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Tips for Getting a Better Nights Sleep

Sometimes my sleep isn’t the best. I often Post on Instagram when Ive been awake through the night. I could get I often wake up ready for bed. I really want to start getting a better sleep.  Below are some tips for a better nights sleep. 

It’s hard to sleep well if you’re a mum to babies, or children that don’t sleep well but sleep is so important.

Your body repairs its self while you sleep. Especially important if you’re recovering from an operation.

When I’ve had a good nights sleep I feel like I can tackle anything.

To give myself a better chance of getting a decent night of sleep here are ways to give me a head start.

Sweet Dreams

Screen Time

This is a big one for me. My phone is the last thing I check at night and the first thing I do in a morning. Myself and hubby often fall asleep with sleep timer on the TV listening to some kind of sitcom. I really need to banish the phone from the side of my bed.

It is advised to give up the screen for at least an hour before bed. Instead I will try to read a book.

Decaf Tea

Often I opt for a decaf tea towards the end of the day. Full caffeine tea contributes to insomnia and reflux after a certain time. However I think opting for a naturally caffeine free tea like clipper Sleepy Tea or a green tea would help.


We’ve all heard people say “It will be all that fresh air” when a child nods off after a trip to the park or seaside. It seems regular stints outside can get your body into a better rhythm. Being outdoors in fresh air & sunlight regularly will help your body regulate melatonin. This will help you fall asleep more easily and help your body get in to better sleep cycles.

Eat Better

This doesn’t just mean eating healthy. This also means eating at least 2 hours before bed to enable food to digest before laying down. As a sufferer of reflux and indigestion in the past, laying down after a meal can cause all sorts of pain and discomfort. Touch wood since eating less fat I have had no symptoms lately.

Write It Down 

If my head is full of things to do It’s hard to fall asleep. Sometimes I have a note-book at the side of my bed to write thoughts, things to do, ideas, shopping lists. It helps to stop my brain whiring at night.


I started a habit a long time ago of doing yoga in a morning. Sometimes I would practice a little in the evening too. Once I was pregnant I fell out of the habit. I need to get back into it now. The videos I use are Yoga with Adriene bedtime sequence on YouTube.


We had our bedroom redecorated last year but still need to put some finishing touches to it to. I’d like to get some plants in there and a nice Cheval mirror. Making your bedroom an area that feels tidy, and clean helps you feel more relaxed and therefore sleep better.

Sleep when your tired 

This may sound obvious, but if you go to bed when your wide awake chances are you wont sleep. Sometimes I wake in the middle of the night and cant get back to sleep. When this happens I get up make a cuppa and sit in a different room so I don’t wake everyone else. Normally I would get out my phoe and check the world but I’m going to try to read if this happens to get myself back to sleep.

I am in no way a professional sleep therapist if you are struggling with insomnia I suggest you consult a professional or talk to your doctor. There may be an underlying reason for your insomnia.

Feel free to leave any more tips for a better nights sleep in the comments

Nina x


Crafting for Mental Health – Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness Week

For Mental Health Awareness Week I have decided to write a Mental Health related post each day during the week. Day Two Is Crafting For Mental Health.

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week here in the UK. The First post of the week was all about Body Image.

Crafting For Mental Health

You only have to look a a child with a paintbrush or pot of glue and some glitter to see how happy in they are in the moment of creating. They dont really care about the outcome of the craft they just love the moment they are in.

So why when we get that bit older do we forget how to create freely, focusing on the end product rather than the process?

I dont know about you but I often lose sight of the process and then get frustrated because I’ve told myself I’m just not good at craft?

Creating To Sell

Not long ago I made and decorated concrete garden ornaments and little buildings as our business. I loved sitting in my workshop painting those things. Radio on just sat creating things I could sell.

However I’m impatient. If I’m no good at a craft straight away I often don’t give it a chance. I just give in and think you’ve either got it or you haven’t.

Knitting, crochet for example. I’ve tried numerous times. But when I can’t make something that is useful or beautiful then I get frustrated. And end up just leaving it.

I’ve no end of projects that I’ve left as I think I’m not good enough. Yet friends of mine seem to pick something up and create works of art at first go.


Pottery for me is different. Think playdoh for grown ups.

I will admit I do get frustrated when the thing I’ve made isn’t as lovely as it looked in my head.

But I’m learning resilience is key. Or so my Ceramics tutor Tells me

Even if you create the most perfect piece of pottery it doesn’t mean it will stay that way when it comes out of the kiln. Clay and glaze all react in different ways in the kiln. You have to pray to those kiln gods that they look after your piece.

Find out more about Mental Health awareness week head to the website


Lanzarote Travel

Our first holiday to Lanzarote was for our belated honeymoon back in 2010. Pre Children. Since then we have visited the Beautiful volcanic Island a number of times with our ever expanding family. Lanzarote Travel is part of our life now and we want to share our happy place with you.

Lanzarote Travel

Take a look at our little Lanzarote Travel Guide you will see that we only recommend places that we have been to ourselves either as a couple or as a family.

Before you head off find out why we love Lanzarote so much It will always hold a place in our heart and will always be our go to for a simple family holiday.

Where To Stay

finca de arrieta pin, yurt at night glamping

A great Place to stay for your Lanzarote Travel is at Finca De Arrieta in the North of the island. Here you really can live a simple life while on holiday. If you fancy some time offline this place is a great place to do so and recharge. There is a range of activities around the glamping village so you and the little ones will have plenty to keep you busy.

Night Out

Lanzarote rooftop cinema pin, Open air cinema

Whether you fancy a night out with the kids or a date night with the other half even a night out with a group of friends The Roof Top at the Biosphere is the place to go.

There is more than just a cinema at the top of the Biosphere How about a bite to eat or test your hole in one skills at the Jurassic world crazy golf.

Vlogs from the island

This is one of our first ever vlogs.

There is so much more to Lanzarote than meets the eye. Why not see for yourself.

Feliz Navidad

Fancy spending Christmas in Lanzarote? Lanzarote is a Spanish country which means they actually have two christmases The spanish Christmas or Three Kings Day is actually on January 6th. We have been to lanzarote for New year and Dia de los Tres Reyes Magos for a few years now. It really is a magical time.

Lanzarote christmas pin, red christmas tree

Lanzarote Travel Guide

Lanzarote travel Pin, Beach with sunglasses,

Why not Use this to pin This page for your Lanzarote Travel Board on Pinterest

More Travel tips

If you are off away with children maybe a couple of the other posts will help you when planning your trip.

We have flown and been to various destinations as a couple as a big family with grandparents and with both one set of twins and two sets of twins.

Although I’m no expert I feel that some of the mistakes and stresses we have encountered along the way are enough to pass on a little bit of advise.

Twins at the airport pin,

I hope you find some of these posts helpful Please head over to our Travel pages for more holiday inspiration tips and reviews.

Nina x


Body Image – Mental Health Awareness week

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week here in the UK. The Theme being Body Image. Since having my cesarian Hysterectomy for my second set of twins birth I think I’ve actually grown to appreciate my body more.

Mental Health Awareness Week

For Mental Health Awareness Week I have decided to write a Mental Health related post each day during the week. Day one Is Body Image.

Body Image

I am someone who is not only living with a mental illness at the moment (and probably always will be ) but I’ve also lived with it on and off for a lot of my adult life. I think its so important to share our experiences so that people feel less alone with their thoughts.

Body Image Isn’t something I’ve really had an issue with although I know that I need to lose some weight and I’m not overly confident about my mummy tummy. But it doesn’t really affect my mental health.

In fact I think I’ve actually become more appreciative of my body as I’m getting older. Its got me this far in life in a relatively healthy state.

It has grown 4 babies two at a time.

My body healed after the 2 major operations and 2 routine operations I’ve had in my life.

Pregnancy and Body Image

When I became pregnant I worried that because of the shape of my bump while carrying twins People would just look at me and think I was fat rather than having a lovely little bump. But it grew those babies.

Then when I got pregnant for a second time and I knew I had to have a cesarian Hysterectomy I was told the cut would be vertical. I panicked that I would see the scar daily and that I would be sad about it. Im not, I look at that scar and think how lucky I am to be here.


I’m proud of that scar. Not take my kit off and show all proud but proud none the less. Its a scar that saved my life!

Menopause and body Image

Ive still got work to do on my body to be classed as “in shape” but I’m now going through menopause which makes losing weight harder and can change your body considerably.

So I really do have mixed feelings about body image and although as I’ve already said it doesn’t affect me mentally I know that it can be a big issue for a lot of people.

Nina x

Find out more about Mental Health awareness week head to the website


Mr Moo’s Ice Cream Review – Game Of Cones

After seeing a post on Twitter about the ‘top 10 Yorkshire Ice Cream Parlours’ we knew we need to set this as a family challenge.

The first Of the top 10 Yorkshire Ice Cream parlours –  Mr Moo’s is located Between Skipsea and Hornsea. On the East Coast of Yorkshire. We also took the opportunity to head out, tick off a couple of Geocaches and get some vitamin Sea!

Cafe Area

Arriving around Lunch time on a fairly wet May Bank holiday didn’t show Mr Moo’s in its best light. The Cafe was very busy and some of the tables were in need of  emptying and cleaning.

Despite this the cafe which looks like a modern barn extension was bright and modern with a sofa area where we chose to sit.

There are kids books to entertain them while you head to chose your ice cream.

Ice Cream 

Ice cream Sundae

Heading to the counter there is a large glass fridge where you can see a range of sundaes from a mini Moo Mug which the biggest twins opted for to a giant Mega Moo which looks big enough to share.

Ice Cream Cones

Then you head around the corner to the freezer full of flavours.

Not all the flavours stated on the website are available each day but the amount of different ones on offer didn’t disappoint.

Then its time to chose one of the 6 cones, and a topping.

Other Food

There looked to be a range of meals available too from hot breakfasts to a quick snack. So a great place for a bite to eat when visiting the seaside.

Toilet Stop 

The toilets were average but clean and stocked with the essentials.

Baby Change

The baby change was located within the disabled toilet now it was a  struggle to get to with the twin pushchair. There was a table located by the door which meant the door didn’t open fully If i had took the pushchair I’m sure customers would have moved but it felt a bit inconvenient.

Once in the disabled toilet the room was spacious enough to get two sets of twins in.

Other Facilities  

Outdoor Seating

Outside there is lots more seating that was planted around the edges and great place on a warmer day.

Meet The Cows

There was a walk way around the car park to meet the stars of the ice cream parlour however by the time we had eaten our ice creams they had located somewhere else so we didn’t get to thank them. But a nice little touch for the little ones if you can catch them.

Overall Thoughts

The Real reason for this little fun challenge is the Ice cram – The ice cream we had were delicious the whole family agreed too.


We had two teddy Ice creams for the littlest twins, Two chocolate cones  One for me one for chris , Two Mini Moo Mugs and a Banoffee Sundae for Nanny Sue The total cost was £26.70 – I didn’t think this was a for a family of 7.

Head over to Mr Moos if you are around the east coast.

Nina x