November insta round up.

I joined Instagram years ago under a different account. When I opened my blog, however, I deceived to run an Instagram feed alongside it. I love to look back at what’s happened on my feed over the last month.

This month has also seen me change my Instagram name. We used this name a long time ago. And have decided in that in 2018 I will be knuckling down to try and make this blogging & social media my career.

So look out for changes coming.

I like Instagram it a great platform for microblogging.

Here is a round-up of my posts in case you missed them. Also a list of people I recommend you follow this month. If you’re not a follower And you think you like my posts head on over and give me a follow.

The Best 

download (26)

We got to see the Coca-Cola lorry and had this photo taken. Its the first one we have of us as a family of 7

download (33)

I put out a plea to see if anyone could either make me one of these. Thanks to one of my friends’ husbands (who is Spanish) I think I may have one coming for Three Kings Day.

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I finally hit 600 followers in November! I’m hoping to hit 1000 by the start of 2018 but I think it’s a long way off really!

The Rest

Who I’m Loving this Month

Brummy Mummy Of 2

Brummy Mummy Of 2, I’ve followed Emma on YouTube for a couple of years and on Instagram for ages. She makes me laugh, makes me cry and make me feel like I’m not alone in this parenting minefield. She is really down to earth. If your a mum Brummy Mummy is a must follow.

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Mummy Daddy Me, Katie’s feed is inspiring her photographs are amazing. She and her family seem to spend a lot of time visiting new places. When she posts them on Instagram I often add it to my places to visit bucket list!

Don’t forget to head on over and give these great Instagramers a follow!

Nina x