December 2018 Simple Festive Bucket List!

December is only one week away. I often get to December without a plan for the month.

I often feel overwhelmed with events going off and then end up going to none.

I watch people’s December vlogs people like Zoella and I think how festive each day is.

This year though I’m simplifying The festive period a little. As much as I can with 4 kids

The best thing I’ve found is to create a bucket list of things I want to do.

My 2018 December Festive Bucket List

  • Attend a Christmas Market. – I’ve been to the Country Living Fair which was full of festive Decor, gifts, and food. But I mean I want to wrap up warm, smell the gluvine see the lights & sample those festive treats.
  • Take a Santa Train Trip. For the past few years our family have been to visit Santa on a steam train ride. It’s become a bit of a tradition I think this has to be on my festive bucket list.
  • Take part in Vlogmas. If you’ve not heard of vlogmas where have you been. It’s a video a day from December 1st to Christmas Day. I never seem to manage it but this year I’d love to tick it off the list.
  • Drink a Snowball or two. – I know Its a little old fashioned but there’s something about Christmas that makes me turn to the snowballs. – If you’ve not tried it you’ve not lived it’s advacat, lemonade, a touch of lime & a glacé cherry to garnish.
  • Garden Centre visit. I’ve already visited one garden centre to see their Christmas displays but would like a visit to another before the festive season is over.
  • Have my New year plans in order. – I get to the new year with a plan in my head but that’s as far as it gets. I’m never organised enough to start my plans.
  • Winter walks. There’s a lot to be said for donning a pair of wellies, a few layers and a woolly hat and getting out into the fresh air.
  • Donate. I’m decluttering at the moment and I’m donating what I can to our local charity shop however I also want to donate a box of foods to the local food bank. I’ve heard about the reverse advent calendars and thought it was such a good idea.
  • Christmas lights road trip. We love getting in the car in our pjs with a snack and a hot drink for a drive around looking at everyone’s lights.
  • Movie afternoon Shut the curtains, turn down the lights grab a duvet and sip hot chocolate in front of one of our fave Christmas movies.

If your looking for a festive things to do I hope this has given you a little bit of inspiration.

What’s on your bucket list? How do you spend the festive period?

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Nina x

15 Christmas Traditions

At the weekend myself my friend and our big kids went to the cinema to see the new Disney Shorts film Olafs Frozen Adventure.


Its a lovely little film centred around Christmas traditions. While I was watching it got me to thinking about different Christmas traditions.

We all have different traditions at Christmas.

Whether we live in the UK or overseas, Christmas is a great time to adopt a family tradition. They are what our kids will remember when they grow up. Sometimes it may be for good reasons sometimes It may be a tradition they can’t wait to finish when they have their own family!

Here are a few of the Spencer family traditions

  • One tradition in our house is the Elf on the Shelf. We currently have 2 One for each of the big twins. They come each December the first and leave on Christmas Eve leaving a Christmas Eve box for the family.
  • When I was a child we had an amazing garden centre with fabulous Christmas displays, unfortunately, its closed down now. However we now still go on a trip to a garden centre or two before Christmas.
  • We have our Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve. I love the fact that on Christmas day I don’t have to rush about in the kitchen making dinner I can just spend time with the kids opening their gifts!
  • As we have dinner on Xmas eve Chris (hubby) usually takes the kids to soft play for a couple of hours so that I can get on preparing dinner and setting the table.
  • After Christmas we normally jet off to Lanzarote, However this year we are staying put at home. When we do go we like to celebrate the Spanish Christmas on the 5th & 6th. This year is we will still be celebrating but we will be celebrating in the UK by having a party with family & friends.

Here are some traditions from fellow bloggers

  1. ‘We always have trifle for breakfast on Boxing Day. Mum could never finish making it in time for Xmas so it became our tradition’ Sinead –  Sinaed Latham 
  2. A buffet in my nans on Boxing Day – since she had a stroke we all bring a plate and get together. We have a big family so it’s always hard to get us all together. Jenna – Then there were threeWe have a loads.
  3. We buy a new decoration every year and always have a big buffet on Christmas Eve. Louise – Pink Pear Bear
  4. We go to our local church’s Christingle service on Christmas Eve. It’s really family friendly and absolutely magical – the candles, the carols, the anticipation. One of the best moments of Christmas for me.  – Naomi – The Organsed Life Project
  5. We have a walk along the beach, as soon as we’ve finished breakfast we head down to the beach for a family stroll. Pip – Pip Milburn
  6. It sounds silly, but Christmas Eve, we put brand new pajamas on, before eating a Chinese take away and watching a Christmas film of our (alternate years) choosing. Just before bed, we choose a present each to open. Our Christmas day is always about running round after everybody else (multiple parent households) so it’s our little slice of just ours. ❤️ Emmy – Misadventurous MummyWe ice biscuits on christmas eve to leave for Santa. Jamie – The Oliver’s Madhouse.
  7. We have my parents come over for Christmas lunch, which we cook. Then, in the evening, we go to theirs for tea. It helps share the load.  Pete – Household money Saving
  8. My parents come over for dinner, the boys have an early bath & open their Christmas Eve boxes. They then get in their new PJs (from the box), & we all watch a Christmas movie or read a Christmas story with them. Then when they’re in bed, we adults watch It’s “A Wonderful Life” (our fave movie!), have some treats &, when we’re sure the boys are fast asleep, we set up all the presents 😊 x Nina – Bird From An Egg
  9. 1st December box – including An Elf on the Shelf (to begin his antics) , xmas story book, advent calendars , 1 cans decoration for the tree 🎄🎁 ……OR Xmas eve box which has hot choccy, pjs, reindeer food, DVD.Also spotting NASA’s space station in the sky that looks like Father Christmas and his sleigh flying over on Xmas eve x  The Mad Madden’s

Leave a comment below let me know what your traditions are.

Do you share some of the above traditions?

Have you got an odd Christmas tradition that’s unique to your family?

Nina x