December Word of the Month!

Oh gosh we are here already! I almost forgot to post this as I hurtled along November oblivious to what the date is!

So Decembers word of the month

The last one – Im not going to continue his in 2019 as Im not really sure anyone even reads it Ha!

My word this month is Gratitude.

December is all about coming together and feeling all the festiveness that it brings. getting caught in the magic the sparkle and the fun!

If we are not careful we can forget to show how grateful we are. we can overwhelm ourselves with sending gifts  that are meaningless.

This Month I want to let everyone around me know just how grateful I am for them!

I’m grateful for having family close by that will have the kids when an opportunity arrises for me to attend an event.

Grateful to my friends who support my anxious moments and keep me grounded with good advise or to the point wit!

Grateful to online friends who get me and have been through similar experiences It really is good to know your not alone!

Grateful that my christmases are now so full and exciting because we are a family and have kids to share the magic with! Christmas is all about the kids isn’t it?


Grateful to my husband who puts up with me. put up with my wrong kind of OCD, my whims, my moans, my low moods and everything else!

So thanks everyone for being in my life and I hope you have an amazing December.

Now anyone for a snowball?

Nina x

November Word Of The Month

November is one more step closer to Christmas.  Not far away from a brand new year!

Its time for getting ready for the festive month ahead.

Copy of Clumber day out (3)

This months word is going to be ‘Gather’

Gather gifts ready for Christmas.

I have already bought and stored a few but I really want to get on top of buying gifts this year I hate it when I still have things to wrap on Christmas eve!

Gather thoughts to calm the anxiety that has been building over the past few weeks.

If you follow my instagram you will have seen that my anxiety has been making an appearance over the last few weeks. I really need to take some time to gather my thought, breath and be more mindful.

Gather with family to reconnect a little as this is something that has been lacking lately. Chris works so many hours and works away a quite a bit. when he gets home he is tired and stressed out from his work we need to take some time out together. I also think the big twins are feeling pushed out a little with the little twins taking up so much of our time. I also want to try and reconnect with them.

So gather is my word this month!

What  is your word for this month? what plans do you have for November? Leave a comment let me know.

Catch you soon

Nina x

Word of the Month October

Welcome back to this months word of the month.

Can you actually believe that including this month there is only 3 months left of this year!

I know its gone by so fast.

Last months word or in-fact phrase was Back To It.  I wanted to get back to a better routine and better fitness and back on the school run!

I have to say September has been hard. Getting back into the school routine has took its toll on all of us and our stress levels have been high!

The house is a tip and we have hit an all time low in the house!

I’m not sure if its the passing of the summer, the stress of the morning routine, or just par the course of having two sets of twins!

But we have to get back to better ground in the Spencer household.

Thats why this Month our word is going to be Appreciate!

We have to start appreciating what we have as a family, Appreciate the good in each day and appreciate who we are!

I will be going back to writing in my gratitude diary and asking the kids what they are grateful for each day!

We are getting rid of clutter in the house so that we can see our favorite possessions and appreciate them more.

I really hope it gets us all back on track!

Whats your word of the Month?

Any tips for getting us all back on track?

See you next time

Nina x

September Word of the month.

Ahhhh September, the smell of new books, freshly sharpened pencils, new school shoes, and back to the chaos of the school run!

September brings new possibilities, a chance to start over or get back to working on your goals.

That’s why Septembers word of the month is more a sentence that a word.

Back To It!

This is my theme this month.

  • Back to school. The big twins are starting year two this school year. They will be in separate classrooms for the first time. Hopefully this means they will appreciate the time at home together a little more? The littlest twins are also heading to nursery one morning a week so that I can focus on my other goals below.
  • Back to working hard on the blog and social media. I have fell out of a routine for working lately. It’s hard to find a balance when it’s the school holidays. So hoping to get back on it.
  • Getting back into a routine. As above I so need to get back into a routine. Both for working and for keeping the home in check.
  • Back to the healthy way to live. I really need to work on my getting fit for 40 goal, summer has seen many ice creams eaten, many coffee & cakes had, a lot of meaty BBQs and not enough exercise. I’m now feeling the effects of this. I’m so unfit.
  • Back to the mission of decluttering, minimising our stuff. This is my biggest goal, I really need to minimise our lives and our stuff. It’s getting out of control and I think minimising will help all of our wellbeing’s!!

So whether your goals are to get back on it or something else I hope you have an amazing September.

Let me know what you have planned this month. I love our little community here and it nice when we can support each other with our goals.

Nina x

August Word Of The Month.

July Update.

July was so amazingly busy I decided to give the update it’s own post.

So head over to yesterdays post but don’t forget to come back and see my plans for August.

August Word Of The Month


If I’ve learnt something over the past year it’s that my world needs less stress, less clutter, just well less. I really need to simplify life.

This means decluttering the house living a more simple existence. – Not getting wrapped up in the face paced world. The one where I’m trying to keep up with the Jones with a top of the range car, or the tropical getaway.

Making more time in my day for being present in our family’s life.

This summer holidays I’ve been trying to not over complicate our days. Just planning cheap, fun activities. Like trips to play groups, taking advantage of our national trust membership. (There are some great play parks in the national trust grounds. And you can’t beat an afternoon tea while the babies nap and the kids are eating ice creams.)

So that is my word for August. Simplify.

What’s on your list for August?

Hit me with ways I can simplify our life!

Nina x

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May – Self Care

June – #spencersarcselfcare

July – Summer

July Update.

July has been Epic.

So epic I thought this month I would give it its very own blog post.

We certainly ran with our word of the Month which was Summer.

July was..

Full of family adventures. We kicked off July with a trip to our favourite island – Lanzarote. It was quite hard work with 4 kids and there were a few moment where I could quite happily got back on a plane home.


We returned back to England and the kids returned back to school for transition. I still haven’t posted why I’ve sent them back. Maybe I’ll get around to it one day.

We’ve spent lots of time outdoors. Exploring the forest, visiting the fire station open day, and cooling off in the garden.

July meant 3 days off for me and 3 of my friends as we attended the unofficial WI camp just down the road. Tea & Tents is a mini festival 500 + women camping, crafting, gossiping, sharing stories and skills. There food and alcohol. But best of all there are no husbands and no children. Though we all missed the kiddos by bedtime I’m sure.

We celebrated a few birthdays in July too. One of which was my own. And my uncles which is on the same day. He was 60 this year. So we decided to head up to Whitby and surprise him. Little did I know His girlfriend had planned an amazing meal in his local pub and restaurant. Complete with a cake each and a balloon.

My birthday celebrations continued the weekend following as we had our annual summer/ birthday BBQ. Unfortunately this marked the beginning of the rain storms. I’m so grateful for amazing family & Friends.

Also in July, my 17-year-old god-daughter moved out of her mum’s, me & Spencer’s ARC Daddy managed to wrangle a date night to the cinema for Mission impossible Fallout. – It was brilliant. I was on the edge of my seat for most of the film. Though there are a few moments in it where you sort of know where the story is going.

I’ve accepted my first ambassadorship.

I’m going to work with a little Brand called Little drop in the Ocean. I will be writing a few blog posts going forward about why I love the brand so much.

Then we ended the month playing in granddad’s pool and soaking in the hot tub which I was lucky enough to receive from Spencer’s ARC Daddy for my birthday. Though I do think he bought it more for his benefit than mine. Lol

Right. Phew. On to August. I told you July was Epic.

Come back to the blog tomorrow for my August word of the month.

Nina x

July word of the month.

June Update

June was a tough month both mentally and physically.

During June I made the decision to send the kids back to school.

Chris spent quite a bit of time working away. And I really suffer with my mental wellbeing when he is away.

It also hard bloody work solo parenting when he is away.

However June also saw lots of fun things

Lots of birthdays and Fathers Day.

Lots of outdoor play

Fun in the sun, splashing about in the pool, climbing tree and feeding ducks at the local National Trust property. Raising funds for The Jessop Wing at Sheffield, lots of Parklife, a couple of working trips for me and the big kids.

It also involved a new style for me.


But now July is here.

June’s word of the Month was self-care.

I’m still suffering with my Health however I’ve decided to focus my word on the season this Month.

So Julys Word is Summer!

I’ll be focusing on having summer fun during the Month.

Starting off with a trip to our favourite place – Lanzarote.

Then the kids are hearing back to school for transition.

Before I head off to an unofficial WI camp with 500 other women from across the country.

Summer bucket lists will be drawn up for the school holidays.

And back to school in September will be planned for.

So there you have it that’s my plans for July.

What are you up to?

Have your kids already broken up from school or have you got wait until The end of the month?

Leave a comment and let me know your July word of the Month

Nina x