Pointless Travel Edition – A Review

Last week we went away to the Norfolk countryside for a family holiday on the Saturday evening we had an impromptu BBQ. While we were eating we had a game of Pointless the travel edition that I took with us.

Since the new set of twins have been born I love sitting down before dinner in the week with a cuppa and feeding the babies with my mum and joining in with the pointless game on tv.


The game is simple really you have to guess from a multiple choice the answer with the least amount of points.

This travel game is great for holidays like ours as it can just be chucked into your handbag.

So often now people are on their phone even at meal times.

This game made us actually talk to one another, laughing and joking about how little we all knew.

Grandad even said this was a great game for great family fun even though he had never heard of the game before and we ha to explain a couple of times before he got the gist of it (the questions are not really suitable for young children but older ones with a good general knowledge would be ok.)

This game has loads of questions contained in it so I think will last us a good amount of family dinners.

The game also comes in a full sized board game edition that has a free to download app that you can instal on your phone to give you the electronic score board just like the one on the tv program.


I think this is a great game for evening entertainment.

If you love a quiz then this is for you!

Nina xx

*I was gifted this product however all my views are my own

Saturday Night Dinner – Rustlers Burger Hack 5 Ways

As a busy mum of 4.5 and wife to a busy geek I’m always looking for ways to make delicious quick & easy meals for the family.

In the Spencer’s house it’s always time to feed someone.

I was asked by Britmums to see what meals we could come up with using the Rustlers Southern Fried Chicken Burger Twin Pack.

I headed to Tesco and piled my trolley with the Rustlers Southern Fried Chicken Burgers and lots of things to go with them in order to feed all of us.

I have gone one better. Well actually 4 better as I’ve managed to create a meal fit for everyone in our family (well those with teeth)

  1. For Spencer’s ARC daddy. We have the Quarter Pounder Big One. I teamed the Rustlers Southern Fried Chicken Burger with the Rustlers Flamed Grilled Quarter Pounder. Adding crispy iceberg lettuce, and sliced plum tomatoes. I used the cheese sauce that comes with the quarter pounder burger Served with curly fries. This really is the daddy of burgers.
  2. For me who is still trying to eat healthy and low-fat I made Chicken Strip Salad. I heated the chicken burger without the bun in the microwave and cut it into stripes. Which I placed on a bed of spinach with plum tomatoes and cucumber. Served with sweet potato fries and low-fat sour cream dip and low-fat coleslaw.
  3. Now for the kids. First Jake who loves a CBO from one of the fast food restaurants. So I made Spencer’s CBO. I fried some red onion and bacon and added this to the chicken burger along with a slice of pre sliced cheese. To serve I added the mustard mayo that comes with the Chicken Burger. Serving with a stack of steak chips and onion rings.
  4. For Melody I made Hunters Chicken. Using Chicken burger, grilled bacon topped with BBQ sauce and sliced melted cheese. Serving with corn on the cob, curly fries and the mustard mayo on the side to dip.
  5. Now for the Teen. Cam who loves his breakfasts, often isn’t awake before lunch time. So for him I made Breakfast Chicken Burger. Adding bacon, fried egg and mushrooms and topping with Brown sauce. Serving with grilled tomatoes and spring onions. (Not that he will eat any veg. You can but try, and if it looks good they are more likely to eat it) I also served this with Orange Juice for even more of a breakfast style dinner.

5 meals all gone for at least 3 fussy eaters.

These burgers are so easy to make they just take 90 seconds in the microwave. And at £2.50 in Tescos at the moment they are a totally affordable way to make meals times that bit easier in a busy household.

Why not head out now and try the Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge

Nina x

This post is an entry for BritMums ‘Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge’, sponsored by Rustlers


Bath Time With Twins, Twice!

When I was pregnant with my first set of twins, I worried about everything.

How would I feed two at once?  How would I cope when one ran one way and one ran the other?  What would I do at bath time?

Well I have to say I was lucky that most of the time I had help from either my mum or  Hubby

Now I have two sets and bath time can be a bit of a chore.

Again most of the time I have help but I thought I would share with you how I get through Bath night when I’m running solo.

In our house bath time starts around 6pm,

I start by making sure the room temperature is good – Somewhere around 21o

Take the babies upstairs one at a time and put them in their cot in their own room

Run the main bath.

While the main bath is running I fill the babies bath and get things ready for afterwards


  • Bottles
  • Towels
  • Vest
  • Nappies
  • SleepSuits
  • Bedtime Book
  • Wash Mitt
  • Nail scissors
  • Baby Massage oil

Both baths are filled. Little Miss M gets into the bath first and while she is playing and having a wash I bath Little Miss J.

At the moment I’m using Good Bubble, super bubbly bubble bath the smell is amazing and it so kind on delicate skin.

The bath mitt is from a gift set containing the bubble bath and bath mitt.

Little miss J loves it, as I use it like a puppet before I wash her with it.

Once Little Miss J is done I dry her, put her a clean nappy on and dress her in her vest. Then wrap her in a blanket and put her back down in the cot while I bath Little Mr M,

Little Mr M is not a fan of bath time, however using the mitt as a puppet has made him smile a little more.

Once both babies are bathed and in vests I put them in their cot in my room while I wash Little Miss Ms hair. Once this is done I shout little Mr J, who is in his room playing to come and have his bath. I don’t know what it is about boys in this house but Mr J is not thrilled its bath time either.

Miss M then gets dry with a little help from me and goes off to read in her room.

While Mr J is having his bath I go into my room and give the babies a quick massage using the Good Buble organic coconut oil, Its smells delicious (good enough to eat) I do this one at a time in laying in my bed. Then I dress them into their sleepsuits.

Once I’ve done this I go and get Mr J’s hair washed.

For the big kid’s hair, I’m using Good Bubble Shampoo and conditioner again the smell is amazing. It leaves their hair really soft too!

When everyone is bathed We read the big kids’ school books in my bed while I feed the babies, either one at a time or I prop Little Miss J on a pillow and feed together.

When feeding is over The big kids go to bed and I put the babies in their sleeping bags and into the cot while I go off and tidy up after the bath time carnage.

The products featured were gifted to me to feature in this post.

I have enjoyed using them over the past week or so the fragrance of the products smells so fresh and natural.

I’ve particularly liked using the coconut oil not just for baby massage but also I heard it was good for cradle cap and dry skin.

Little Miss J has cradle cap in her hair and also above her eyebrows although I think its too early to tell whether its working or not in her hair the bits around her eyebrows have definitely calmed down.

Its also helped clear up Little Mr M’s dry feet.

I will definitely be looking out for this brand again

Nina x

Good Bubble featured on dragons den can be purchased from Sainsbury’s stores nationwide.

Baby Secrets – New Collectable. (Review)

Hidden under the tree on Christmas Day was a little silver box. Once opened it revealed three brand new collectables.

Baby Secrets are a new series of collectables in the series are 50 babies all with unique characters. There is a party baby with a sash, swimming baby with a rubber ring and flippers and more.

What’s more, each comes in a cute little bath that when you fill with cold water and dip your baby in it reveals if the baby is a girl or a boy.

We opened our three babies and filled the tubs. Little Miss M decided to let them all have a soak.

Once we found out if they were a boy or girl it was time to name them and fill out their birth certificates.

Little Miss M then decided to introduce them to each other and even did a little role play with them.

The babies have now gone for a nap while we clean up the rest of the wrapping paper and devour the mince pies.

They are a great little collectable that comes, as we have in a single pack for £2.99 (rrp)

Or as part of an activity set for £12.99 (rrp)

The activity sets come with 2 babies, a surprise baby, a bath to find out if the babies are boys or girls, three birth certificates, collectors guide and either a high chair, rocking horse, pram or bassinet.

I love getting the kids collectables I really think these are something Little Miss M will enjoy instead of a magazine as a reward for good behaviour.

Nina x

Baby Secrets can be found at The Entertainer, Smyths, Argos and Toymaster.

La La Loopsy Minis

Little Miss M has been recently watching a series on Netflix called La La Loopsy,

She is quite obsessed with it and also watches some of the unboxing videos on YouTube of the associated toys.

So when I was asked to review a La La Loopsy product and with the twins birthday coming up I jumped at the chance.

La La Loopsy are rag dolls that take on the personality of the items of clothing they are sewn from. When the last stitch is sewn the dolls come to life.

There are six characters in total

The characters in our set are

Spot Splatter Splash

She was sewn on October 25th from a painters overalls.


Crumbs Sugar cookie

Sewn December 4th from a bakers apron.

When M opened this gift on her birthday her face was a picture. She was so excited to have received this set.

M is so creative so it really is an ideal gift for her. Not only is she able to play with the set but she can also redesign the outfits again & again

In the zipped carry case there is 4 dresses for each doll one pair of shoes, two hair pieces and an accessory.

There is also a pen to use on the dolls and accessories to change the style. The pen is easily washed off with a damp cloth

The idea of this set is that you can change the clothes of each character.

I have to say Melody found it a little tricky at first to get the dresses on while being careful not to damage the dolls little legs and arms.

Once I had shown her though she played with the dolls for ages. Swapping outfits and creating a play where the dolls interacted with each other.

I am quite impressed by the set myself and am currently looking for more in the Minis collection to see how we can add to this.

Follow more La La Loopsy adventures by searching the #magicofcreativity

Nina x

We were sent this set in exchange for a review.

The opinions expressed are my own.

Stocking filler ideas with The Sports direct £5 challenge. With BritMums.

The Countdown to Christmas is well and truly on the way with only 1 more paydays left beforehand I really do need to crack on with my shopping!

So when BritMums asked me to take on the £5 Christmas  Gift Challenge I Jumped at the chance.

Armed with a list of people who I need to buy for I set to and headed to the online Christmas gift guide!

There is much more than I thought Sports direct sold.

I loaded my basket with stocking fillers for my kids, along with a gift for a friend of mine who is often found taking selfies.

I hit checkout and was given 3 delivery options, the impatient part of me nearly hit next day delivery, however, I chose the cheaper option of standard it means my Items would still be delivered by the end of the week (3 – 5 working days) Sure enough, it arrived only 4 days later!

My Haul

First up I spotted this Selfie Booth kit for £5 reduced from £15


I had just the friend in mind she is always taking selfies this will be fab for one of her stocking fillers! At £5 it such great value with a selfie stick included in the box which alone retail around the £5 mark. With it is a Bluetooth shutter and a range of props idea for a party photo booth.

With Christmas and two birthdays, fast approaching I’m on the lookout for inexpensive gifts for the kids When I saw these rolling art desks at £5.99 each (so a little over my budget) I had to get them.


My big girl twin is a huge fan of frozen so this will be great for her and the Marvel one I’m sure my Big boy twin will love just as much. When they arrived they were much bigger than I expected and a lot more sturdy. I’m sure they will love these for their birthday! Well worth more than the £5.99 I paid for them.

This will be our new Twins 1st Christmas and they will only be 4 months old so they won’t really realise anything but I think they will need a few gifts from The big Man So these Fisher-Price Teething Rings at just £1 each are amazing value!


Unfortunately, these are no longer on the Sports Direct website however they do have other amazing value gifts on there.

Finally, I bought this Raging Bull Rodeo game reduced from £10 to £5 


At first glance, I thought it was great value for £5 however once I opened the box and tried to play with it, the bull didn’t seem to click into place properly so just spun around before any of the items were placed onto the saddle.

All in all, I think I did well on my challenge and there are loads other amazing gift ideas on the website!


#sdfiverchallenge Christmas Challenge, sponsored by Sportsdirect.com

All opinions are my own!

Nina x

Pumpkin Picking – Maxeys Farm Shop

Earlier in the week, we took a trip to Maxeys Farm Shop in Kirklington Nottinghamshire to pick a couple of pumpkins to carve.

We arrived around lunchtime and the car park was already nearly full. The car park attendants showed us to an empty space luckily not too far from the entrance.


We changed into our wellies and headed into the field. once in there seemed to be loads of pumpkins left to pick even though it had been open since the beginning of October.


Before we set off to pick our pumpkins we spied the Bouncy Castle Pumpkin and joined the short queue to go on!

After the bouncy castle, the kids saw the tractor ride so we headed to the top of the field to go on.


The tractor took us around a top field where there were more pumpkins growing and a party tent.

After the two rides, we went back out to the car park to pick up a wheelbarrow to collect our pumpkins.

We all needed the toilet before we went back in, We could only find portaloos and only single ones. no disabled ones so we all had to squeeze into the single ones (I wasn’t going to leave 5-year-olds on their own outside)

Back to the field for pumpkin picking but first the kids wanted an ice cream. I tried a pumpkin one, the kids had a mint one and a clotted cream one. The ice-cream van had come from Thaymar.


I have to say the pumpkin ice cream was really nice. something I would definitely try again!

Right now for what we came for. The kids spent ages scrutinising each pumpkin picking one up saying this is the one mummy, no wait let me look over there, then they would put one back and pick another until they were happy with the one they had!

We then pushed the barrow down the field to pay (Cash Only) There was a bit of a queue to pay for our pumpkins!


After we had put our pumpkins in the car we went back in to check out the spooky woodland walk.

I didn’t get time to look in the shop. but next time maybe!

The kids loved their afternoon out

Maxeys Pumpkin Patch is open until 31st October but the farm shop is open year round.

The pumpkin patch is open from 9am – 5pm each day

For more details go and check out their website

Nina x

I have not been compensated for this post all opinions are my own.