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Getting that Friday (weekend) Feeling During a Lockdown

We are now 2 weeks into the country being in a partial lockdown and there is no Let up on the horizon soon. But we have to carry on. We have to fill our days with things that bring us joy. Plan, create, laugh & cry.

Today is Friday which for me is usually my Work from Home Day. I mean I’m a blogger and content creator so basically every day is a work from home day But Friday Is my proper work day away from the kids. The day I get excited for all week and the day that I know I get to see friends for Pizza Friday and have the whole weekend to spend with Spencersarc.Daddy and the kids creating memories and exploring.

friday feeling

Today though Friday feels very different. There is no urgency to post for the coffee shop I work for Because its closed for the foreseeable future. I have no blogging posts that need to be written, no reviews, no ads.

Friday this week is the same as it has been all week and for the past 2 weeks stay alive, keep kids safe, happy and as educated as I possibly can.

That said I miss the Friday feeling when I woke up. So I’m creating a new Friday Feeling.

We still have the weekend to look forward to. We still have family time together (Chris (hubby) works during the week in our home office so at least he will have 2 days for us to be together)

Here is what I’ll be doing to get that Friday feeling during Lockdown.

  • Coffee Shop vibes Make Myself a latte or tea in a teapot. And sit at the table to drink it. Set the table out like a cafe table. Plants in the middle of the table some nice music on. I could even get the kids to be my waitress?
  • Friday night Pizza night – Ok shop bought pizza or even making your own pizzas isn’t quite the same as a dirty pizza with friends but Sticking to the pizza night menu is a great idea.
  • Facetime – Getting friends to face time into Friday Night Pizza night Is a great way to keep connected.
  • Saving it for the weekend – Friday feelings often come because we have a weekend full of exciting adventures planned. AS we cant go to the beach or head to the forest for adventure maybe we might recreate some at home? – We have a hot tub, cinema room and a bouncy castle all of which could be kept as a weekend treat I’m aware we are very lucky to have these things but what could you find at home that is a weekend treat? Movie night with all the snacks, pamper afternoon where you can paint nails, put on facemasks, or just simply have a foot soak in the washing up bowl with some nice smelling bubble bath.

I have seen many online events too that are happening right in your living room (kitchen, or wherever you have access to the internet.)

  • Quiz night – I have seen some people on facebook setting up quiz nights on there from influencers to pubs where their doors are shut but their living rooms are open.
  • Camp Out (Or In) – Over on Instagram Tent_share are hosting an online camp. You can join in the fun with a conference call using zoom.
  • Games – There is now free access to some online card games that you can connect up with friends and play. I’ve seen a Cards against Humanity style game. I’ve seen some families even playing monopoly through their webcam.

Whatever you find to get that Friday feeling I hope you are able to stay safe, and maintain a sense of wellbeing through this difficult time.

If you have any more ideas to get that Friday feeling let me know in the comments!

Nina x

No one would have believed!

No One would have believed ….. hang on wrong novel.

But this isn’t a novel, this isn’t some thriller you can turn off when things get a bit too much this is life. This is March 2020 The year that started so well, So positive, so full of opportunity.

Friday 13th March started like most Fridays do. Wake up get dressed, get the big twins ready for breakfast club, get the little twins ready for nursery then Head out the door. On the way to nursery the world from our little bubble seemed normal. Except Today had an edge about it. Today was going to be my little twins last day at nursery for the foreseeable future. Today a shadow in my heart loomed as we awaited to see if our country was going into lockdown like the rest of europe and beyond.

For a while we had been seeing a future history lesson unfold before our eyes. To start with it seemed like the news of Corona (Covid-19) was far enough away from our little town to not make much difference to our daily life. But today just over two weeks later, life in our little town is very much far from normal.

To start the Kids are out of school for who knows how long. Originally they said maybe until after the easter holidays but i’m thinking it will be more like September before they are heading back to see their school friends, their teachers and before I get to see my school run mum / Dad friends.

People, Neighbours, friends, etc are working from home if they can or worst case they are out of work for the foreseeable future.

Though some friends, neighbours, heros are working more hours than ever before, more hours than they would have thought possible. NHS Staff, Fire Fighters, Delivery workers, Utility workers, Shop keepers and shop staff. They are all working what is now effectively known as Front line!

Our little world that sometimes seems massive is so very small when people have a virus that likes to spread.

The start of the year I had vowed to be better at life, better at simple living. Now there is no other choice. There is no where to be no where to rush off to. Simple meals are a must. A simple routine is what is keeping us from going crazy and embracing the simple pleasures in life are what is filling our souls.

As I write we are now in a lockdown situation. Allowed out only to buy necessities and for emergency medical reasons or to exercise. Most of the country are complying with this though there are a few that are just not listening to the rules. Having parties, heading to parks etc. Which makes me think that tighter measures are only days away.

As more and more people hit the headlines by getting sick my anxiety creeps in a little more making it hard to distinguish if a symptom is that of anxiety or “the virus”. Yet if it is the virus there is nothing we can do other than stay home, ride it out and if symptoms are unbearable only then will the hospital be able help. Help though is only in the form of forcing oxygen into our lungs. While our own bodies fight the virus! There is no cure, there is no vaccine.

We are in this together lockdown 2020

I have to hold on to the fact that we are all in this together, we as a family are lucky to have a garden and each other.Some friends have husbands that are working miles and miles away from home. Some family’s are having to go out to work to be on the “front line” others have already lost a family member to this cruel virus. Some are going to lose their businesses.

I know that after this things most took for granted will be held that bit closer, that bit tighter. After this the world will still turn, people will party, they will hug, they will see the beauty in the everyday things that were lost during the lockdown.

Stay Safe everyone!

Nina x

Create A Magical Morning Routine – Gifted

Last year I started getting up before the house. I would make a cuppa and take some time just for me. No phones, no kids just me! It was fab. It really started my day of right. But old habits slipped back in when illness took hold. I went back to staying in bed and mindlessly scrolling through social media. So when I was asked to have a look at this new resource from Unconditionally Nourished I thought it would be a great chance to reevaluate my Morning Routine. Create a Magical Morning Routine.

Magical morning

Create a Magical Morning Routine

A simple positive Morning Routine can literally make your day. Taking a little bit of time thinking about what you would like your mornings to look like is such a great way to get started. This downloadable, printable resource will give you the tools to get you started.

Jemma from unconditionally Nourished has developed the Create a Magical morning Routine workbook with you in mind. She knows how important our time is as a mum. She is a mum of two herself therefore knows that mornings can look different each and every day. The workbook however encourages you not to create a morning structure set in stone and instead focus on what you want out of each morning.

There are some cute pictures with little inspiring quotes mixed within the pages of activities. Which together will help you create your ideal morning.

I’m so looking forward to putting this workbook to the test over the next few weeks. Getting back on track with making my mornings magical and setting myself up for a positive day. I have already filled out a few of the activities. I can see how powerful answering the questions Jemma has set can propel you into spending mornings how you want to spend them therefore not spending wasted time laid in bed scrolling social media.

Head on over to Unconditionally Nourished to purchase this resource.

Nina x

The Workbook was gifted as a preview. I was not paid to review or asked to review. From time to time I share things that I love with the thought that they will benefit others.

I only promote brands and products that fit within mine and my family’s lifestyle. As always opinions are my own.

But it is a proper job! – Paid Blogging Jobs, Tips and Resources |AD

This year I have properly stepped up my game in the blogging world. I now treat it like a proper job. It not just a sideline that I do from the comfort of my bed at naptime. How do you fancy earning from your blog? Make your passion for writing and sharing your story into a living. One that you could really do from anywhere in the world. Scroll to the bottom to check out some fab places to find paid blogging jobs.

Blogging gives me an outlet to tell my story. Furthermore it creates so many opportunities that I wouldn’t have had without it.

Some members of my family still don’t understand how this little hobby of mine actually creates an income. There are a few ways to earn money from blogging.

Your going out again? Events

When you start blogging it really can open up a number of events for you to attend. Some events are free some you will have to pay for. Some you could even get paid to attend.

  • Blogging Events – There are a number of blogging events that you can attend. These are usually something you have to pay to attend. Attending them though can be so beneficial. I have met some amazing people through some that I have attended. It’s often a great pace to find new brands to work with. A place to network with other bloggers.
  • Press Event – A press event is free to attend. They are organised by a brand or venue to help promote a venue or a new product launch. Press events are for “press” or journalists and now bloggers and influencers to attend.
  • Paid to attend Events – You could get a brand to sponsor you to attend certain events.

Sponsorship – Paid Blogging Jobs

Sponsorship Means a company will pay you for promoting their products. It usually means creating a relationship with a brand. Working with them time and again. If you have a Youtube channel you could get a company to sponsor a video. Creating a video of your day and using one part of the video to talk about the product your sponsor company have asked you to talk about.

Paid – Ambassadorship

In a similar style to sponsorship This is a long term relationship with a company. An ambassadorship means you are getting paid to constantly promote a brand. It doesn’t mean that you have to post about it every day or in every post but often the brand will use you images on their social feeds. This is a great way to build each others following up.

Affiliate links and ads

These are links you can add within your posts that lead to a product that can be bought by your reader. You get paid a commision from purchases made from your link. Ads can sit in the sidebar of your blog you can charge companies a fee for having them. A little like what a newspaper or magazine would have.


Technically they are not free as you are usually sent things to write a review. Some companies will send you things for free so that you can do a write up on the product or add them to a gift guide.

Days Out

As with the freebies, Venues will often have a budget to give “press Passes” out to bloggers in return they usually ask for a blog post promoting their business.

Finding Opportunities

So you’ve started your blog but now you know that you can earn a bit of income from the above sources where do you go to find the work?

  • Email The Brand directly – You can usually find details for press office or pr company for a brand on their website. It’s usually hidden at the bottom in small print. Email them, ask if you can be put on their list of bloggers or if they have any campaigns you can be a part of.
  • Get Tagging – If you post something on social media and it shows off your favourite brand tag them! If you have written a blog post about your day out send the pr or press office a link to your work. you never know they might contact you next time.
  • Search Facebook Groups for Blogger Opportunities. – Facebook is full of blogging groups people post weekly even daily sometimes opportunities that may fit within your blog. Just go and search. Try searching where you live – Suffolk Blogger, Nottinghamshire bloggers etc or try blogger opportunities.
  • Google “Paid Blogging Jobs” – There are loads of sites out there you can google ‘blogging opportunities’ or paid blogging jobs’ on google just like facebook it will show you loads of sites to register with just like Get Blogged . Get Blogged is a site I use often to find paid blogging work.

I hope you find this useful information and can now start earning an income from your hobby.

Good Luck

Nina x

This blog post is a paid collaboration with Get Blogged. I only work with brands that fit mine and my family’s lifestyle.

Sourcing More Eco Friendly Spring Fair NEC

Eco, Sustainability, Reusable plastics, Re purpose, Recyclable, Green living. All of these phrases are flying around the internet at the moment. Most of them buzz words used to grab attention.However Like most of us I am feeling conscious of how my life affects our planet and I’ve mentioned before about starting my eco friendly journey. I headed over to the Spring Fair at the Nec this year to source out new brands and products who are doing their bit to leave a better planet for our children. Sourcing a more Eco Friendly Spring Fair NEC.

Eco Friendly Life at The Spring Fair

Eco Friendly Spring Fair NEC

The Spring Fair is a trade show for manufactures and suppliers to come together to showcase products to potential retail outlets, hospitality venues and more. It’s a great place to network however it is massive and quite a long day.

I went along specifically to find sustainable products that I think has a potential to fit into my lifestyle and hopefully into yours too.

This year was easier than ever to find brands and products with the Spring Fair sustainability trail new for 2020. All I had to do was search Sustainability on the exhibitor list. Or check out the list of Suppliers in the Sustainability trail PDF

Click here to see the list for yourself

Sustainable Suppliers List Eco Friendly

The show is massive (It spreads over most of the NEC) I only had a day to do it all in so I only have a little selection of products and brands that I managed to visit.

Noaz Ark – Childrens Bath Products

The creator and Founder of Noaz Ark is Bea Scott. She has 4 children and has family at the base of her company. Bea aims to capture the magic and heritage of Ireland where she grew up in her range of Bath time products.

Bea told me all about her grandmother making potions to fix childhood scrapes. SHe says she has fond memories of her grandmother at the kitchen table back in Ireland from when she was a child. She is now making her own range of potions for children with her bath time products. But its more than just natural bubble bath.

Bea Also writes and illustrates children’s stories to go alongside her products. Which she feels can be read after bath time for that all important family bonding time like she had as a child.

Little Fox Soapery – Soap Bars

It was the Dish soap that drew me to Barbaras stand. I have been looking for alternatives to my usual liquid soap.

She creates the most delicious looking soaps from G&T Hand and body soap to all natural dog soap. She is also developing a range of childrens soaps for the more delicate skin.

Jack & Maddie – Kitchenware Sustainable crockery

I didn’t get chance to chat with Jake or Maddie directly however I did visit the stand. Jake & Maddie produce Natural Kitchenware made from 100% Natural materials. There range of coconut shell bowls are beautiful and functional. They would look lovely stacked on show as well as being safe for food items.

Jake & Maddie

One or two of the items in their catalogue are definitely on my wish list.

T&G woodware – Homeware / crockery

This is the first stand I visited when I arrived and their Ocean Collection really stood out to me. Not only is it stylish but it really appeals to my not so secret desire to live by the sea. On top of that every purchase is helping give a little bit back to saving our planet.

T&G are making a donation to Plastic Ocean Uk with every purchase from the Ocean range.

T&G hopes this gorgeous ‘Ocean’ range will
engage everyone in a conversation to rethink
plastic and consider what we can do help
prevent pollution in our seas. T&G is committed
to reducing plastic usage in the business
substantially by the end of 2019.

Taken from the T&G press Pack

Non Plastic Beach – Toiletries

I didn’t get to speak to anyone off the non plastic beach stand as they were busy when I went past however the stand looked very appealing and they have a range of products. There are some great swaps here I feel.

Talking Tables -Partyware

Talking tables is a partyware company that now have a range of eco friendly products available. With 4 kids in the house and two adults who love to entertain party products that don’t literally cost the earth are a great find for me.

The “Party like there is a tomorrow’ and “boho” ranges really caught my eye. I really like bright colours for a summer party!

Salvage Society – Clothing

The last company I want to give a shout out to is The Salvage Society. They use organic grown cotton grown without pesticides or recycled material.

The items that were on the stand felt really high quality and soft. They look just like my kind of clothing range too. lots of blue and stripes!

Savage SocietyEco Friendly Life at The Spring Fair

We wanted a brand that would appeal to a broad spectrum of people of all ages. We wanted to be as affordable as possible and not make profit the most important factor at the expense of the people and the planet. 

From the Salvage Society Website

Eco Friendly Spring Fair

I hope you find some of these brands and products of use. If or when I make any purchases from any of these brands I’ll be posting about it over on Instagram.

Nina x