Itttsss Chrissstttmass, Well Its Christmas in July #TescoCIJ

Last week I was offered a chance to attend one of the many Christmas in July events in  London.SAMSUNG CSC

I must say it was a bit surreal, outside there was hot sunshine and people eating ice cream. Inside however it was snowing and there was christmas music playing and the smell of christmas lingered through the air.

I arrived at the venue not knowing what was going to be behind the doors. What I was greeted with was a vast amount of christmas trees, snow, and a winter lighting. Through a door into a room filled with a range of gifts in a mock fireplace. SAMSUNG CSC

I was offered a drink and given a brief description of what was in the room.

In the corner of the room was Arona Khan giving quick tips of how to wrap difficult gifts. SAMSUNG CSC

There were chocolates and biscuits to sample along with a bake at home cake.


This cake is amazing for mums like me who want a quick fix for a Christmas bake.

This microwaveable cake kit (Yes I said microwaveable) cooks in under 4 minutes and includes everything to make this amazing tasting and looking igloo! Including the backdrop and cardboard cutout figures  – It will be retailing at £3.99

I sampled some of this cake and it was delicious.

Through another door into the next room where there were cocktails being made and more food to sample.


Along with these veg crisps was a bowl full of cocoa and Spiced Rum flavour crisps.

Part of the Tesco Finest Range these crisps are on my must buy list this christmas at only £4.

Along with the savoury snacks were a few sweet snacks and christmas isn’t christmas in our house until we have had our first mince-pie.

These mini mince pies are ideal if your anything like me and can quite easily eat your entire body weight in them before christmas eve. At least if they are mini you can eat twice as much. Right?


There were also loads of the “free from” range. Tesco seem to be quite good at finding delicious free from products –

  • The Christmas free from gluten range includes.
  • Chocolate Yule Cake – £4.50,
  • Berry Cheesecake – £4
  • Iced Fruit cake Slices £2.60
  • Mince Pies £1.75

Around the corner was entitled “The Night before Christmas”

Here another faux fireplace decorated with snow and garlands await the special arrival.

In front of the fireplace a chair for santa to rest his feet while he eats his mince-pie and drinks his wine.

With a coffee table laid with an inviting cheese board.


Then onto The children’s room where I think “he” had been already as there were open gifts around the room.


This Snowman Milkshake gift set £12 – I think I might add this to My kids Xmas Eve basket this year!

There were toys for Boys and Girls of all ages.

Hot wheels and Dolls look like a good option for us this year!


After a quick toilet stop after sampling all those drinks (hic)

And now its time for Christmas Morning. The table laid full of food and Bucks Fizz

I would love to have all this laid out on christmas morning. Brioche loaf, croissants with Jam, A big pot of tea mmmmmm.

Ooops sorry I went of into dreamy christmas land then.

Even the Dogs aren’t over looked – with the decorate your dogs bone gift set! SAMSUNG CSC

Around another corner and into a little room is the main event!

The smell as I walked in the room made my taste buds jump!

So many enticing ideas, A brilliant range of side dishes there is even Christmas dinner in a box. Priced at £25 it includes Half bottle of champagne a christmas pudding and obviously the turkey and veg with accompaniments.  SAMSUNG CSC

On the table to try were some Christmas market inspired sausages. They really melted in your mouth. Another item for my christmas shopping list! £2.50 (400g)

On to the night after the day before.

Now I’m not a seafood fan but if you are this could be a showstopper for your boxing day table or a dinner party over the festive season.

It’s priced at £32.50 (1.44kg)

The slate and chrome 3 tier platter comes with-

  • A whole lobster
  • Dressed crab
  • A selection of king prawns
  • Smoked Salmon
  • Sweet, Tangy Marie Rose Sauce
  • Smoked mackerel Pate


Other Food Items That caught my eye were the dessert platter £12 It comes ready to serve on a slate effect board and includes –

  • Passionfruit cheesecake
  • Coconut panna cotta
  • Lemon mousse with a pistachio crumb
  • White chocolate blondie with white chocolate and fruit compote






On the Way up to get a cuppa was Michelle, the florist. She was showcasing the christmas range of flowers and plants. It looks like there will be succulents on my list too! Also these live trees at I think £15, I may need a couple for my front door!



I also Came home with a goodie bag full of lovley goodies.

It looks like my shopping list will be pretty full before we even get to December.


Check out my vlog of the day too.

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