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Summer Road Trip – Diary – Day One

As I type this we are driving down the motorway heading down to our first campsite of our summer road trip.

I think in hindsight I should have maybe asked to pick up the motorhome earlier in the day and left our home before breakfast as on the way to pick it up we had a car sick toddler explode somewhere on the A1.

A quick stop off at leicester services was made to wash out her clothes and snuggle teddy as well as take the rest of the bunch to the loo.

We arrived at our Motorhome rental just after the allotted 2pm time slot however thankfully due to it being the summer holidays they were busy anyway.

After being shown our Motorhome we headed out onto the open road.

Another stop off was made this time to sainsburys to get some food for dinner. This was mistake number two of our day.

Once we had all eaten we headed out onto the road again just 10 minutes in I though the little twins had fallen asleep when explosion number two happened.

Goodness this road trip is going to be fun if the travel sick toddler is anything to go by.

We arrive at our campsite for the evening a little later than anticipated gone 9pm actually.

A lovely lady at Bucklegrove checked us in for the night and was really helpful even though we were well passed closing time.

Now it’s bedtime finally – Though unfortunately it looks like the little lady’s travel sick maybe a little more than just travel sick.

Fingers crossed we all manage at least a few hours before tomorrow.

Nina, Chris & The Kids x


Devon & Cornwall Adventure Summer 2019 – 6 People, 13 days, 1 Motorhome

Call us crazy but for the summer holidays we took 2 sets of twins in a motorhome for almost two weeks. We explored the beautiful devon and cornwall countryside and coastline. Our Summer road trip adventure.


Road trip family in a motorhome

If you follow me on instagram you will now that we have had this trip on our bucket list for a while and booked all year. I wrote a little bit of a diary entry each day of our trip.

I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures as much as we have loved the adventure.

Nina, Chris & The Kids x

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Blogger Life – Why You Should Attend Blogging Events.

Blogging life can feel a little lonely. I mean there are no midday chats in the work canteen (Well unless your a parenting blogger like me and have a chat with the toddler whose only conversation is the handful of words they have learnt like tractor, noooooo, eh, etc). Heading out and attending a blogging event can be so beneficial. There are a list of reasons why you should attend a blogging event.

Attending a blogger event title - Lanyard and business cards

Why You Should Attend Blogging Events

I’ve attended a number of Blogging events in the past few years from the Brit Mums Live to little local meet ups. I have attended BlogOn and the brand new Maven Connex which I am honoured to be speaking at in November .

So Why Attend

  • Learn – There are often opportunities to learn at the conferences There may be speakers that can teach you about SEO or ones that can show you some simple techniques to use your camera better.
  • Inspiration – Conferences will usually start with a Keynote speaker or Finish with a closing talk. These talks may not be about something you think relates to you. However they will still more than likely leave you inspired.
  • Goody Bags – Bloggers don’t normally get “free stuff”. A Lot of work can go into gifted reviews and sponsored posts. When you attend a blogging event you will more often than not receive a goody bag. There are usually some really great stuff in these bags, Sourced by the organisers. Although these are free it is courtesy to post a couple of pictures on your social pages. A bit of a thank you to the brand.
  • Friends – Sharing our lives online and blogging about a daily life we can often get chatting with people online. I have met some really lovely people online and now also in real life through attending blogging events. I have friends who we head out to wagamamas with, friends who we share things in common with.
  • Opportunities – PR companies and brand representatives will often attend these events and look for bloggers to connect with. I have had some good opportunities presented to me from attending events.
  • Fun -Wine and Cake – If none of the above have grabbed you there is always bubbly, cake and lots of fun to be had.

Attend That Event

I hope I have persuaded you into booking that ticket for an event.

You won’t be disappointed and you may even come away having so much inspiration for your blog that you can turn it into something amazing.

Nina x


8 Small Changes To Save The Planet | Becoming More Eco- Friendly

Ok, Ok, I know these baby steps are not going to single handedly save the planet however I recently read somewhere that one person going all out on becoming eco friendly wont be as effective as lots of people doing their best to make small changes. I am trying to make changes within our home and lifestyle to be part of that group of people doing our best. That’s why I want to share with you some of the things i’ve changed to become more eco-friendly.

Becoming More Eco Friendly Title Image

Becoming More Eco-Friendly.

There are a number of ways in which I would love to become more eco-friendly but it takes time and money to make some of these changes.

Here are a few tips to get you started on your planet friendly journey

Tips For A More Eco-Friendly Life

1. Buy less

This is easy to say. However making a conscious decision to only buy what you absolutely need will make an impact Instead of spending money on mindless tat that will only end up in the bin.

2. Water Bottles

For a while now We have had reusable water bottles I drink quite a bit of water and always have a water bottle with me. I try and make sure wherever I go I take my reusable bottle and try to make sure the kids do too.

3. Recycle

Wherever possible we Recycle. Using the local kerbside collections but also taking glass to the bottle banks.

4. Donate

Having 4 children we go through a lot of clothes. I’m also trying to cut down on clutter in the house so sometimes I dont want to hold onto clothes for 6 years either. Luckily there is a charity shop close by so often just take things there. We also donate things that we no longer love like household items and decorations. If items are damaged they can then send them in bags to be recycled into rags.

7. Milk Delivery

We Recently Made the switch to a doorstep milk delivery. Using a local Dairy not only reduces the plastic consumption as milk come in glass bottles but also cuts transportation pollution as milk comes from the local area.

6. Plastic waste

As we learn more about the effect plastic has on the earth I feel more inclined to try using less one use plastic. I have had silicone straws for a while. I’m trialling different things to find what we can change as a family on our journey to becoming more eco-friendly .

  • Shopping bags – I try and remember to take bag with me when I go shopping. I have a few roll up bags in my handbag and changing bag so that I at least have one or two.
  • Toothpaste – Recently I purchased Some Toothpaste that comes in a glass jar however I have sensitive teeth and I think it may be making it worse. I will see how it goes.
  • Laundry – After asking on Instagram about eco friendly laundry I have now bought a Laundry egg It’s great for light washing. Tough satins need a little more and for this I’ve opted for Method Laundry liquid. However I think I need to add some essential oils as I like my laundry to smell nice and this just smells wet!
  • Sustainable Clothing – One of the big pollutants is fast fashion that’s why I try and use independent makers like Little Drop in the Ocean. I have a long way to go on this though, Its hard when trying to kit out 4 kids as Independent, eco friendly or sustainable clothing can work out really expensive.
  • Cloth Wipes – For the most part I have swapped the disposable wet wipes for a more eco friendly version. Cloth wet wipes are easy to use and you can make simple ones from old towels or other similar material.
  • Water Bottles – For ages we have each had our own water bottle that can be refilled. I’m never without a water bottle myself so not having disposable plastic bottle is so important.

7. Laundry

As mentioned above I have changed my laundry a little. Not only have I got rid of the chemical Laundry detergent but I try and line dry as much as possible. I also use my washer on its lowest temperature dependent on what I’m washing.

8. Natural Sunscreen

We all know that sunscreen is a must during the sunny months but most sun creams are full of chemicals. If Sunscreen is worn at the beach and while swimming in the sea can actually damage marine life. I am trialing an all natural sun cream Shade. Now it does take some getting used to it’s a little thick and has a “natural” smell but im going to be sticking with it for awhile especially when we are at the beach.

Eco Friendly Swaps

If you want see how these eco friendly swaps and habits fit into our family head over to my Insta feed where you can catch us daily in becoming more eco-friendly and other adventures.


The School Of Artisan Food – Game Of Cones – Making My Own Ice cream – AD-Review

It’s been a while since our last Ice cream parlour visit. This week I stepped up the competition a little when I attended a course to learn how to make my own ice cream at the School of Artisan Food.

The School Of Artisan Food

The School Of Artisan Food is based in the heart of Sherwood Forest. The Forest provides such a beautiful backdrop to the stunning victorian buildings. Inside, although set up in a modern kitchen classroom style the stunning architecture has not been lost.

I head into The Refectory and there is complimentary refreshments in the form of tea and coffee along with pastries made on site by the students of the school and local fruit and cereal.

While eating my pan au chocolate and drink my cuppa I read the course guide and chat with other students .

I now have a list of courses that I’d like to attend. Well my birthday is coming up!

An Introduction Into Ice Cream Making At The School

Kitty Travers an artisan Ice Cream producer is our tutor for the day. Kitty makes a small amount of the frozen dessert and sells through shops local to her home in London. She starts by giving us an icebreaker. What is your most memorable Ice Cream?

Ice (Cream) Breaker

Going around the room there were students from all over. Some that came on the course as they have a passion for ice cream, some as they want to make it part of their business. One man had travelled from Greece to take inspiration and gain knowledge from Kitty.

I introduced myself and talked about the Game Of Cones Challenge and how when I lived in whitby I worked in an ice cream kiosk.

Learning Time

Introductions were made around the room. Kitty then gave some key points into how the best ice cream is made. Some facts were shared about the mass produced desserts you see in shops and even some authentic italian gelaterias.

She broke up facts and figures with stories of her travels. How she spent some of her time traveling and working in different places to gain her expert knowledge.

Practical Lesson

It was then time to get making. We paired up and were given a recipe each to make before lunch.

We got eggless ice cream – following the recipe in our hand out we got to work weighing and measuring. I’m so glad I was paired with a lovely lady who was on the same wavelength as me. In fact all of the students on the day were lovely and didn’t make me feel out of my depth.

Once our mixtures were prepared and in the fridge chilling it’s time for lunch.

Lunch Time

Lunch is included in the price of the course and is again freshly prepared with local ingredients some even grown on site.

Food is laid out on the counter like a buffet so you can just help yourself to the beautiful spread. The jacket potatoes, chilli and salad I opted for were delicious.

Once I’d eaten and chatted I headed outside to soak up some of the sunshine and breath in the forest.

Made in an instant

Kitty shared some more stories while she showed us how to make instant ice cream.

This is definitely now on my summer bucket list of things to do with the kids. So simple and so delicious. Still in our pairs we could choose what ingredients to put in our instant mix. We chose a honey and peanut butter

We even surprised ourselves as we tasted our creation. There were lots of other flavours to sample all around the room.

Keep Those Ice’s Churning

A quick cuppa was drunk before churning our main ice cream. Churning takes around half an hour so while it’s working its magic we all help to wash and tidy up. There isn’t much to do however as the kitchen technicians keep on top of it during the day.

Taste Test

Once the ice creams have all had another blast in the freezer it’s time for the last and best part of the day Taste test.

There were a range of different icecreams made during the day including several different vanilla ones as well as a sorbet and a peach flavour.

We all sample a little of each and discuss which ones we would like to try at home which we though tasted the best.

In Conclusion

Before I headed out to this course I was a little apprehensive as to whether I would be out of my depth. I feared that as I’m not really someone who is confident around the kitchen I would have trouble keeping up.

I was pleasantly surprised that everyone there on the day were at different skill levels some had never made any ice cream before.

There are loads of courses on offer at The School Of Artisan Food from absolute beginners to those who are a little more advanced in their food and cookery journey.

Some of the ones I’ve now added to my list are

There is also another Introduction to Ice cream making later on in the year.

Nina X

*disclaimer. I was invited to attend this course to give a review  However all opinions are my own.
As with all #ads I only ever work with brands and companies that fit with me and my  family.