Odd Socks Day – Monday 12th November

When I was at school I had my fair share of name calling and bitchy comments directed at me.

I can’t say it was full blown bullying even though the names did make me really really sad.

However Bullying is something we are hearing more and more about.

40% of Children experience bullying each year.

Now I have children at school of my own I want to do as much as I can to keep them safe and happy and most importantly teach them to treat people as they want to be treated.

Bullying can affect mental health and can impact children right through their lives.

On Monday 12th November its Odd Socks Day


Its a chance to raise awareness of individuality, Show that being individual is a good thing!

Wear odd socks and  donate to the anti Bullying alliance.

Of course you dont have to donate simply wearing your odd socks to stamp out the stigma of individuality is enough

Is your child

The Anti Bullying Alliance has some top tips for Parents.

  • If your child is being bullied you should reassure them that you can work though this together and that its not their fault.
  • We should teach our Children that whatever the circumstances Bullying is never acceptable.
  • Being bullied doesn’t mean you should retaliate .
  • Taking part in activities that can build your child’s self esteem could be a great way to build confidence and make friends away from the place they are being bullied.




If you need any more information or advise head on over to The Anti Bulling Alliance 

Nina x

Surviving the half term.

Ok many of you have already broke for half term but for us. We are not quite there yet.

The last week lurgy seems to have hit the house including me. If it doesn’t go soon a fear that I may be poorly for half term.

Four children in a house for a week will get a little stressy I feel.

I’m creating a plan using the tips below to try and remain calm during half term.

So here are my tips to surviving the autumn half term.

  1. Get outside. Even if you feel full of cold. Do your best, wrap everyone up warm if you have to. If it’s wet get those wellies out. But get outside. Fresh air really tire people out and it is so good for everyone’s wellbeing. Even if you just head to the local farm for eggs, or walk round the block looking for the last of the conkers or to splash in puddles. Anything to get out.

  2. Soft play. – I know I know. It can be hellish in the holidays. But it saves them climbing on your sofas. You could take a book or your laptop and get a bit of work done. If you find a soft play with good coffee you on to a proper winner.

  3. Craft Box. – ok wait. Hear me out. Get out some paper on the kitchen table or floor. Let them create some autumn pictures or Halloween crafts. Use their own imagination. Maybe put some ideas on your iPad and show them a couple of they are older ones. They could be left alone while you wash pots or put a load of washing in. At the end you can just scoop up the newspaper and create minimal mess.

  4. Snack & Meal Plans. – if you already have plans in place and snacks at the ready you won’t have to deal with hangry kids. I think that’s enough said!

  5. Quiet time. – catch some quite time. I have 14 month old twins as well as my 6 year old twins. We try and get quiet time nap times. Put a movie on or let them have their iPads for an hour or so in an afternoon. Movie afternoons could be complimented by hot chocolate and popcorn.

  6. Online shop. I don’t know about you be my four are a bit of a nightmare to take shopping all at once. If i need to do a grocery shop. I try and book an online shop. It’s so much easier than trying to think what I need with children want want wanting all around the store.

  7. Local events. Search through Facebook or the local paper and see what events are happening nearby.

  8. Tea party. – I’ve spoken about food and hangry kids. But why not supersede your kids with a little tea party. Maybe a Halloween themed one. With spooky snacks and spider balloons.

  9. Breakfast in bed. Before the little twins came along there was nothing my big twins liked more than when I made tea and a plate full of toast and brought a tray up to my bed for a lazy breakfast.

  10. Go with the flow. Life is always an adventure in our house I always try to make a plan but sometimes as I’ve said people fall ill or have a bad night. So I try and go with the flow. See how everyone is feeling. Throw out the meal plans, get in the car and head to McDonalds instead.


Leave in the comments what you le top tips Are for surviving the holidays.

Nina. X

Missing the Newborn Days

When I counted your age in weeks I understood you a little better,

I could distinguish what cry was for what,

I could put you down and know you would still be in the same spot when I returned from the toilet.

Yes the sleepless nights were long but they were my chance to breath you in. To get to know you.

When I counted your age in weeks I was still in that bubble, still in that euphoric place where you could do no wrong.

The new born days are beautiful.

It’s true what people say, make the most of them. Time goes so fast. They will have grown before you know it.

At 13 months. I’m struggling.

I’ve lost any ability to decipher your noises.

The sleepless nights now are because you are poorly and it breaks my heart I can’t make you feel better.

Sleepless nights now seem hard work. I can’t just feed you back to sleep.

When I put you down now your off in a flash.

You are toddling around more than you crawl.

There is no chance I can leave you to nip to the toilet.

Nothing 2ft high is safe from your grasp.

The toddler years feel so much harder for me.

But we will get there. I know we will I’ve done it before even if you haven’t.

For now just trust me when I say your safe, when I say im coming back, when you think I’m trying to poison you with foods you don’t like.

Oh littlest twins. Toddler years are such a bumpy ride. But We can do this.

We can do this because you have both developed your own little personalities.

You are learning everyday. Developing and learning.

You are amazing little humans just like your big brother & sister.

That’s why I wanted to write this little post. To remind myself now matter how tough it is you are amazing!

Mummy. X

School day adventures #ACEforSchool

Ever Wondered how your children’s uniform comes home looking like its been worn for 6 months without a wash?  Sick of unexplained stains every day? and I dont know about you but I can never seem to get to the bottom of our washing pile,


What chance do I have really with two sets of twins!

Anyway I did a little bit of digging at parents evening this week trying to find out what my kids get up to in a day to create so much washing!

I’ve devised a little mock timeline of what happens to my kids uniform in a day.

  • 9am – All children are sat in their seats and Register is taken.
  • 9.15am – Melody heads to Read write ink where all the children are doing some learning from the workbooks. –

Jake has maths this morning learning about fractions.

No stains up to now! Well you know other than the toothpaste that was dribbled down their tops before the school run!

  • 10.15am its break time – This Morning Melody opts for Toast, Jake is having a pizza slice.

Melody has used her dress as a napkin to wipe her hands. Jake wipes his mouth on his sleeve.

  • 10.30am – They all do some topic learning this term its all about fossils so today digging is involved in the learning.

Soil is splattered all over after they fight over who is using the tools. they wipe themselves down!

  • 12pm Lunch Time – Bolognese – What could possibly be better!

Both end up with sauce on their uniform. I’m not sure how they manage it.

Jake finishes lunch in record time and heads off to play football on the field with his friends.

Trying to score a goal Jake ends up on the floor getting grass and mud all over him.

Melody has other plans and heads off to an art club. But not before she has chocolate custard for pudding

Oh no Melody not chocolate – She drops it down her t-shirt

Then she forgets to roll up her sleeves so ends up with paint on the cuffs of her cardigan.

  • 1.15 Registration then Afternoon lessons – Today its PE for both

Yet another set of clothes to add to the never ending laundry mountain!

Both are running round the hall playing dodge ball – by the time they are done they both are ready for a shower with sweat dripping from them.

  • 3.30 Its finally home time – I arrive in the playground I spot my two among a sea of other suitably grubby school kids. I ask “my goodness what have you been doing all day to end up in that state?”



Time to put the washer on again.

How am I ever going to get these clean?

Well currently I’m trying out ACE Stain remover spray along with ACE for colours.

Click on the video to see my laundry routine using ACE stain remover and ACE for colours.

Leave your laundry tips below!

Right off to tackle another load!

Until next time.

Nina x

 “This post is an entry for the BritMums #ACEforSchool Challenge, sponsored by ACE. Get help for all kinds of stains with the ACE Stain Helper. http://www.acecleanuk.co.uk/ or to buy head to your local Tesco’s, Morrison’s, Waitrose or Sainsbury’s.” 

Chores & responsibilities for children 1- 6 years?

Having made a tiny army of messy monsters I feel it only right that they help me tidy the mess that 6 people make around the house.

But I have a few queries regarding chore for the kids.

  • Should we pay kids for doing little jobs around the house?
  • Should they be called chores?
  • What age can they start “chores”
  • What is appropriate for their age.

Having researched around the Internet there are many different ways in which families work out chores.

What works for one family may not work for another.

There are families that use lolly sticks to put chores on. Some write the jobs out on a tick sheet.

Some pay their kids with like a wage packet for each chore.

As I said before. Not everything will suit everyone.

So what’s best for me right now?

I have two sets of twins as you may know.

One set now one year old and one set coming up for 7 years old.

Obviously the little twins are going to be limited in understanding chores.

Here’s my plan.

The little twins can learn about keeping our home tidy and clean. Their jobs (with help) will be…

  • Tidy away toys.
  • Put socks and vests away into baskets.
  • Practice dusting and wiping.

Obviously they are too young for rewards so we will just make these jobs a game. Singing songs as we go along.

The big twins however already have a list of things they should be responsible for.

Morning list

  • Open curtains
  • Make bed
  • Personal hygiene (teeth, face etc)
  • Eat all breakfast
  • Put pots in dishwasher
  • Quick bedroom tidy
  • Take down water bottles etc

Evening list

  • Put away toys
  • Get out clothes for the next day
  • Get books, water bottles etc for bed
  • Personal Hygiene routine

Weekly list

  • Strip bed.
  • Put away clothes.
  • Hoover own bedroom

Other Jobs to share!

  • Empty Dishwasher
  • Dust
  • Hoover downstairs
  • Load Washing machine

Now routines are back in place and school is back in full swing the bigger two have a tick chart of their responsibilities. When they have completed the full week they are allowed their pocket money. which is £5per week – This may seem a lot but say they ask for a magazine they will have to spend their own money. We are still learning the value of money and the things that we buy so I thought this system would help them with this!

Im sure there are other jobs that we can share responsibility for but these are the main ones I can think of


What are your little ones responsible for?

Have I missed anything off the list?


Nina x

Fathers Day but Daddy is Away!

This morning we should be making you breakfast in bed ok well at least a cup of coffee.

But instead you are on day 7 of working away!

I know I moan and am not the best house wife in the world!

Truth is when we first met and I became aware of you, I was a child. I crushed on you so much. Cried over the fact you didn’t even know I was alive!

Years later when you sent the letter to my childhood home I was sure you had sent it to the wrong person!

Then we got together and soon became a family you me and your son (his mum, her other  son and all the rest of the blended family)

I was always adamant as a teen that I didn’t want children!

Then I became a step-mum! I gave up who I was and had to think about another human being and he wasn’t even mine!

Then my cousin had her son – I was there outside the delivery room and one of the first people to see him! I couldn’t believe how amazing this little human was! Then when you came later in the year and met him I saw you holding him and knew I wanted to become a proper family!

I wanted a tiny human!

Fast forward 13 years and what a family we have! 4 children together (two at a time) and one teen who is now as much mine as he is yours and his mums!

I have watched you with our children! Watched you feed, change, snuggle with, play with, talk to and cuddle our children!

Now I know that the children need to work on some things like picking up their toys and stopping screaming at each other and I know that these things can stress you out.

I know that you have struggled over the past year as have I with everything that has happened but I also know how much you love our children. our family, our adventures.

We are so proud of you and how much you have achieved we just all wish you didn’t have to be away as much especially on fathers day!

I think what I’m trying to say in this rambling post is We love you, and miss you and think you are the best daddy in the world!

Thank you! xx

Nina & The Kids x

Feeling unwelcome at the library.

Last Monday Started badly, so to save ourselves from ourselves I headed to the library for somewhere safe and peaceful to go.

I started by getting a coffee cos you know coffee can help foul moods.

The kids picked books and I started feeding the babies one at a time while the kids took it in turns to read to me!

Not an easy task for Jake. He’s less confident a reader and gets tired quickly.

As I was listening to reading and feeding, a lady kept walking past where we were sitting. She kept giving us quite unwelcoming looks.

She came into the area at one point to rearrange some books.

Jake then said he needed a wee I confirmed with the lady that the toilets were down the corridor.

Yes she replied and quite snottily she snapped but he can’t go on his own.

I was feeding one baby with one other on the floor.

Melody had a pile of books out and we had a few toys scattered about.

So while Jake is jumping up and down due to needing a wee I packed us all back into the pushchair and headed down the corridor. When I arrived I couldn’t get in with the pushchair anyway and the door was locked. She failed to tell me this.

I may be being a little petty but I felt like she did not want us there from the start.

The disabled toilet and baby change was out of order.

Instead I decided to head out to the disabled public toilet across the road.

No. I’m not disabled. But sometimes it’s my only option.

I cried and cried that afternoon.

I felt like I was being judged for the kids not being at school.

Judged for having 4 children.

I really felt most unwelcome last Monday at the library.

*I went back to complain and the lovely ladies on the desk apologised for their coworker. They told me that they want families like ours using the facility and how sorry they were that I had felt that unwelcome that day.

They asked me to please return another day and try out the library again!

I will go back as the library is a great resource especially for home schooling.

Nina xx