30 Reasons – December will pass you by in a flash!

Its already December and already I have missed a million things off my todo list already.

December is always so busy. We have three birthdays two on the same day (that’s what happens when you have twins!) An anniversary (ours – 8 years this year) As well as everything else that comes along this time of year!


There is never enough time to fit everything in! I would love to simplify this time of year but with 4 children it’s hard!

Here are 30 reasons why December runs away with you

1. Take in Xmas dinner options form to school

2. wake up at 1am Shit move the elf.

3. Attend town lights switch on

4. Wrestle children who want to go on another ride.

5. Pay over the odds for a ride that lasts about a second.

6. Line up to visit Santa

7. Reassure kids that the Santa in front of them isn’t their school caretaker.

8. Learn lines with kids for school nativity/gang show.

9. Write Xmas cards

10. Sit with kids while they write Xmas cards

11. Take over from kids when they’ve had enough of writing Christmas cards

12. Realise you’ve not bought that elusive gift yet.

13. Search every store online only to see its out of stock.

14. Panic buy a turkey as it’s already Dec 5th and they may run out before the big day.

15. Realise you have a kids birthday party to organise before Xmas

16. Shit realise it’s hubbys birthday before that.

17. Panic buy a load of tat for hubby as feeling guilty you’ve not yet bought anything

18. Go back to planning kids party

19. Visit another Santa

20. Explain that the Santa they saw before was really just a helper. And this one is, in fact, the real one.

21. Get annoyed that no one was smiling in Santa pic. In fact, one child was picking their nose.

22. Get slightly tippsy with other mums at kids birthday party.

23. Omg, tidy up after kids party.

24. Get back on to Xmas day planning

25. Get the timings all wrong on Xmas dinner. Cold Brussels & lumpy mash again then?

26. Throw away your own body weight in gift wrap

27. Weep at how your family are amazing

28. Have a snooze

29. Have a bath with all of your new smellys

30. Get sad that it’s all over and pine for next year when you promise you will plan December better & not so rushed.


Nina x

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12 Weeks to Christmas – Surviving The Christmas Market

Lincoln Christmas Market is one of the Biggest Christmas Markets in Europe. In just under two weeks I will be joining the 250,000 + visitors soaking up the festive feel.


But heading to a festive market especially with anxiety can be a daunting prospect!

Here are a few things to help me survive my day out!

  • Travel – How am I going to get there? Make sure your not already stressed from taking a wrong turn or because your running late for a train. If its a big Christmas Market be aware that some roads may be closed
  • Parking – Is there a park and ride? DO you have change for the meter?
  • Clothing – Make sure you have suitable clothing & footwear. There will be alot of walking and you will no doubt have lots of bags to carry.You dont want to get to hot!
  • Have your Christmas list with you! That way you know who your buying for and roughly what you want to get
  • Get a shopping list too – Are there some things you would like to purchase on the day? A snow globe, some christmas potpourri maybe?
  • Stick to your budget! – If you have a budget for the day dont go over it! Do you really need another candle holder?
  • Make stops throughout the day for food & Drink – Don’t just fill up on samples and Glühwein Make sure you hydrate with water or a cuppa!

This is the first year I’ve been to the market since I was a child and I’m really looking forward to it!

Have you been? What stalls can you recommend I visit?

Don’t forget to head over to my YouTube Channel As I will Vlogged my trip to the market! So you will be able to see how I get on.


I have set up a pinterest board for my 12 weeks of christmas posts.


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12 Weeks to Christmas – Advent Calendars

In just under 4 weeks it will be opening our advent calendars and this year I’m planning on getting away from the regular chocolate variety and opting for something different.

To help me make up my mind i have been looking at reviews from last year and looking for inspiration in the shops christmas departments.

Here are some of my favorites.


Playmobile do a range of advent calendars Christmas themed as well as pirate theme and princesses for the girls.

Lego also have a great range from christmas themed to star wars So not just for the kids 😉

Other great non chocolate Calendars for kids.

Vtech toot-toot Ideal for toddlers.


Play doh also have a couple one is the new Doh Vinci range of PlayDoh the other a regular PlayDoh with festive cutters.


For the men there are some great calendars out there.

I saw this one in Debenhams the other day  it actually works well if you put everything together correctly that is!


Or what about this from Uk tool Centre?


Coffee Lover? what about this from Not On The High Street.


Or this for Beer addicts  From

To go with the beer what about a bag of pork scratchings.



There are so many advent Calendars this year that I would love!

This is the Yankee Candle one for this year  I already have this on order so you will be seeing it featured in my Vlogmas Daily vlogs on you Tube.


Bomb cosmetics also have a great calendar a different product for each day in the run up to Christmas.


There is this Charm bracelet Calendar from Meri Meri.


Fellow Vlogger Tanya Burr also has her own advent calendar this year however its only a 12 day one so one beauty  for each of the 12 days of Christmas.


Sanctuary Spa Also have this so by christmas you will be able to have your very own home spa!


The one I am looking forward to opening each morning after the school run is this form The English Tea Company – A cuppa a day up till christmas.


I’m so looking forward to the festive season and opening our advent calendars

I hope I have given you some ideas of the usual Chocolate alternatives.


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  1. 12 weeks of Christmas- Welcome
  2. 12 Weeks Of Christmas – Bucket List
  3. 12 Weeks Of Christmas – Days Out
  4. 12 weeks of Christmas – Shopping List 
  5. 12 weeks of Christmas – Plan with me
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12 Weeks to Christmas – Plan With Me

Tomorrow is Halloween and then it will be bonfire night that means christmas is next up on the calendar!


We have a very busy December so I like to plan a head and I always start by filling in a diary of big days in December We have 2 birthdays, a wedding anniversary and Christmas day

Then I put down all the events we have planned

This year we have J & M’s birthday party, a christmas party we are hosting , a trip on a santa train, village lights switch on, xmas eve meal,

When all events are in I’m ready for writing up a gift list!

Writing down everyone we buy gifts for.

Next up are any menu plans for dinners or parties we are hosting.

We have our main Christmas dinner on christmas eve so I write-up a rough plan of what I’m cooking.

When food is taken care of I will go to pinterest and magazines and look for table decor ideas.

Also When I’m planning Christmas I write-up a plan of any household  jobs that need doing before the big day.

At the moment one job is to finish off the downstairs shower room. So paint and flooring are ordered and finishing it is on my agenda!

I also like to have a rough plan for Elf On The Shelf

This year I want to do something a bit different with Elf On The Shelf. More on this in a separate post!

Thats about it!

So lets get planning!



I have set up a pinterest board for my 12 weeks of christmas posts If you want to join in with this series why not join in with the weekly Link Up!


*items featured in this post can be found using my “Want Feed” Just follow the links and it will take you to the page full of Christmas Items.


  1. 12 weeks of Christmas- Welcome
  2. 12 Weeks Of Chritsmas – Bucket List
  3. 12 Weeks Of Christmas – Days Out
  4. 12 weeks of Christmas – Shopping List 
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12 Weeks to Christmas – Shopping List Wish List!

It’s Sunday so I’m back with another 12 weeks of Chritmas post

This week is a wish list of things to help the festive period go smoothly.




Thats my shopping list at the moment.

I will know doubt need loads more that this over the festive period.

I hope you can join me next week I will be doing a christmas plan with me!



I have set up a pinterest board for my 12 weeks of christmas posts If you want to join in with this series why not join in with the weekly Link Up!


*items featured in this post can be found using my “Want Feed” Just follow the links and it will take you to the page full of Christmas Items.


  1. 12 weeks of Christmas- Welcome
  2. 12 Weeks Of Chritsmas – Bucket List
  3. 12 Weeks Of Christmas – Days Out
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12 Weeks to Christmas – Days Out!

Good Evening,

It’s Sunday which means its time for another Christmas Post

Today Is a list of Christmas themed days out that will get you in a festive mood.


  • Nene Valley Railway – Santa Special  – We went to this a couple of years ago and have booked it again this year! Before you board the train you visit santa and get a gift. Once the train arrives its time to board.  On the trip santa visits all the carriages and asks what the children want for Christmas. There are elves that give out sweets to all the children. There are drinks on board for the adults too!
  • Hyde Park Winter Wonderland  – I keep seeing this advertised and think it would be an amazing day out for us all.
  • Lincolnshire Festive Food & Gift Fair – I’ve just booked my tickets to this. It looks like a great day for the whole family. New this year is santas workshop which includes christmas story telling craft activities and a visit from santa. There is also stalls for mummy to look around. lots of food to sample as well as the Lincolnshire Kitchen where there will be demonstrations to give us inspiration for the festive period.
  • Santa, Elves and Sleigh Bells at Tropical Butterfly House From December 17th – Christmas eve there will be a magical sleigh ride through the woods as well as a nativity scene and crafts to do. Also throughout December they are hosting Festive Afternoon Tea’s – This has to be pre booked so I best get that done!
  • Lincoln Christmas Market  – The first weekend of December is one of the  biggest festive markets in the country. I think this will be a day out with the girls rather than with the family. It can get very busy and there is a lot of walking to do! So a day out while the kids are at school I think!
  • Stockeld Park The Christmas Adventure – We went here with my step son years ago. There is nordic skiing through the woods, with displays all around, A festive maze, An ice rink and a visit from the big man himself.
  • Sundown Adventureland Christmas Spectacular – This little theme park hosts an amazing christmas ride every year its such a magical ride for the kids and ends at Santa’s living room where you can tell him what you want on the big day and receive a gift. throughout the park are lots of rides suitable for little ones. There is also angry birds themed area.

I’m really looking forward to spending some quality days out with the kids since they started school full-time ive missed our weekly days out to different places.

Do you have a Festive days out post why not link it up below!

I have set up a pinterest board for my 12 weeks of christmas posts If you want to join in with this series why not join in with the weekly Link Up!


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12 Weeks Of Christmas – Bucket List

It’s now only 11 weeks until Christmas and they will pass by before you know it!

I have loads of memories I’d like to make with my kids this Christmas This is a bucket list of activities I want to cross of over the festive season!

  1. Visit Santa – Obviously not the real one he is far too busy – The santa we visit is one of his helpers that check who os Naughty or Nice  and to report back to the Big Guy!10849939_10152929848753828_9186300613715935042_n
  2. Letters to Santa – When I was young I would write my letter to santa and then we would use magic dust and put it in the fire-place where is would whoosh up the chimney and then to santa’s desk!
  3.  Christmas Crafts – I have an extensive collection of pinterest pins for Christmas crafts to do with the kids. I’m looking forward to creating things with them this year.
  4. Ride The Christmas Train – A couple of years ago we went to Nene Vally to ride the Christmas Train. This year I have booked to have Breakfast on the train too!
  5. Polar Express Afternoon – Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot chocolate. popcorn, Blankets, & Polar Express – We might invite friends over too!
  6. Indoor Den – I want to build a den for the kids. a comfy den to have an afternoon snuggle with cushions and books!
  7. Christmas Photo Shoot – This year I would like to take some festive photos for christmas cards to send to family! – We didn’t do it last year!
  8. Choose a real Tree – In the Village next to us there is a little tree farm I visited with a friend last year. Each year I’ve said I’d like a real tree I think this year is the year!
  9. Game Night – We have loads of games name that tune, rapidough, scene it, but we never play them anymore. I would like to invite a few friends over put away the phones order some pizza and have a game night.
  10. Trim the tree This year my plan is to let the kids decorate a little on a weekend and then re trim while they are at school.
  11. Baking – I love mince pies and there is nothing more festive than a kitchen smelling of mincemeat. along with these last year I made cranberry muffins and mini christmas cake bites. Yummy 1508188_10152372685571326_6292729507167363877_n.jpg
  12. Christmas Cards – As J & M are now writing their own names I’m going to spend some time helping them to fill out cards for their friends.
  13. Lights Spotting – We love getting the kids in thier P’J’s,  making some snacks, getting in the car and heading out to drive around looking at the dispalys that have been created!



So that is my bucket list for this year – I hope it has given you some inspiration of what to do over the festive season!





12 Weeks of Christmas Series


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12 Weeks to Christmas – Welcome

Good Evening lovely people.

Back in July I attended Tesco’s Christmas in July Event ever since then I have had christmas on the brain! I love Christmas time. The Magic, The possibilities, The family times. So I have created this Series to share my love of the festive season!


This is the first post in my new series 12 Weeks of Christmas.

With this series I am hoping to inspire you to create your perfect Christmas.

I am just talking to a couple of brands and hopefully I may be able to offer a giveaway.

Each month in my Blog Plans post I will let you know the titles of each post in that month.

This week is just a welcome but as the weeks go on there will be more and more Christmassy posts.

I have set up a pinterest board for my 12 weeks of christmas posts If you want to join in with this series why not join in with the weekly Link Up!

So what can you expect to see in this series –

Well as I’ve said I’m In talks with some brands to run a giveaway! There will be Planning, Bucket lists, a couple of gift guides. I am looking forward to creating a product review hopefully with a brand that fills me with christmas magic! I will be letting you know about our family traditions!

There will also be a post on how I plan to make this year a bit more frugal & clutter free!

Dont forget to follow and like my blog to be sure not to miss out!






Itttsss Chrissstttmass, Well Its Christmas in July #TescoCIJ

Last week I was offered a chance to attend one of the many Christmas in July events in  London.SAMSUNG CSC

I must say it was a bit surreal, outside there was hot sunshine and people eating ice cream. Inside however it was snowing and there was christmas music playing and the smell of christmas lingered through the air.

I arrived at the venue not knowing what was going to be behind the doors. What I was greeted with was a vast amount of christmas trees, snow, and a winter lighting. Through a door into a room filled with a range of gifts in a mock fireplace. SAMSUNG CSC

I was offered a drink and given a brief description of what was in the room.

In the corner of the room was Arona Khan giving quick tips of how to wrap difficult gifts. SAMSUNG CSC

There were chocolates and biscuits to sample along with a bake at home cake.


This cake is amazing for mums like me who want a quick fix for a Christmas bake.

This microwaveable cake kit (Yes I said microwaveable) cooks in under 4 minutes and includes everything to make this amazing tasting and looking igloo! Including the backdrop and cardboard cutout figures  – It will be retailing at £3.99

I sampled some of this cake and it was delicious.

Through another door into the next room where there were cocktails being made and more food to sample.


Along with these veg crisps was a bowl full of cocoa and Spiced Rum flavour crisps.

Part of the Tesco Finest Range these crisps are on my must buy list this christmas at only £4.

Along with the savoury snacks were a few sweet snacks and christmas isn’t christmas in our house until we have had our first mince-pie.

These mini mince pies are ideal if your anything like me and can quite easily eat your entire body weight in them before christmas eve. At least if they are mini you can eat twice as much. Right?


There were also loads of the “free from” range. Tesco seem to be quite good at finding delicious free from products –

  • The Christmas free from gluten range includes.
  • Chocolate Yule Cake – £4.50,
  • Berry Cheesecake – £4
  • Iced Fruit cake Slices £2.60
  • Mince Pies £1.75

Around the corner was entitled “The Night before Christmas”

Here another faux fireplace decorated with snow and garlands await the special arrival.

In front of the fireplace a chair for santa to rest his feet while he eats his mince-pie and drinks his wine.

With a coffee table laid with an inviting cheese board.


Then onto The children’s room where I think “he” had been already as there were open gifts around the room.


This Snowman Milkshake gift set £12 – I think I might add this to My kids Xmas Eve basket this year!

There were toys for Boys and Girls of all ages.

Hot wheels and Dolls look like a good option for us this year!


After a quick toilet stop after sampling all those drinks (hic)

And now its time for Christmas Morning. The table laid full of food and Bucks Fizz

I would love to have all this laid out on christmas morning. Brioche loaf, croissants with Jam, A big pot of tea mmmmmm.

Ooops sorry I went of into dreamy christmas land then.

Even the Dogs aren’t over looked – with the decorate your dogs bone gift set! SAMSUNG CSC

Around another corner and into a little room is the main event!

The smell as I walked in the room made my taste buds jump!

So many enticing ideas, A brilliant range of side dishes there is even Christmas dinner in a box. Priced at £25 it includes Half bottle of champagne a christmas pudding and obviously the turkey and veg with accompaniments.  SAMSUNG CSC

On the table to try were some Christmas market inspired sausages. They really melted in your mouth. Another item for my christmas shopping list! £2.50 (400g)

On to the night after the day before.

Now I’m not a seafood fan but if you are this could be a showstopper for your boxing day table or a dinner party over the festive season.

It’s priced at £32.50 (1.44kg)

The slate and chrome 3 tier platter comes with-

  • A whole lobster
  • Dressed crab
  • A selection of king prawns
  • Smoked Salmon
  • Sweet, Tangy Marie Rose Sauce
  • Smoked mackerel Pate


Other Food Items That caught my eye were the dessert platter £12 It comes ready to serve on a slate effect board and includes –

  • Passionfruit cheesecake
  • Coconut panna cotta
  • Lemon mousse with a pistachio crumb
  • White chocolate blondie with white chocolate and fruit compote






On the Way up to get a cuppa was Michelle, the florist. She was showcasing the christmas range of flowers and plants. It looks like there will be succulents on my list too! Also these live trees at I think £15, I may need a couple for my front door!



I also Came home with a goodie bag full of lovley goodies.

It looks like my shopping list will be pretty full before we even get to December.


Check out my vlog of the day too.


Amazon Wish List

Did you know on Amazon you can create a wish list that you can send to people. If they buy from the list through the links you send the item then comes off the list!

So Ideal for wedding lists, Birthday Lists,

Never again do you have to receive a pair of socks and some soap for Christmas.

So here is what is currently in my wish list.

My First Magnetic Calendar

The twins are asking more and more about days and times and are starting to recognise a few letters so I thought these would be ideal so they can learn so more.

Magnetic Tell the Time Chart


Again with the twins wanting to know about times this may be a great way of teaching them about the time.


Wipe Clean a-z Board

This board is so they can practice their letters a little more especially Jake who seems to be lagging behind a little – I’m told that is normal for boys as they are more into learning through doing rather than writing.

Read Write Inc. Phonics: Green Set 1 B/W Storybooks

 This selection is what the twins will be doing next year. Its a program developed to help them progress in their ability to read, write and spell. I thought it wouldn’t hurt to just get the books to see how if we can learn a little now.


Read Write Inc. Phonics: Parent Handbook-Help your child read with phonics


This is also part of the program So thought it would be useful.




Thanks for letting me share my wish list with you.




Please Note there are affiliate links within this post Ready For A Cuppa accepts no responsibility for the content on any sites you visit from links