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Meal Plan Monday – July 1st

A brand new month and a brand new week ready for another bunch of meals for Meal Plan Monday?

Meal Plan Monday

Meal plan Monday bbq sausages

Meal planning relives the stress after school of thinking what your going to make for dinner each day. There is nothing worse than getting to 4pm and realising you have no idea what to cook or that you have nothing in to cook.

This weeks Meal Plan

This week is a busy week. I have a funeral, the kids have a assembly for parents to attend, and a meet the teach evening as well as a hair appointment for me and an evening out with the girls from WI. All of this needs to be factored into my meal planning this week.


We are getting close to the end of the school year so for little treats to keep us going I have let the kids have some Pan Au Chocolate this week for breakfast as well as the usual cereal and some smoothies.


Post Playgroup cafe lunch | Picnic Plate | Ham & Chips | Salad | Lunch out with Spencers ARC Daddy | Picnic | Sandwiches|


This week i need a dinner plan that takes little preparation as I have said we have quite a busy week ahead. Hopefully these meals will satisfy this.

Meal Plan Monday

Monday – Cheesy Pasta & veg

Tuesday – Nuggets, Salad, Chips

Wednesday – Fish finger Sandwiches

Thursday – Slow Cooker Bolognese

Friday – Pizza

Saturday – Chicken Kebabs, & Salad

Sunday – Roast Dinner

Fingers crossed we can stick to this meal plan this week.

Dont forget I often post on my Instagram feed or in my stories the meals we are having and our daily adventures.

Nina x

meal plan monday bbq food
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Belvoir Castle Simple Family Days #AD

A great family day out

This weekend we headed out to Belvoir Castle located in rural Leicestershire’s Vale of Belvoir. The Castle is dated back to the eleventh century and is home to the Duchess of Rutland and family. You can explore some of the castle and marvel at the decoration inside as well as exploring the 7 gardens outside.

Castle Life and Treasure Hunt

Once we had worked our way up the hill to the castle we left the pushchair outside and headed in to explore. One of the guides told the big twins about the teddy hunt around the castle. The kids set to straight away looking for hidden teddy bears. I’m told this teddy hunt is on daily through weekends and holidays.

As a lot of the rooms are upstairs we opted to leave the pushchair and let the littlest twins walk around. There is so much to see during your visit and if you book a guided tour from one of the knowledgable tour guides I’m sure you wouldn’t be disappointed. We didn’t have a tour guide, however just chatting with a couple of the guides I actually learnt a thing or two about life in and around Belvoir.

Once we had found all of the bears in the hunt you inevitably end in the gift shop to pick up the teddy hunt prize.

Explore the Gardens

We picked a good day weather wise for our day out at the Castle. We were able to explore some of the extensive gardens around the property. The gardens are great for tiring out the little ones. Our big two enjoyed playing hide and seek and running off on their own while the little twins tried their best to keep up!

Engine Yard & Play Area

Once we had worked up an appetite exploring the beautiful gardens we headed over the road to the Engine Yard. Where we had a well earned cuppa and some cake at The Fuel Tank. Of course once we had stopped off at the play park. We obviously didn’t tire the kids out enough walking around the Castle grounds.

The Engine yard is home to a range of boutique shops as well as The Balloon Bar. The Ballon Bar was New for Summer 2019.

A Great Family Day Out

Choosing Belvoir as a location for a summer day won’t disappoint. There is ample parking and several places for a good cuppa, lunch or even tapas and a cocktail.

belvoir castle,

Nina x


What is Simple Living?

I am on a journey to living more simply for better wellbeing but what is simple living? What could be classed as Simple Life?

If you head off into the the obis of google you can find loads on simplifying life. Rules to follow, decluttering techniques and more. It can be a little overwhelming to say the least.

I have decided to set my own simple list of simple living ideas and what it means to me.

Can I even have a simple life as a mum to 2 sets of twins? I mean just leaving the house is quite a complex task. The amount of things we need to carry on a daily basis!

simple living, beach art, rock stacking

5 Simple Living Ideas

I’ve been doing a little research into living a more simple life and I have come up with a set of rules. Hopefully These will create a simpler way to live for my family.

Declutter for simple living

The big one to start with for any Simple living lifestyle is decluttering. I have been on this mission for as long as I can remember. One piece of advise I heard is just start. Though I think working on decluttering on a bigger scale is in order for it to really impact positively on our Simple living lifestyle.

Rhythms and Routines

I know as well as most that creating a daily routine can make for a less stressful time especially on school days. Creating these routines or rhythms is essential for simple living.

Daily rhythms are personal to our circumstances therefore we need to create ones that fit the time of life we are in right now.

When we find a routine that fits our time of life it means we dont have to think as much about the things that need doing. Like brushing your teeth or making a cuppa first thing. Why not add emptying the dishwasher to that list and do it every day in the same order. You will have created a rhythm before you know it. Then it just gets done as part of your everyday.

Simplify Money & Spending Habits

Is it really as simple as not spending money? Well yes and no. Most things cost money. Food, clothing, our homes, e.t.c.
We need to start a budget and not impulse buy. Write lists for things we need.

Paying off debts is is a huge way to simplify finances and something we have been working on for a while.

Food Made Easy

Following on from Money and making lists for less spending is food. Creating meal plans for our weekly meals not only saves us money but it also takes away the stress of thinking what to eat each day.

A lot of the research I have done into simple living also suggests eating a more organic unprocessed diet. which we all know is good for our health.

In my bid to live a more simple life I plan to mostly cook and eat a less processed diet. Add more fresh fruit and vegetables into our daily life, however I am realistic I will also throw in some more quick and dare I say fast food meals because you know 4 children and all that. Sometimes you have to go for the easy option.

ECO Friendly

For a long time I have sat with my head in the ground regarding living more eco friendly. I have used disposable plastics and not thought about the consequences on the world we are leaving for our children. I think alot of us are guilty of this.

The past few months though I have been trying to find alternatives. making swaps within our life to help with the plastic crisis and our effect on the planet.

Making more conscious decisions for eco living is high up there on my list for simple living.

I hope this list will inspire you to start your simple living journey. Remember little steps each day. Maybe make up your own rules to suit your season of life.

Nina x

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18 Summers – Number 8!

Has anyone else seen the posts going around the internet about the fact that we only get 18 summers with our kids? I am on Summer number 8 already. Now, Although there are only 18 until they can legally abandon you it doesn’t mean they are forced to. Its our job to make sure we create enough good memories so that they want to still spend time with you during their adult years. I have been creating a summer bucket list and other holiday bucket lists for our school holidays for as long as I can remember. It helps so that we dont waste our time then at the end of the holidays we have lots of good memories to share.

Summer Bucket List

I find it so beneficial to create a bucket list for different seasons in our life and for the different holidays to make the most of our time together. Since starting my simple living journey I know how important it is to keep our schedule simple too.

Keep it simple

This year my bucket list is paired down so that we can have a slow summer holiday and enjoy every moment. I have broken our bucket list into 5 different sections.

In addition to our bucket list I plan on scaling down my workload so that I can focus more time on being present and less time scrolling through my instagram feed.

Summer 2109 Bucket list

child at the beach, summer bucket list

Kids & Family

  • Swimming
  • Geocaching
  • Play Park
  • Sandcastle Building


  • Cornwall Road trip
  • Whitby
  • Maltby Weekend


  • Sea Swim
  • Lone Coffee
  • Yoga
  • Less time online

Couple Time

  • Cinema Date
  • London Evening


  • Campfire Marshmallows
  • BBQ
  • Pancakes
  • Seaside Fish ‘N’ Chips
  • Ice cream

This may look like a lengthy list however they are all simple little things that make great family memories. None of them involve lots of money or thought and some of them can be done with a little spontaneity.

lady in hot tub with a cuppa

Great Summer Memories

This is what makes a great summer for me. Getting up in a morning, deciding on the days plans while sat in bed cartoons on and a cuppa in hand.

I’d love to know whats on your family Summer bucket list?

Nina x


Meal Plan Monday – June 17th

Another week another meal plan Monday. Last week was my first Hello fresh box trial.

Now before I start with this weeks plan I just thought I would give my thoughts on my hello fresh box.

Hello Fresh

When the box arrived I was so very excited to start. The box comes with separate bags for each days dinner. This is so handy and means you can just put it away until you need it.

I thought the meals were delicious. There was plenty enough to feed our family of 6. in fact there was quite a bit left over for some meals.

In conclusion for now we wont be having another box although with the discount the box is a good price a full price box is a bit to expensive for our family at the moment.

Right back to this week.

Meal Plan Monday

Meal planning relives the stress after school of thinking what your going to make for dinner each day. There is nothing worse than getting to 4pm and realising you have no idea what to cook or that you have nothing in to cook.


Our Breakfasts for this week will consist of..

Cereal for school Mornings

On Friday while the kids are all in childcare I have a few chores to run so it will probably be a breakfast while I’m out and about.


Just myself and the little twins for most of this week.

Monday – Snack plate for all.


Wednesday –

Thursday –

Friday – Coffee Shop Lunch

Saturday – Picnic lunch

Sunday – Fathers Day Lunch.


On to our Dinner Plans. Dinner time is my most stressful time of the day. The kids are often hungry after school but if I give them snacks before dinner they often wont then eat their dinner. The little twins need their dinner quite early too so that they can settle ready for bed.

Meal Plan Monday

Monday – Veggie Sausage & mash – Onion gravy

Tuesday – Lemon Chicken

Wednesday – Nuggets & Chips

Thursday – Pasta Bolognese Bake

Friday – Take Out Friday

Saturday – BBQ – lets try again.

Sunday – Home Cooked Sunday roast

Dont forget I often post on my Instagram feed or in my stories the meals we are having and our daily adventures.

Nina x

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