Chores & responsibilities for children 2-8 years?

Having made a tiny army of messy monsters I feel it only right that they help me tidy the mess that us six make around the house. But what chores can 2 year olds to 8 year olds do?

But I have a few queries regarding chore for the kids.

  • Should we pay kids for doing little jobs around the house?
  • Should they be called chores?
  • What age can they start “chores”
  • What is appropriate for their age.

Having researched around the Internet there are many different ways in which families work out chores.

What works for one family may not work for another.

There are families that use lolly sticks to put chores on. Some write the jobs out on a tick sheet.

Some pay their kids with like a wage packet for each chore.

As I said before. Not everything will suit everyone.

So what’s best for me right now?

I have two sets of twins as you may know.

One set now one year old and one set coming up for 7 years old.

Obviously the little twins are going to be limited in understanding chores.

Here’s my plan.

The little twins can learn about keeping our home tidy and clean. Their jobs (with help) will be…

  • Tidy away toys.
  • Put socks and vests away into baskets.
  • Practice dusting and wiping.

Obviously they are too young for rewards so we will just make these jobs a game. Singing songs as we go along.

The big twins however already have a list of things they should be responsible for.

Morning list

  • Open curtains
  • Make bed
  • Personal hygiene (teeth, face etc)
  • Eat all breakfast
  • Put pots in dishwasher
  • Quick bedroom tidy
  • Take down water bottles etc

Evening list

  • Put away toys
  • Get out clothes for the next day
  • Get books, water bottles etc for bed
  • Personal Hygiene routine

Weekly list

  • Strip bed.
  • Put away clothes.
  • Hoover own bedroom

Other Jobs to share!

  • Empty Dishwasher
  • Dust
  • Hoover downstairs
  • Load Washing machine

Now routines are back in place and school is back in full swing the bigger two have a tick chart of their responsibilities. When they have completed the full week they are allowed their pocket money. which is £5per week – This may seem a lot but say they ask for a magazine they will have to spend their own money. We are still learning the value of money and the things that we buy so I thought this system would help them with this!

Im sure there are other jobs that we can share responsibility for but these are the main ones I can think of

What are your little ones responsible for?

Have I missed anything off the list?

Nina x

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