Confessions from a Mum on the Edge

I don’t know how to break it to you but …


Wait go get a cuppa and a snack…



Here goes…..

I am so lost and overwhelmed by this parenting / housewifing job that I have sought the help of a Mummy Life Coach.

Yep there I said it.

My home is not a home – it’s a cluttered mess of kids’ toys, shoes, clothes, bits of paper, and just generally too much stuff.

I’m so unorganized I never manage to finish my to do list.

I shout! A lot!

I have no inner peace no matter how many “Me time” moments I give myself (maybe I give my self too many and that’s why I never finish anything).

Anyway, I digress

As I said, I am having help from a Mummy Life Coach who says she can turn me from shouty mum to calm mum. A better version of myself!

I have only had her a week but my first task was to write down my perfect average day.

So a general school run day but one that’s the best it can be. How it makes me feel. What I’ve done to make it so.

I have to tell you that I started writing it today and ended up stressed that I couldn’t fit everything I wanted to into my day.

I think I’ve slumped that far into my rut that this it is going to be hard to get out!

After 4 attempts and 2 emails to my Coach I managed it!

The perfect average day task is meant to empower you and get you excited that in a years’ time it will be your perfect average day for real. You are meant to be able to feel the feelings of a years’ time and be able to transport yourself there almost.

I think most of us are guilty of carving out a groove in our life and then getting stuck in it. So much so even if we are not loving life, we either wouldn’t know were to start or fear what would happen if we made a change.

However, I have got to get out of my groove otherwise something is going to snap! Be that my sanity (already teetering on the edge) or my husband’s (again on the edge)!


So my average day includes

  • Getting up early
  • Being organized
  • Making time for yoga, swimming, running
  • Preparing healthy meals and snacks
  • Spending more time as a family
  • Getting us all to pitch in with household chores
  • Spending time with friends
  • Working from home, earning a small income from my job

This sounds like a simple plan when written down – it’s just finding out which bits I need to tackle in order to get there.

What would be in you average day?

Would you seek guidance from a coach?

Have you already? Can you give me any advice?

See you all soon



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