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Transition Day!

This morning I woke up full of excitement for my children. They have transition day. A day where they go up from nursery to the reception class they will be in come September.

I took them into school as usual and we did the morning activity as usual.

Then suddenly a wave of anxiety hit me and i could feel my eyes well up.

Whats wrong I though to myself, while I was trying to help J with his letter formations.


“They are growing up” I over heard one mum comment to another.

That’s it I thought they are growing up. I felt a little overwhelmed like the fact they are going to reception has just sneaked up on me!

My two know their new teacher and already feel comfortable with her. so I know they will be fine!

They have been doing full days at nursery for sometime to so I already know what to fill my time with.

It’s just the fact they are growing every single day. Sometimes  I see it, but sometimes it sneaks up on me like today.

Good Luck all to all the mums having transition days / weeks – Its hard knowing our children are growing up but you know we get to watch them grow and that’s an amazing gift!



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#WickedWednesday – Puddinggate 

Two nights ago I spent an hour fighting with a small boy who wanted pudding.

We sat down for dinner, I’d made some pasta and sauce concoction, and while M and I were happily scoffing our pasta down J spent most of he time playing with his toys
After about 30mins he said he wanted his pudding. He still hadn’t eaten his dinner.
I told him like a role model parent if he eats his dinner then I will go and get pudding. M sat patiently waiting for her brother as it wouldn’t be fair to let one and not the other.
However. While I was talking to M, J did no more but picked up his plate and scraped it in the bin!
He then started to strop so to save agro I took him to his room.
An hour went by before he actually calmed down but this is what I went through……
Click to play video on Instagram 

​ well as trying to comfort and distract him with books and stories and what do you think you will do at school tomorrow?

I nearly caved in a few times but I was proud of myself for sticking with it.

Afterwards it was like nothing had happened – I told him I loved him gave him a hug and tucked him in bed.
This boy now knows mummy means business. …..
Until next time!

This post was sponsored/ supported by my friends and my glass of wine! 😉
Joining in with Brummy Mummy of 2’s Wicked Wednesday 

See you next time. 


Brit Mums Live 2016 #BML16

Hello everyone,

At the weekend I attended an event held at The Brewery in London called Brit Mums Live

If you havent heard of Brit Mums Live, the event is a conference for bloggers to attend workshops, meet other like-minded bloggers, listen to chats from inspirational  people, to gain inspiration and to connect with brands!

The event for me started on the friday evening with the fringe event – A party held at The Holiday Inn Camden Lock.

Friday Evening

The setting was amazing and the fizz was flowing though my nerves were high! I entered the room with My Hubby who I took for “moral support” As we walked in I met Susanna and Jennifer who asked us to make ourselves name badges and grab a glass of something.

There were waitresses handing out nibbles and they were delicious.

SAM_8672daddys day.jpg

I put my nerves to the back of my mind and after staring at people’s chests to find out who they were and where they were from I approached a couple of bloggers who I knew from following them.

I still felt very nervous even though I had spoken to a few other mums and sneaked out before the end.

Saturday Morning

IMG_9334daddys day

Saturday I awoke at 7.45am Registration was at 9am and it was 15 minute walk away I grabbed a shower and my breakfast bag got dressed and we still arrived by 8.45. Though I hadn’t had a cuppa.SAM_8692daddys day.jpg

When we had registered and got our badges and  were greeted by refreshments; tea, coffee, pastries and more.

It was then time to grab a seat ready to start the day.

We found a table and listened to  Susanna and Jennifer give their opening speech followed by a Poem written and read by Kirstie Pelling from Poet in Motion .

SAM_8698daddys day.jpg

Next up we had a very emotional and inspiring keynote from Anne-Marie Cockburn – Author of 5742 days. I had tears throughout her speech yet found it truly uplifting to thing that this lady has gone through such an awful thing to happen but has chosen to continue through the trauma and use this to inspire others!

To follow Ann-Marie must have been daunting but Julie Creffield  from the blog Too Fat To Run managed to do this with ease as she explained how she got into running from only being able to run for 20 seconds to completing several races including marathons.

After these first few speakers we had an icebreaker game of Pass the Parcel – This year was the BritMums Live 5th Birthday so the whole event was geared around that.

On our table Kate from Baby Routes won the prize, an amazing pendant from Merci Maman


By quarter past 10 it was time for another cuppa and a head to “The Hub” to checkout the brands and mingle with some bloggers. Through to the “MAM lounge” to listen to a talk from Nigel Camp – The Video Effect about storytelling and Storyboarding while grabbing a cake then Back upstairs for a talk about Travel Blogging from Steve Keenen – Travel Perspective, Nienke krook – The Travel Tester, Alastair McKenzie – Travel lists, Susanna Scott – Brit Mums & A Modern Mother And Cathy Wilson – Mummy Travels. 


I found the talk interesting however I’m not sure I learnt anything relevant for me!

Just one more workshop YouTube – collaborating and Growing your audience with Kate Rushworth then it was lunch time.

Lunch was a chance again to connect with brands and catch up with fellow bloggers during this time I met up with Sally from – I have recently become a regular blogger on her site and she introduced me to some other regular bloggers that I knew by their blog name!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

During the lunch break I spoke to Martin Dorey – Author of The CamperVan Cookbook and star of BBC’s One man and his campervan who made me a simple tiramisu  ideal for making on camp.

IMG_9358daddys day.jpg

After lunch There were just two more sessions First up Creation Inspiration  with Sophia Bush – WarehouseHome, Elizabeth Sellers – Rosalilium And Anna Whitehouse – Mother Pukka.SAM_8762daddys day.jpg

I have to say Anna of Mother Pukka was amazing. Her energy and style is infectious!


The last session of the day was with Cherry Menlove – The Little Book Of Peace chatting to us about finding peace & power in blogging. This lady I could listen to her for ages – after having miscarriages and then her husband being diagnosed with cancer she found writing gave her the peace she needed to come through the other side of her circumstances.


She also has boy / girl twins who are 6 so maybe that’s why I felt so in awe of her.

I’m defiantly going to buy her book.

The last speaker of the day was a chat with Cherry Healey – Author of Letters to My Fanny.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

She was very funny and had most of the audience in stitches. After she had shared some of her “woman Moments” She turned to the audience to ask if anyone had any “woman Stories” Some people really went above and beyond sharing their stories – Lets not forget the Wine Cork Story!

The last part of the day was The Bloggers Key notes some with a couple of emotional stories, a video & a parody I urge you to go and check these out!

Last part of the day was filled by the BIBs (Brilliance In Blogging) party Sponsored by Kate & Mim Mim & Asda.

There was also a chance to sample the birthday cake made by Konditor & Cook. This was delicious.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Then The BIBs Awards presented by Carol Smilie.  There were lots of wine however a lot of bloggers seemed to leave before this I assume to catch trains and get home to their little ones. The full list of winners can be found here.

The Day ended with dinner  that had been organised by one of the bloggers

We went to Pizza Express – this was a great chance to get to know some other bloggers a little better.

I would just like to say thanks to everyone who made me feel welcome over the weekend.

I am looking forward to the next event so I can meet more of you!




Happy Fathers Day!

Good Morning and Happy Fathers Day to all the daddies out there! 20160619_090904daddys day.jpg

Last Night My Hubby came back from a week of working away and although he came back jet lagged & groggy he still made time to make dens for the kids before bed! He still made time to ask me how I had been. He still made time to give out gifts from his week of traveling the USA & Canada! 999511_10151802244903828_1923311636_n

This morning he is having a sleep in!

So while he is sleeping in and the kids are playing in their rooms I thought I would take this time to say thanks for being our children’s daddy10505569_10152553459793828_6604749057464206252_n.972335_10151846278943828_151736935_n

Thanks for the times you made me a cuppa before rushing of to work while I fed our baby twins.

Thank you for all the dens you have built.


Thanks for all the times you have given up your shoulders. 1656272_10152812896198828_5544181405921626329_n


Thank you for the Sunday evenings that you spend watching films with the kids while I take a bath.IMG_5353


Thank you for being my calm!

Thank you for being you!

Thank you for making me realise what family is! We love you with all of our hearts.

Thank you daddy!



Items In the featured Image


Succulent Copper Bowl – Tesco in store

Daddy Small Hanging sign – Local gift shop

Mug – Home Bargains


Confessions from a Mum on the Edge

I don’t know how to break it to you but …


Wait go get a cuppa and a snack…



Here goes…..

I am so lost and overwhelmed by this parenting / housewifing job that I have sought the help of a Mummy Life Coach.

Yep there I said it.

My home is not a home – it’s a cluttered mess of kids’ toys, shoes, clothes, bits of paper, and just generally too much stuff.

I’m so unorganized I never manage to finish my to do list.

I shout! A lot!

I have no inner peace no matter how many “Me time” moments I give myself (maybe I give my self too many and that’s why I never finish anything).

Anyway, I digress

As I said, I am having help from a Mummy Life Coach who says she can turn me from shouty mum to calm mum. A better version of myself!

I have only had her a week but my first task was to write down my perfect average day.

So a general school run day but one that’s the best it can be. How it makes me feel. What I’ve done to make it so.

I have to tell you that I started writing it today and ended up stressed that I couldn’t fit everything I wanted to into my day.

I think I’ve slumped that far into my rut that this it is going to be hard to get out!

After 4 attempts and 2 emails to my Coach I managed it!

The perfect average day task is meant to empower you and get you excited that in a years’ time it will be your perfect average day for real. You are meant to be able to feel the feelings of a years’ time and be able to transport yourself there almost.

I think most of us are guilty of carving out a groove in our life and then getting stuck in it. So much so even if we are not loving life, we either wouldn’t know were to start or fear what would happen if we made a change.

However, I have got to get out of my groove otherwise something is going to snap! Be that my sanity (already teetering on the edge) or my husband’s (again on the edge)!


So my average day includes

  • Getting up early
  • Being organized
  • Making time for yoga, swimming, running
  • Preparing healthy meals and snacks
  • Spending more time as a family
  • Getting us all to pitch in with household chores
  • Spending time with friends
  • Working from home, earning a small income from my job

This sounds like a simple plan when written down – it’s just finding out which bits I need to tackle in order to get there.

What would be in you average day?

Would you seek guidance from a coach?

Have you already? Can you give me any advice?

See you all soon