up ringing 111 who after I had described my pain decided to send an ambulance! After they had monitored me at home they decided to put me in an ambulance straight back to A&E.. Hubby came to me straight after work, I was still waiting to be seen at that point. Once I had been seen they took some more bloods and gave me some morphine again the bloods came back and it turns out my liver wasn’t functioning properly and was actually infected. I needed to be transferred to another hospital to see the surgical team as they don’t have a surgical department at our local hospital.  They would send for an ambulance and take me to another hospital. The one I was sent to when they found my placenta issue.

download (2)

Hubby went home when I was told my ride was here. (3rd ambulance now and still no blue lights and siren)

It was midnight before I got to the new hospital,  I was given antibiotics, fluid and some painkillers had my observations taken and managed to get a little sleep!

The next day I was taken for an x-ray, as they suspected I had gallstones. They couldn’t see enough from that so was sent for an ultrasound which confirmed yup there were gallstones.

Now for some more blood to be taken to see if my liver was responding to the antibiotics.  I was told as there were gallstones in my gallbladder I was to have an MRCP which is done in an MRI scanner but they take the images of the chest area not like before when I went for my placenta.

The MRCP was to make sure none of the stones had migrated to any of the bile tubes as this could be what was causing the pain!

Unlike before they talked me through each section of the scanning process helping me to feel less anxious!

Hurray, they have not migrated. Though I am told that my best option is to have a routine operation to remove my gallbladder. But don’t worry its done under general anaesthetic, but it’s only a keyhole surgery  (Oh well that’s ok then it’s not like I’ve had two major operations in the past month or anything!)

A couple of days of antibiotics, and painkillers and I was allowed home!

I’m sent home with more antibiotics, and instructions to start eating low-fat, no grease, no spice diet! I was told I would get an appointment soon to discuss taking out my gallbladder.

Having spoke to others that have had gallstones they have recommended anything under 10g of fat in 100g, with a low saturated fat content.

I’m now feeling so much better, however, struggling to remember to take it easy – something I need to remember as I feel good one day and end up doing too much then end up feeling lousy.

I’ve now had my appointment through for early January.

Meanwhile, I have to stay on my low-fat diet!

Let’s hope when I’ve had my gallbladder removed that’s the end of my problems and I can live a fit & healthy life!

Thanks for all your support, good wishes, prayers & thoughts over the past couple of months.

Also thanks to Jessops and all the staff there! They were amazing!


Nina x

Cuppa Of The Week -River Hut Surbiton

This weeks cuppa of the week goes to The River Hut at Surbiton.

I arrived at Surbiton Station last week for my day at the Handmade fair and decided as it was a nice day I would walk to the Hotel.

When the Holiday Inn was in sight I spotted Thames Ditton Marina. There was a little cafe / Bar on the side of the Marina it looked busy and quite contemporary – I decided that’s where I was going to have dinner that night!


Hubby finished work in central London and met me at the hotel. Then we headed out for Dinner.

We sat outside as it was a nice night!


Right on the riverside watching boats sail past.


We ordered dinner the staff spoke to us like we were friends, such a lovely vibe. I could have almost believed I was on holiday somewhere abroad.

SAMSUNG CSCWe ordered dinner and vowed we would go back the next day!

So now to my cuppa –

After my day at The Handmade Fair all I wanted was a cuppa! so we headed back to The River Hut!

It seemed there was a private party on and all the tables inside were reserved! One of the ladies who we had met the night before greeted us at the door. She asked if we had reserved and when we said no she said oh were booked up inside but you’re welcome to sit outside on the deck!

I really only wanted a cuppa so we ordered our tea & coffee and decided that we would also sample some cake.

We got talking to the lady who asked us where we had come from and what we were doing in London.20160916_193952 10.37.29.jpg

Then me and hubby sat with our cuppa’s and cake discussing the day and listening to some sea scouts rowing in the dark on the river.


It felt like such a great place to have a bite to eat and the deserts were amazing!

If we are ever in that area again Id love to go back for one of the live music nights!

You can find The River Hut on Facebook and Twitter or for the website click here!

I have not been compensated for this post and all opinions are my own.

Hmmm Where to next week?