Summer is here!

Sat inside with the rain pouring it doesn’t feel much like summer.

However during May we have been so lucky with the weather.

May 2018 was the hottest for decades

Inspired by the good weather and the Little Tikes recent findings that Brits have named the first week in June * as the start of summer I thought I would write about what summer means to our family.

*despite the summer solstice being June 21st

63% of Brits state that Summer is their Favorite Season!

Summer for us means

Late nights with friends

Alfresco dinning

Beer Gardens

Mini Adventures to new places

Garden Days



One in ten Brits think that for them summer starts at the first smell of cut grass.

Every Year for at least the last 8 years we have thrown a BBQ party at the start of the kids 6 week summer holiday.

Its my birthday but we call it our summer BBQ party. we invite our friends and family, we chat, play music, dance, some have even to be known to do the conga around the garden out the gate and around the Coop shop next door!  (You know who you are.)

The Majority of the UK class the first week in June as the start of summer

This BBQ party is one of the big highlights of our year. Its where our little group of friends really first started to form a bond!

So although Summer for us starts at the first cut of the grass or our first BBQ. Our Summer Party is the day we look forward to the most.

Summer coming also means I get to spend 3 days in a field (which can play havoc with my hay-fever) with 500 other women from Women’s Institutes all around the country.

3% of brits know summer has arrived when hayfever symptoms kicks in!

This 3 day break with 3 of my friends from our WI is our time no kids no husbands just us girls and a bottle of wine or two. (or 3)


What signals the start of summer for you?

Let me know any traditions you have over the summer period and how you know its summer!

Nina x


Statistics are from the Little Tikes survey of over 2000 people.

Little Tikes has an amazing range of toys for a range of ages from the simple things to do over summer like sand boxes and water tables, Swings and slides and dont forget the iconic cozy coupe .

You can shop the full Little Tikes range at

Also check out the new Fun Zone for more outdoor fun this summer!


*This post was written in conjunction with Little Tikes In exchange for a gifted Item!





A Good Old English Seaside Day Out!

Last month during the Half Term we packed the car and headed out to Cleethorpes for the day.

We arrived just before lunch and parked in one of the promenade car parking bays, We unstrapped everyone from the car and headed to the cafe opposite Olivers Eatery  I orderd a cuppa and some pancakes for the kids to eat while I fed the babies.

Then after we had all been to the toilet we headed to the beach.

It was quite a nice day weather wise for February. Miss M spent quite some time searching for shells and pretty rocks. Mr J wanted to make sand angels.

It wasn’t long though before we started to feel a bit cold the drizzle started so we headed to an arcade for a warm and some shelter. Taylor made fun was a great place to spend some pocket money on the 2p machines. I love the 2p slots they really bring back good memories of caravan holidays I had with my auntie.

You cant have a trip to the seaside without 3 things The first two being Ice-cream and donuts

The kids had Ice-cream Me & the Teen had donuts from Browns

The Third thing that you have to have at the seaside is good old fish n chips.

We headed to Papas on the pier. As you approach the entrance is a revolving door and there is an entrance foyer with takeaway chips on one side. Through another door and you feel like you are heading into some posh hotel. Once in you are seated by one of the waiters.

There are chandeliers all around and a huge stage with a piano.

Dont be fooled though the prices are very reasonable and the portions are very generous.

Once we had finished our fish N Chips it was starting to get dark so we headed back to the car where I fed the babies again while looking out to the sea. Before we headed back home. The sea air must have done some good as we had only driven about a mile before everyone was asleep.

The kids said it was a brilliant day.

It was a much needed day out for us.

A sign that things are getting back to normal.

I love the seaside  I cant wait to head back.

Today March 17th See’s the start of English Tourism Week 2018.

The initiative is aimed to raise the profile and promote tourism in England. Giving  attractions,  accommodation  and destinations a way to raise their own profiles.

Head over to the Visit Britain Website for more details

Spa Membership V’s Public Swimming Pool.

A couple of years ago I became a member of the local spa, I only really use it for the pool. Towards the end of my pregnancy I let my membership lapse. After Christmas I decided to renew it.

A six month membership at Clumber Park Hotel and Spa is currently £225 for 6 months.

If I went to the local pool 3 times a week which I aim to do it would cost £343 for 6 months.

With the added bonus of being able to use the gym facilities and children being able to swim for free from 4pm – 6pm.

The spa pool as a member is open to me from 7am – 9pm 7 days a week.

The public pool has set times that you can swim due to school using it and lessons happening.

I love going swimming at the spa, when you arrive you are greeted by the delicious smell of essential oils, and the sound of relaxing music playing in the background.

I grab a towel. As a member I get to borrow their freshly laundered fluffy towels.

Head to the changing rooms that have under floor heating and again has relaxing music playing in the background.

Once changed I head to the pool take a pool side shower and head for my swim.

I never commit myself to timing lengths or counting lengths. I just swim. Sometimes I swim with no thoughts. Other days I swim and plan my perfect day or plan my week / day.

I went yesterday and after my swim I decided to have 10 mins in the outdoor hot tub.

While I was there a squirrel sat about 2 meters away from me eating.

It’s great at Clumber surrounded by trees with just enough gaps in them to let the sun beam down on sunny days.

There is also a sauna & steam room but I’m not really a fan of those.

On a weekend I often take a little more time when daddy has the kids and have a cuppa in the cafe bar after my swim. I Sit in one of the sofas in a snug area.

I’m totally the spa fan. It’s great for my wellbeing.

Nina x

Pictured is MGM – Clumber Park Hotel & New Leaf Spa

Half Term Bucket List

So the kids are off again next week. One whole week off. so I need to find some way to entertain them for the 5 days.



I’m lone parenting too for the first few days as Hubby is working away!

  • Soft Play – I keep seeing vlogs of a fab soft play chain! I have found our nearest one and I am planning a trip there one day in the week.
  • Craft Day – I still haven’t gone through the Squiggle Dot Squeeze box with the kids So I’m planning a day to get crafty with the kids.
  • Pottery Painting – A local company are holding a Halloween Event with pottery painting and Fancy Dress competition So we are heading to this!
  • Movie Night – Im planning a movie night for me and the kids with popcorn using our new popcorn machine. Nachos, Pizza and milkshakes.
  • Garden Centre Visit – When my nan was alive we used to have trips to all the garden centres around us looking at the christmas displays and inevitably coming home with bags of stuff that i dint really need!
  • Baking – Id like to get in the kitchen with the kids this half term, things im thinking of include carrot cake, Chocolate apples, pizza whirls and more.
  • Halloween Party – So this year we are hosting a halloween party. Hopefully the weather will be good and we can have a BBQ and mingle outside.

So thats my plan for the week!

I am hoping to upload a vlog each day around 8pm of what we get up to each day I would love you to come join me on youtube!

Do you have plans for the week ahead?

Here is a video i did a while back with a few tips for holidays



500+ women camping in the forest  – can only mean one thing. 

Yes two weekends ago it was The unofficial WI camp “Tea & Tents”

For months us young uns of our WI have been planning for our 3 night camping trip to Walesby scout camp with over 500 other members of The Woman’s Institute.

This year Tea & Tents is in its 3rd year and our 2nd year of attending.

Last year we were newbies not only to Tea & Tents but also to the WI. This year we sort of knew what to expect.

We put our names down to volunteer at a slot over the weekend.

We ordered our merchandise.

20160722_212407_1daddys day.jpg

And then on the Friday we packed up my VW and off we went.

We arrived not long after 6pm,  the camp opened at 5pm yet there were already loads of camp areas already set up with pretty bunting and lights.

20160722_210256_2daddys day.jpg

We finally found a space to park Delilah ( my VW)  And set to putting up our tent and making our area look pretty .

Then we changed into our new T-shirts and grabbed our picnic and headed over to the main marquee to listen to the “camp opening meeting” unfortunately we were only able to listen from outside as it was already full inside.

We sat and listened through the canvas while we ate our picnic.

There were still people arriving as it was turning dark.  A few of us went to help one lady set her tent up as she was on her own and had arrived in the dark with the biggest tent on site I reckon.

Afterwards we headed back to the tent and snuggled down for the evening.

Saturday we got up and after we had made breakfast & had a Cuppa We headed to put or names down for some of the workshops. Unfortunately by the time we arrived our first options were already full up. So me & S decided to go for a facial.

After a late lunch it was time for the market place.

Lots of lovely stalls selling craft packs, homemade items, jams and cakes.

While a couple of our group went to do their volunteer slot I ordered pizza for us all.

We were going to join the camp fire but we just ended up chatting and made a little fire in the BBQ to have our own little bonfire. We even toasted some marshmallows.


Sunday  morning was my volunteer slot. I was in charge of the photo booth with another lady but it seemed after Saturday night 9.30 was too early for anyone to want their photos took.

When I had finished my slot I rejoined my friends who had brought me over a bacon buttie and we lined up to get our names on a workshop. Myself and H booked onto vintage curtain ring brooches and S & E booked onto square weaving.


Before our workshops started there was time for a bit of yoga.

In the afternoon we had booked a dip in a hot tub. By the time it was our slot it was quite windy and the hot tub didn’t feel very hot!

20160724_180503_2daddys day.jpg

While in there we got talking to one of the *squirrels she was telling us about her own WI in London. She also gave us a bit of inspiration for our position in our own WI.

By the time we got out I was shivering and couldn’t seem to get warm.

Sunday night was the Big Quiz.

We cooked some jacket potatoes warmed some beans and took them up to the quiz.


We did quite well in the quiz. And we’re quite impressed with ourselves. Especially on the Tv themes round.

There was one theme that hit with all of us. If I just say “In west Philadelphia born and raised on a playground is where I spent most of my days…..” Leave in the comments below if you know what this is. 🙂

A marquee full of women singing was one of the highlights of the weekend!

Monday morning came and I actually forgot it was my birthday! Until I came out of the tent and the E had put some gifts out on my chair. 🙂


Everyone woke up and we slowly took down our home for the past 3 nights.

We got bitten to hell on camp and there were a couple of things that were a bit rubbish but all in all the camp was amazing. A great time to get to know one another and to meet new friends.

A chance to take part in activities you might not take part in any other time!

We just found out yesterday that the organisers are taking a break in 2017 but the camp will be back in 2018 and I for one am looking forward to doing it all again!


It seems I didnt take as many photos as I thought! I must try better next time!

*squirrel – one of the volunteers that help in the running of the event. Making sure the other volunteers know what they are doing and generally making sure the camp is going ok.


Bank Holiday Monday- Butterflies, Tapas & Tiredness

In a bid to save my sanity I created a plan for this holidays

So this Monday with that plan in mind we got up had breakfast and headed out the door for a trip to the zoo.20160530_113957.jpg

We set off to The Tropical Butterfly House and when we arrived the car park was already nearly full!

We thought it might be busy thus creating stress but when we got in I was surprised although it was busy its well spread out and there was plenty of room for everyone.

They have also introduced a new catering facility. which minimises “Hangery Stress”

There is so much more than butterflies here and in fact the park belongs to The British & Irish Association of Zoo’s and Aquariums (BIAZA)

The children really enjoyed the animals and asked about them!SAMSUNG CSC

They also enjoyed the Play area 😉 Well it cant just be about the animals can it!SAMSUNG CSC

The staff are friendly and the facilities are clean I would recommend it as a day out if you live near – We travelled around half an hour and will definitely come again!

Throughout the day there are different animal experience , From Meerkat feeding to a parrot displaySAMSUNG CSC
You can even pay extra for a VIP experience where you can get exclusive access to some of the animal enclosures.

Afterwards we decided to go to Meadowhall for dinner (It is a 20 min drive away)

We enjoyed a Spanish vibe at Tapas Revolution  Its great here most of the staff are Spanish its great for people like me who want to practice Spanish or learn a little.

We had a great Bank Holiday Monday What did you get up to?

I have not been rewarded for this post and all of the opinions are my own!

This week is BIAZA Love your zoo week What zoos have you been to in the holidays?



Thanks for joining today


LYZ logo as jpeglogo






Surviving the Spring Holidays – Staycation

So today is the first day of our Half Term Holidays and while friends of mine are holidaying with Mickey 😦 and fellow bloggers are talking about holidays to my paradise Isle, I am at home.



A staycation of sorts.

I have a few plans but they are not set in stone!

So here is what I need to do for less stress

  • Get lots of healthy snacks ready  – When the ‘mummmmmmyyyy im hunnnngery” whines start I will be ready!
  • Craft packs – When it inevitably starts raining I need to make sure I have activities on hand for the “I’m bored” moments
  • Meal Plan – If I create a meal plan it will take the stress out of thinking up dinner ideas.
  • Grab & Go Basket – In here will be suncream, hats, Sunglasses and bottles of water.
  • Book a Sitter  (Nanny) – So that I can have a little break of my own. Probably for  a swim.
  • Outfits laid out – to take the stress out of mornings Im going to lay out each days outfit the night before.
  • Brief Plan of each day – So I said i have lots of ideas for the week and if i write down a plan for the week it means I’m going to actually do things and not think oh well not today.

Monday – Butterfly Zoo

Tuesday – Local Peppa Pig Event with picnic

Wednesday – Trip to the seaside

Thursday – Camp Out In the Garden (Wether Permitting)

Friday – Mummy’s swim day – SoftPlay / Park day

I will report back next week as to how my week went!



Good luck all the mums out there heading towards half term stress.