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Summer Adventure Planning – ADPress Pass Caravan Camping & Motorhome Show 2020

I love planning new adventures especially those that mean exploring somewhere new. Our last big adventure was our Cornwall road trip last summer. This year we already have one epic adventure booked in for spring but still so much planning to do for it! We have a few places in mind for summer adventures too. I thought a trip to the Caravan Camping & Motorhome Show would be an ideal place to start planning our adventures.

Caravan Camping & Motorhome Show

The Show is returning to The NEC from the 18th – 23rd of February and looks as if it’s going to be a great place to start planning our summer adventures. A great day out for the February Half term.

We are relatively new to Motorhoming and camping but have fell in love with this simple way to explore and take in new adventures. Heading to the Caravan Camping & Motorhome Show I’m hoping to pick up some tips for our April Adventures and beyond.

Family Day Out

The show has so many activities for a family like ours from live shows at the “Freedom To Go Theatre” featuring none other than Shane Richie (From “Caravaning With Shane” and Eastenders) and Nadiya Hussain from Bake Off Fame. There is a lot more appearing too covering many aspects of holidaying and adventuring.On top of the theatre shows there are activities For the the whole family from climbing walls and crazy golf to amuse and entertain.

Caravan Camping & Motorhome Show 2020 is all about releasing your inner outdoorsman with Away Resorts.

Outdoor Survival with Away Resorts

Away Resort rangers will be on hand teaching all about surviving in the bush, building dens and lighting fires. On top of this there is a “survival challenge” open to the bravest of young bush people. Rangers will take adventures through bushtucker challenges like plank walking, and problem solving. To find keys to open the Bush Tucker chest.

With all the activities during the day how will you even find time to navigate through the array of leisure vehicles, static homes, lodges and tents?

There looks to be a whole load of inspiration for your adventures and travels at the show.

I for one can’t wait to visit.

Ticket prices on the door are only £10 for adults and £9 for seniors with under 15’s being free to enter.

For more information, maps travel information etc head to their website.

Nina x


I am heading to the Caravan Camping & Motorhome Show under a press pass. This blog post is part of the campaign. I have no prior knowledge of the show but I only work with brands and products that fit with our family life.

No payment has been received to write anything and as such am under no obligation to post.

On the day I will be over on Instagram from the show itself and will give my honest opinion of the show.

If your heading there on the Tuesday cme find me and say Hi!

What happens when mums poorly? 10 tips to survive the bugs.

The winter weather is here and so are the bugs! In the past couple of weeks it seems everyone in our house has had some kind of bug. When your a mum though you don’t really have time to be ill do you? But how do we keep going through the sickness? Here are 10 tips to survive the bugs.


When Sickness hits and no one sleeps my anxiety soars and depression darkens.

I’m hoping we are almost through the sickness days now. But if your not and you still have mum duties you maybe wondering just how your going to survive.

Here’s a few tips that’s got me through the past month.

  1. Box sets. – I’ve took to Netflix and during nap times I’ve allowed myself to snuggle to bed with a cuppa and watch a cheesy Netflix box set. Some of my faves are the good place, Chesapeake shores, unbreakable kimmy Schmidt. I’m Also in the middle of rewatching Dr who from the Christopher Eccleston Years!
  2. Cuppa. I’ve changed up my cuppa and opted for a vitamin infused one. You can get some really delicious teas now that claim to help boost your vitamin intake. I’m not sure how true they are but it makes me feel a little better.
  3. Make sure you break cabin fever. Wrap everyone up warm and just have a walk around the block. There’s nothing big like more than being all warm and toasty indoors. So going out into the fresh air really can help you feel a little better.
  4. Online shop. Load your trolly with fresh fruit and veg and some easy meals for the week.
  5. Make sure you eat healthy but simple. When your tired and low don’t over complicate meals. How about just meat and a couple of different frozen veg. Frozen veg doesn’t need preparation and is just as healthy as fresh.
  6. Give in to tech. A few days of using their tablet isn’t going to scar them. Just let them play or watch kids tube. It will give you a break for a while.
  7. Get snuggling on the sofa. Put on a movie. Give them some snacks. Just relax.
  8. Sleep when everyone else does. Simple. Go to bed early with the kids. Take a nap if they do.
  9. Don’t stress about the house work. It will still be there when you feel a little better. Just do what you need to get by.
  10. Enlist some help. I’m so lucky to have my mum visit most days and help us around the house. I have to say over the past week she has done loads including cooking meals and helping bath the kids.

Bonus tip – Remember it will pass you will all be better soon.

You got this!

I hope this helps you get through those endless days of sickness.

Nina x

Food Glorious Food – Slimming World & Body Positivity.

Food, glorious food!
We’re anxious to try it.
Three banquets a day —
Our favourite diet!

Oliver Lyrics

When you have kids every day you are anxious to be one step ahead of them especially when it come to food. Snack time, dinner time, what they are having for breakfast etc. The same applies to when you start dieting your day becomes about eating the right things at the right times and maybe even denying ourselves those delicious treats like crisps and cake.

But our relationships with food are much bigger than just our three meals a day. Well mine is anyway.

What do you think of if I say seaside trip?

For me I think Fish ‘n’ Chips, hot donuts, a stick of rock or some candy floss and obviously and ice cream.

  • Cinema trip – Popcorn, nachos, pic n mix.
  • Break time – Cuppa and a biscuit
  • Upset? – How about a bottle of wine and a bar of chocolate?
  • Theatre trip – Well it has to be an an ice cream in the interval surley!
  • Nap time treat for mum – A couple of chocolates and a cuppa
  • Long walk in the fresh air – Hot chocolate and marshmallows by the fire to warm through afterwards.
  • Valentines day – Chocolates
  • Halloween – An abundance of sweets & Pumpkin pie!
  • Christmas – Well don’t even go there. From chocolate oranges & toblerone to mince pies and full roast dinner.

Its safe to say food is a big thing. So many connections some many temptations so many chances to fail when your on a diet.

Body Shame

I have never really been bothered by my body shape I mean I’ve always felt like I could stand to lose a few pounds and often felt bad that I couldn’t buy cool clothes as they didn’t go up to the 16/18 that I am. But my body shape has never really affected my mental health. I see posts ranting about the diet culture and I can see the point of these I really can. The damaging diet culture that is advertised outside schools. Making kids think that slim is the way to be.

I’m heading to 40 soon and to be honest I’m actually quite proud of my body. Yes Id still like to lose a few pound as I believe it would be more healthy for me in the long run. Being overweight can have terrible effects on joints and heart health. May be it due to me getting older or being proud of my body surviving some major health complications but I’m happy to a point with my body.

So if I’m happy with my body why Slimming World

In september 2019 I joined slimming world. I joined with my in laws they joined as my father in law had been told by his heart specialist he had to lose weight. I joined as snacking at nap time had become such a bad habit that I needed something to shake me up a little. I though joining a group would have more of an impact than me just trying to do it on my own.

I can see how to some diet groups like the one I attend can really give you an unhealthy attitude to food. I can see how young girls and boys could get swept along by being “slim” but for me it’s the right choice.

I’m not going to be posting about my Slimming world journey every week or how much I’ve lost as for me it’s much more than losing weight. It’s about having the support to change my attitude towards food. So when I say let’s go to the seaside the thoughts of fish ‘n’ chips and ice cream are replaced by building sand castles, skimming stones and arcade machines.

I may sometimes mention Slimming world and dieting terms here and on my social channels but I will also continue to be proud of my body how its grown babies two at a time. Proud because despite the serious health issues I’ve had I’m still here to tell the tale.

Nina x

My Sustainability Aims for 2020 Blogger Tag

Sustainability is on everyone’s lips at the moment isn’t it? Yet some of us still don’t know the impact of the little actions we do. I’m not talking in the negative either one little swap to your daily life can have a huge impact to the wellbeing of our planet. From reusable wipes to recycling all of our packaging. Anyone can start making a change however small. So on to my Sustainability Aims for 2020.

sustainability eco swaps

My Sustainability Aims For 2020

The aim of this blogger tag that has been created by Emma Reed is to get as many people involved as possible by answering the questions below, tagging your favourite bloggers (who you think will love to join in!) and sharing some fantastic tips on how to reduce waste, reduce household plastic and how to be more sustainable in your everyday life. And it doesn’t have to be anything big. The smaller changes are often the easiest for everybody to do and if more and more people did these they would have a bigger impact. So, onto the questions…

Have you already been making sustainable changes to your lifestyle?

Yes, – The past couple of years have really opened my eyes to how much damage has been done to our planet even just little actons have an impact last year i really tried to make a conscious effort towards sustainability.

What swaps have worked for you?

  • I have been using reusable wipes for most things over the past year. Cloth wipes really are much better for little bottoms and faces as well as the planet. and they are so easy to use.
  • I have tried to recycle ever since we got the recycling wheelie bin a few years ago but in the past year i have tried much harder to grab things out of the main bin to send to recycling.
  • Instead of just binning things we have a local charity shop that take lots of items for recycling. from broken crockery to clothes for rags and books.

What swaps have been the easiest?

The easiest swap for us has to have been our milk. In fact this swap may even save us effort as now the only thing I have to do is remember to pay the bill oh and put the empty bottles out on delivery morning.

What swaps have been the hardest?

  • For me one of the hardest things has to be cosmetic care I tried toothpaste, deodorant, sunscreen and shampoo bars. unfortunately all have come with niggles,
  • Eco friendly sunscreen is quite expensive and has quite a rustic smell. The coverage is more a block than a cream too so its not been a hit.
  • The toothpaste left me with sensitive teeth Im not sure if its due to the paste having little granules in it or if it’s due to the lack of fluoride
  • The shampoo bar would have been ok but I tend to only wash a couple of times a week and the bar I got meant washing every day.
  • My deodorant soon got grimey and as yet i’ve not found one with a great smell.

What is your favourite eco-friendly swap so far and why?

It has to be the milk delivery. Getting a milk delivery brings back so many childhood memories. It’s so easy to get milk delivered too. It really is a no brainer at the start of an eco friendly swap.

What are your sustainability aims for 2020?

Like Emma I am trying to cut down on our meat consumption. There are some great alternatives in shops now and you really don’t feel like your missing out by not having the meat equivalent.

A lot of things as a busy family of 4 things often slip. My aim for 2020 is to get better organised. Better organisation means that I won’t grab those on the go snacks and drinks that come in throw away packaging.

I also want to try harder with the things I have already started, reusable wipes, washing egg, not buying as much throw away plastic etc.

Have you set up a plan in order to make these happen/achievable?

For cutting down on meat meal planning is key. vegetarian options are still quite limited in our village. I guess this goes back to being organised.

What are your top tips for anybody who is just starting to make eco-friendly changes?

Start where you are. It can be as simple as stopping buying plastic water bottles or ordering in your milk delivery. If everyone tries their best at being more eco friendly it will have more of an impact on the world than one person going all in on being eco friendly.

I would love you to join in with the blog tag if you don’t have a blog just leave the answers to your questions in the comments.

Please don’t forget to link back to myself and Emma in your blog posts.

Im going to tag

Nina x

RULES (add these to the end of your post for others to refer to)

Answer the sustainability-related questions in your own blog post and tag (link to their website) your nominated bloggers at the end of the post (I would say 5-10 nominations would be about right). When you are nominated by a blogger please tag that person at the start of your post to say thank you and to also give them a link back. You can also state why you want to join in with the tag, what you hope to get out of it and that you are looking forward to reading all the others and so on (I will leave this opener up to you). Feel free to add links to relevant blog posts you may have on your site and add photos too. There’s no strict timescale as to when you need to get your posts out but within 2 weeks would be nice in order to keep the ball rolling. Oh, and if you haven’t had a tag but would like to join in, please do so! The more the merrier. If you’d like me to see them all please do also tag me on Twitter @EmReed01.

  • Have you already been making sustainable changes to your lifestyle?
  • What swaps have worked for you?
  • What swaps have been the easiest?
  • What swaps have been the hardest?
  • What is your favourite eco-friendly swap so far and why?
  • What are your sustainability aims for 2020?
  • Have you set up a plan in order to make these happen/achievable?
  • What are your top tips for anybody who is just starting to make eco-friendly changes?

Wellbeing Wednesday. – Wellness Centre Belvoir country Estate. #AD-Gifted

Last year we visited the lovely country estate at Belvoir Castle. The castle is home to the Duchess of Rutland and is the magnificent Windsor Castle duplicate in TV series ‘The Crown’.

The Engine Yard Based on the estate is home to a number of businesses From places to eat like the balloon bar to shops selling homewares, gifts and more. There’s even a playpark for those of you like us are traveling the world one play park at a time!

Last week I headed to the engine yard after dark for an evening yoga class in the new Wellness Centre.

Sunita Passi Wellness Centre

Sunita Passi Set up the Wellness Centre and Shop in 2019. It features a yoga studio as well as treatment rooms for Sunita to practice her Ayurvedic and holistic treatments.

The shop features her very own natural skincare range which I can tell you smells incredible.

Yoga at The Wellness Centre

Arriving in the evening to The Engine yard you can see the stunning brick buildings lit up in all their glory as you walk through to the Wellness centre.

Once upstairs there is a changing area and bathroom with lockers and refreshments. and a shoe rack.

On the night I met Sunita and a couple of the teachers holding that hold classes at the centre. All of them were so welcoming and have that calming zenness about them.

The room itself is quite compact but that didn’t affect how much I got out of the yoga session.

I have done a little yoga before however there are sessions to suit all abilities at the centre. There is also meditation classes that are held at the centre too.

Meditation is a great way of reconnecting with yourself and getting back that feeling of calm.

Nina x

Points to note.


I always take a drink to yoga sessions even though a lot of the moves are gentle you still need to keep hydrated.


I arrived after dark which means the main car park to the engine yard is actually closed. You can park across the road however in the overflow car park. If you are there before the main car park is closed and you are planning on staying after closing time (Around 4pm week days) for your yoga session I suggest you also park in the overflow. Once the gates are shut you may well be there overnight. I would also take a torch if you night vision is as bad as mine. There is no light in the car park or on the road. It is the countryside afterall.

It would be best to contact the centre to book on to any of the sessions they are quite popular.

In order to write about the Wellness Centre I was gifted a complimentary Yoga session. As always I only work with brands and companies that are a fit for my family and my lifestyle. All opinions are my own!