Two kids with suitcases We love exploring new places both in the UK and overseas. Follow our travel adventures as a family of 6.


Obviously we had to take a trip to Disney with the kids but also a trip into Paris its self was not to be missed.


One of our favourite places is Lanzarote but there is so much more of the world we would like to visit.


We had a little road trip to the lovely Isle of Wight. It was such a great family Holiday . On our Motorhome adventure of Devon & Cornwall we made so many amazing memories

Days Out

Weekends are often spent exploring places closer to home for brilliant family days out.   While travel with kids may have its challenges Not one of our adventures could I sit here now and say we regret. At the time we might think it was a disaster – Im talking Mallorca, But even that had some lovely memories!

Summer Road Trip – Diary – Day Two – Wookey Hole

We woke this morning quite early considering the lack of sleep due to excited kids and rain pounding on the roof of the Motorhome.

But even so waking up “On Camp” Is a great place to wake up early.

If we could just get the kids to communicate at an acceptable volume for pre 8am camp life.

Wookey Hole

Today’s adventure was a trip to the famous Wookey Hole Caves.

The 50,000 year old caves were once home to animals, humans and thought to be home to a witch too.

I was a little apprehensive that the kids wouldnt enjoy the tour but even Jake commented that he was having fun.

The cave tour is quite an adventure with low rocks that you have to bend under and wet footways to navigate.

Our guide was very knowledgeable and entertaining telling the story about how the caves came about and how they were used as well as guiding us through the walkways safely. The cathedral like views inside are well worth the trip.

Once you have wandered through the cave it’s time to navigate through the other activities like the old fashioned seaside pier style arcade. There is also a mammoth soft play area. I think had we got to the soft play before lunch it may have been a little less hectic. By the time our little two had climbed around in the caves though they were a little tired overwhelmed by how busy soft play was. To be honest they weren’t on their own.

Camp Site Number 2

On to our second camp of the trip and this time we are staying at Warcombe Farm. We arrived and checked in and the lady told me she actually was originally from the town near us! It’s a small world.

This site is lovely and I wish we were stay a bit longer to be honest. We have a huge pitch with BBQ stand and picnic table. and there is views of the sea too.

We had thought about heading to Woolacombe beach which is nearby but Jessica is really not well and has been asleep on and off since we set off from Wookey hole.

While Jessica slept this evening I did some photo editing the rest of the gang watched a movie.

Fingers crossed for a good night’s sleep.

Nina, Chris & The Kids x