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Last year I started getting up before the house. I would make a cuppa and take some time just for me. No phones, no kids just me! It was fab. It really started my day of right. But old habits slipped back in when illness took hold. I went back to staying in bed and mindlessly scrolling through social media. So when I was asked to have a look at this new resource from Unconditionally Nourished I thought it would be a great chance to reevaluate my Morning Routine. Create a Magical Morning Routine.

Magical morning

Create a Magical Morning Routine

A simple positive Morning Routine can literally make your day. Taking a little bit of time thinking about what you would like your mornings to look like is such a great way to get started. This downloadable, printable resource will give you the tools to get you started.

Jemma from unconditionally Nourished has developed the Create a Magical morning Routine workbook with you in mind. She knows how important our time is as a mum. She is a mum of two herself therefore knows that mornings can look different each and every day. The workbook however encourages you not to create a morning structure set in stone and instead focus on what you want out of each morning.

There are some cute pictures with little inspiring quotes mixed within the pages of activities. Which together will help you create your ideal morning.

I’m so looking forward to putting this workbook to the test over the next few weeks. Getting back on track with making my mornings magical and setting myself up for a positive day. I have already filled out a few of the activities. I can see how powerful answering the questions Jemma has set can propel you into spending mornings how you want to spend them therefore not spending wasted time laid in bed scrolling social media.

Head on over to Unconditionally Nourished to purchase this resource.

Nina x

The Workbook was gifted as a preview. I was not paid to review or asked to review. From time to time I share things that I love with the thought that they will benefit others.

I only promote brands and products that fit within mine and my family’s lifestyle. As always opinions are my own.

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