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5 simple quick fixes – Wellbeing Wednesday.

Welcome back to week 2 of Wellbeing Wednesday. The idea behind this collection of content is for us all to take charge of our own wellbeing. I’m hoping this content gives you a little boost each week and inspires you to try something new. This week is all about a quick fix for wellbeing

Wellbeing Quick Fix

Today is all about a quick fix. This time of year really can be the darkest for me with my mental health. It’s like I’m in a lull. Christmas has gone and summer seems way off. But trying these simple quick fixes really can give me a little boost.

Obviously mental Health issues are not fixed in a flash. These tips are aimed at just giving a little wellbeing boost. If you or someone you know is suffering with Mental health problems scroll to the bottom of this post.

5 Simple Quick Fixes

  1. Fresh Air – Getting outside is always at the top of my list. I always feel so much better if I’ve had at least 10 mins outside in the fresh air.
  2. Cuppa – I’m a total teaoholic. I’m also a hoarder of mugs. There is just something about a nice chunky mug with some warm tea that makes me happy. This quick fix should be savoured though. Sit down curl your legs on the sofa and really take time to appreciate that cuppa. You could even combine tip one and head outside with your brew. The cool air will certainly make you appreciate that warm mug of tea then.
  3. Bath time – I’m a fire sign and I’m drawn to water it calms me down, boosts my creativity and helps clear my head. I love to swim and spend time by the sea but sometimes they are not always within reach. A bath is a great quick alternative. A nice hot bath, a smelly candle, a cuppa or a glass of (non alcoholic) fizz along with some nice music or something good to read or watch.
  4. Get Moving. – Exercise doesn’t always have to mean heading out on a run or going to the gym. Sometimes all you need is a supportive bra and some good tunes while cleaning. Having a little dance while cleaning the kitchen really can boost those endorphins.
  5. Journal – This could be a gratitude journal, doodling, planning or writing down your thoughts of the day. Journalling is a great wellbeing booster. You don’t have to make instagram perfect pages either. You can use journal prompts from google or list your favourite netflix films, foods that you love or just plan your perfect day.

Over To You

I hope some of these tips give you a little boost. I’d love for you to tag me in your Wellbeing Wednesday posts on instagram to find out what your doing to boost your wellbeing.

Nina x

If You Or Someone You Know is Struggling with Mental Health

If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health I would always recommend consulting a doctor. There are organisations out there that can help in times of crisis.

A New Year – Wellbeing Wednesday

Happy New Year. Welcome to a brand new year. Hopefully there are going to be a few exciting thing happening here at Spencer’s ARC this year. The first of which is the start of a brand new collection of content which I’m calling Wellbeing Wednesdays .

wellbeing wednesday


I’m kicking things off with a bang and running giveaway. Stick around to the end of the post to find out more.

Introducing Wellbeing Wednesdays

Wellbeing Wednesdays will have tips for how I stay on top of my anxiety, product reviews, reviews on wellbeing days out and more. The aim is to inspire us to take charge of our own wellbeing. I have lived with mental health issues most of my adult life and it’s only recently that I feel I have a grip on it.

So I’ve introduced the concept of wellbeing Wednesday Now for the giveaway.

Wellbeing Wednesday Giveaway

January and February are my toughest months of the year. The Christmas paraphernalia has gone back in the loft and the twinkly lights have been turned off. It seems this is similar for a lot of us. It’s no coincidence that blue monday is at the end of January.

So as a little boost for one lucky person Throughout January Im running a wellbeing giveaway.

There will be a range of little treats in the giveaway that will hopefully give you something to smile about. I already have a couple of items and I’m wait for a few more to arrive from some lovely brands.

If you head on over to my Instagram page and keep your eyes peeled I will announce items that have been bought or gifted that could be heading your way.

Good Luck

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning this bundle is follow me on Instagram, check out the giveaway post give it a like and a comment. Tag your friends and share, share, share.

See you next week for 5 simple quick fix tips for wellbeing.

Nina x


Calling Wellbeing Writers

I’d love to have you over for a cuppa and a chat however the next best thing is to host a guest post here on Spencer’s ARC.

If you have any wellbeing content you would like to donate to Wellbeing Wednesday give me a shout. On [email protected] I’d love to have you along.

Wellbeing product makers wanted.

If you have a product you would love to be added into the giveaway bundle in return for social sharing and promotion I’d love to hear from you. Contact details are at the top of the blog. Or email [email protected]

A Decade To Remember.

I read a thing on Facebook the other day. It was all about if you were born in the 80s you’ve lived in 4 decades, 2 centuries, and your not even 40. Well not yet anyway. I felt a little old reading that I’ll tell ya.

It got me thinking about the past decade though. The past 10 years. It’s funny how the turn of a brand new year or decade makes you reflect.

A Decade Ago

I started the Decade a Newlywed. Married to my childhood crush. Boy were we starting out on one epic adventure.


In 2010 we were facing continued struggles with infertility and thought we may never have kids of our own.

2011 came and we continued our fertility Journey and headed for IUI but it was cancelled due to too many eggs “popping”.

Little did we know that 2 of those eggs had already fertilised. We were due with our first set of twins in January of the following year.

Becoming Mum

Unfortunately the babies had become breech and c section was booked for the halfway through the December and finally I became a mum.

Then again for the second time with our second twins in 2017

Becoming a mum has had some amazing moments but it’s also been hard work. Especially since battling with mental illness.

Hitting Dark Days

During the past 10 years I have battled with mental illness in the form of pnd, anxiety, depression and health anxiety and more.

I’ve faced some really dark days. Ringing my mum for help, crying on the kitchen floor with a baby in each arm who were also crying. I had a panic attack on Christmas Day one year and thought I was going to die. I’ve woke feeling fearful of each day and I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve rang my mum or Spencersarc Daddy to tell him “I can’t do this, I don’t know how to be a mum”


My mental Health battles have come from a number of reasons from hormonal balance, to being involved in a fire as well as losing loved ones.

As a family we have lost some truly loved and well missed family members, friends and work colleagues over the past

10 years.

Getting Better?

I’ve been through talking therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, I’ve had medication to deal with my suicidal thoughts and dark days.

I’ve come out of the other side of my mental health blips yet still feel that mental illness is very much something I learn to live with each and every day.

It always Gets Worse Before It Gets Better.

In 2017 we found out I was pregnant with our second set of twins. I felt quite ill for most of the pregnancy. Towards the end of the pregnancy though is where our life was changed for ever when I was diagnosed with placenta percreta.

What Matters in Life.

Having placenta Percreta, facing that life threatening complication and a few more medical issues since made me realise what’s important in life, the things that truly matter.

What really matters in life is the people you spend it with and the memories you make with them.


It’s funny to think that at the beginning of the past decade we didn’t even know some of our very best friends. Now it feels like we’ve known them a lifetime.

I have met some amazing people over the past decade. Friends that we see almost daily, friends that I’ve met through the internet but may never meet in person and those that I’ve met at conferences that I now speak to almost daily.

There is people I’ve met that I may never see again but who have had a huge impact on my life. Some that have made me think about how I want to live and who I want to be. People that guided me through my toughest time. People I’ve met and thought that’s “who I will be when I grow up”

We have as a family and with friends made so many memories.

Camping in a field of 500 women, finding an island we one day hope to call home, exploring the country we live in. We have been lucky enough to go on many holidays, mini breaks and day trips.

The past 10 years have really seen the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

The Next 10.

I’m so looking forward to seeing what the next 10 years have in store.

The memories we are going to make with friends old and new. The places we will explore and the adventures we will have.

I hope that whatever the past 10 years have given you that you have some happy moments to remember and that the next year or 10 years are kind to us all and if troubles hit we can find courage and strength to get through it.

Nina x

I’d love to have you along with us for our daily adventures. I’m generally hanging around on Instagram with a cuppa in hand. Discussing what Netflix shows to watch, things the kids have got upto and showing the good the bad and the ugly of our lives.

Santa’s Winter Wonderland at The Snow Dome Tamworth |AD| Review

Are you still looking for a festive day out during the run up to Christmas? I have to say Santa’s Winter Wonderland at The Snow Dome Tamworth is well worth a visit.

The Snow Dome

There really is enough for a whole day out at The Snow Dome I wish we had had more time to explore and use the facilities there.

There’s climbing, a pool, gym, ski slope for skiing and boarding as well as ice skating and snow play. There is also a choice of two places to refuel between activities.

Girl on a sledge in the snow

Santa’s Winter Wonderland

When you book you can choose your time slot for your 90 minute visit. This ensures that the trail isn’t too crowded. Once there you head down into the ice cave and are entertained by one of santa’s special friends.

Inside Santa’s Winter Wonderland

Then it’s time to head inside the trail. There are little wooden sledges to ride around the real snow on. As soon as you step through the doors it just feel so festive. Fairy lights are strung, snow is falling and there is the mother of all christmas trees adorning the trail.

As you go in there is a slope for you to slide down on the snow tubes. as well as a couple of little slopes around the trail.

Obviously as the trail is filled with real snow a snowball fight is a must and the kids absolutely loved being able to throw snowballs at me and thier big brother.

Dotted around are a few photo opportunities like the giant christmas tree and santa’s sleigh.

Listen For The Trumpets

It wasn’t long before trumpets were sounded signaling Santa was about to arrive with his friends to give us a show.

This interactive panto style show is filled with daft gags for the adults, puppets and santa for the kids it’s a great way to get into the festive mood.

Santa’s Fury Friends

Once the show has finished its time to meet some of Santa’s fury friends.

Rabbits, goats, ducks and more but no reindeer. I thinks thats because they have to rest up in the run up to christmas ready for flighing the sleigh.

Once you’ve said hello to the animals there is a carousel for the kids to ride. I just love a traditional looking carousel there’s something so magical about them.

As this place is full of real snow it’s obviously pretty chilly but no fear there’s a hot chocolate station ready to warm you up. and numerous more photo opportunities ready for your christmas pictures.

Before you leave don’t forget to write your letter to santa and post it in the talking post box.

Santa’s Winter Wonderland Wrapped Up

This really is a super festive day out for all the family we will definitely be back next year. Its got to be one for the christmas bucket list!

Its advisable to wrap up well it really is real snow and as such its can be cold and wet. I would advise some waterproofs or snow gear. or bring a change of clothes. Gloves are a must and maybe a festive woolly hat not only to keep your head warm but also to look good in those festive photos.

Booking is super easy and you can pick your time slot online or over the phone.

Santa’s Winter Wonderland at The Snow Dome Tamworth is also running right into the new year so if your looking to buy a unique clutter free gift why not get the kids a trip to this festive day out. It’s not expensive either even the prime days are under £20 per person. Making it a super affordable gift..

Head on over to Santa’s Winter Wonderland and see for yourself



I was gifted a mine and my kids entrance to a press morning in return for a honest review. All opinions are my own and I do not work with anyone who don’t fit with our family ethos.

Simple December Bucket List

December is Here I can’t quite believe it. this year has raced by. As you know have been trying to live a more simple family life as much as you can with two sets of twins.

Over the festive period It’s easy to get stressed about plans for the month, gifts you need to buy and dinner you have to cook.

I watch people’s December vlogs people like Zoella and Charlotte Taylor and I think how festive each day is. How I wish My december could be like theres. How simple they make December look.

This year I am going to make an effort to make the most of the festive while keeping it as simple as possible.

To feel I’m making the most out of a celebration or season i always create a bucket list. This is my bucket list for December this year.

  • Attend our local Christmas Market. – I want to wrap up warm, smell the gluvine see the lights & sample those festive treats.
  • Take a Santa Train Trip. It’s Now a family tradition to visit Santa on a train ride so it has to be part of my December bucket list.
  • I love taking part in Vlogmas however this year i’m not going to tie myself to posting every day. If you’ve not heard of vlogmas where have you been. It’s a video a day from December 1st to Christmas Day. I would like to record some of our memories though and create a few festive vlogs so head over to Youtube and hit that subscribe button so you can follow our christmas adventures.
  • Garden Centre visit. I can’t believe we are in December and i’ve not yet visited a garden centre. I’m putting it on my list as I love a wander around the christmas displays.
  • Winter walks. There’s a lot to be said for donning a pair of wellies, a few layers and a woolly hat and getting out into the fresh air.
  • Donate. I’m decluttering (all the time) at the moment and I’m donating what I can to our local charity shop.
  • Christmas lights road trip. We love getting in the car in our pjs with a snack and a hot drink for a drive around looking at everyone’s lights.
  • Movie afternoon Shut the curtains, turn down the lights grab a duvet and sip hot chocolate in front of one of our fave Christmas movies.
  • Playing games. We don’t really play many games as a family but Id like to introduce the big two to some games now they are that bit older and can listen to rules a little more.
  • Relax. I don’t want to burn out through December I am often anxious at the best of times but If I can let go of things over the month I know it will feel like a much calmer season.

If you are looking for a festive things to do I hope this has given you a little bit of inspiration.

What’s on your bucket list? How do you spend the festive period?

Nina x