Its Just Too Much

A couple of years ago during half term we put up decorations for halloween we went to a halloween party and decorated halloween themed pots then we threw our own halloween party then back to school on Monday fully halloweened out but we still had trick or treat to do! I wasn’t really bothered but the kids were excited!


I love the idea the actual going out, getting dressed up & the kids enjoying the feel of it!

Sometimes though it seemed too much! Halloween is catching up with Christmas the events, the parties, the decorations. before we know it we will be planning Halloween in June like we plan Christmas in July!

And don’t get me started on the sweets and the cries of just one more house. No kids i cant feel my fingers I’m Freezing!

Christmas is just around the corner and if they ate one sweet a day until Xmas day they would still have too many left! and they are bound to get more for xmas!

Over the years we have spent a lot on decorating and entertaining. We now need to find somewhere to put it all until each year – Another corner of the loft taken up by decorations that only come out once a year and are no doubt going to be added to as new decorations will go on sale in aug and we will see new things. Only remembering after we have done our halloween haul what we had in the loft from last year!

In the news a couple of years ago there was reports of people getting to wrapped up in scaring people. Costumes that are targeted at our children are like something from a horror movie! That seems to have calmed down this year however Scary masks still seem to be the in thing!

Its just getting a bit too much.

But along with the decorations by the summer I will have forgotten all about how overwhelmed I am by Halloween and end up planning a full week of events!



Right now its time for Christmas – There isn’t ever too much Christmas

Nina x

*This post was first published November 2016 and has since been reedited and made more up to date for this year! 

Autumn Bucket List

Wooop Wooop,

Its the season us mums all wait for.

The season where we can forget about shaving our legs, we can light those pumpkin candles, eat our weight in comfort food and hide our wobbles behind our chunky knit jumpers!

I can smell Autumn dancing in the breeze. The sweet chill of pumpkin and  crisp sunburnt leaves 

~ Unknown

Its Autumn!

The summer has been epic and it will be hard to beat it in terms of adventures for our family. Lazy mornings and late nights are giving way to school runs and movie nights!

I dont want Autumn to go without making some good memories though thats why we are here today with The ARC Autumn Bucket list!


  • Pumpkin Farm Visit
  • Seaside
  • Farm visit


  • Hotel Transylvania 3
  • Christopher Robin
  • Johnny English


  • Make a scarecrow
  • Decorate pumpkins
  • Carrot Cake
  • Soup
  • Hot Chocolate


  • Geocaching
  • Indoor Picnic
  • Car Picnic
  • Family Photo
  • Trick or treating
  • Firework display
  • Movie Nights


  • Finish Calm Parents
  • Finish why Mummy drinks
  • Start Why mummy swears

During Autumn we have a half term and a couple of inset days that’s why the list is so long. Some of the things are personal, some are for myself and Spencer’s ARC Daddy and some are for our whole family.

I’m so looking forward to movie afternoons with hot chocolate popcorn and homemade cake.

Autumn is a great chance to practice a bit of Hygge.

Let’s do this!

Nina x

Grateful Sunday #2

I”ve decided to start a daily gratitude list.

I have done it before both on my own and as a family – We would send our list to each other (Myself Hubby & Stepson) via our family messenger group! It really helped especially when hubby worked away and with stepson only being here at weekends anyway!

Gratitude lists or journals can really benefit your mental health. They help you focus on the good things of the day, give you 5 – 10 minutes of calm, and when you’re having a bad day you can look back and see all the good things you have written in the past!

To keep me accountable for writing out my list I will post a few of the top things I’ve been grateful for each week!

My List for Sunday 5th November 2017

  • I’ve been discharged from Jessops
  • My appointment to discuss gallbladder has arrived.
  • Lunch with the hubby.
  • A great neighbourhood to take the kids trick or treating in.
  • A nice hot bath.
  • Discharged from breast clinic after a follow-up appointment for a lump that flared up during pregnancy.
  • A day spent online Xmas shopping & snuggling with my babies.
  • Grandmas cooking and baking. (Pork roast dinner with plum crumble to follow.)
  • A great evening spent with family playing retro games and waving sparklers.

Nina x

Pumpkin Picking – Maxeys Farm Shop

Earlier in the week, we took a trip to Maxeys Farm Shop in Kirklington Nottinghamshire to pick a couple of pumpkins to carve.

We arrived around lunchtime and the car park was already nearly full. The car park attendants showed us to an empty space luckily not too far from the entrance.


We changed into our wellies and headed into the field. once in there seemed to be loads of pumpkins left to pick even though it had been open since the beginning of October.


Before we set off to pick our pumpkins we spied the Bouncy Castle Pumpkin and joined the short queue to go on!

After the bouncy castle, the kids saw the tractor ride so we headed to the top of the field to go on.


The tractor took us around a top field where there were more pumpkins growing and a party tent.

After the two rides, we went back out to the car park to pick up a wheelbarrow to collect our pumpkins.

We all needed the toilet before we went back in, We could only find portaloos and only single ones. no disabled ones so we all had to squeeze into the single ones (I wasn’t going to leave 5-year-olds on their own outside)

Back to the field for pumpkin picking but first the kids wanted an ice cream. I tried a pumpkin one, the kids had a mint one and a clotted cream one. The ice-cream van had come from Thaymar.


I have to say the pumpkin ice cream was really nice. something I would definitely try again!

Right now for what we came for. The kids spent ages scrutinising each pumpkin picking one up saying this is the one mummy, no wait let me look over there, then they would put one back and pick another until they were happy with the one they had!

We then pushed the barrow down the field to pay (Cash Only) There was a bit of a queue to pay for our pumpkins!


After we had put our pumpkins in the car we went back in to check out the spooky woodland walk.

I didn’t get time to look in the shop. but next time maybe!

The kids loved their afternoon out

Maxeys Pumpkin Patch is open until 31st October but the farm shop is open year round.

The pumpkin patch is open from 9am – 5pm each day

For more details go and check out their website

Nina x

I have not been compensated for this post all opinions are my own.


Half Term Bucket List

So the kids are off again next week. One whole week off. so I need to find some way to entertain them for the 5 days.



I’m lone parenting too for the first few days as Hubby is working away!

  • Soft Play – I keep seeing vlogs of a fab soft play chain! I have found our nearest one and I am planning a trip there one day in the week.
  • Craft Day – I still haven’t gone through the Squiggle Dot Squeeze box with the kids So I’m planning a day to get crafty with the kids.
  • Pottery Painting – A local company are holding a Halloween Event with pottery painting and Fancy Dress competition So we are heading to this!
  • Movie Night – Im planning a movie night for me and the kids with popcorn using our new popcorn machine. Nachos, Pizza and milkshakes.
  • Garden Centre Visit – When my nan was alive we used to have trips to all the garden centres around us looking at the christmas displays and inevitably coming home with bags of stuff that i dint really need!
  • Baking – Id like to get in the kitchen with the kids this half term, things im thinking of include carrot cake, Chocolate apples, pizza whirls and more.
  • Halloween Party – So this year we are hosting a halloween party. Hopefully the weather will be good and we can have a BBQ and mingle outside.

So thats my plan for the week!

I am hoping to upload a vlog each day around 8pm of what we get up to each day I would love you to come join me on youtube!

Do you have plans for the week ahead?

Here is a video i did a while back with a few tips for holidays