What happens when mums poorly? 10 tips to survive the bugs.

I for one am pleased that February is now here. It seems most of January there has been some kind of bug going around our house. At some point or another everyone has been poorly.


When Sickness hits and no one sleeps my anxiety soars and depression darkens.

I’m hoping we are almost through the sickness days now. But if your not and you still have mum duties you maybe wondering just how your going to survive.

Here’s a few tips that’s got me through the past month.

  1. Box sets. – I’ve took to Netflix and during nap times I’ve allowed myself to snuggle to bed with a cuppa and watch a cheesy Netflix box set. Some of my faves are the good place, Chesapeake shores, unbreakable kimmy Schmidt.
  2. Cuppa. I’ve changed up my cuppa and opted for a vitamin infused one. You can get some really delicious teas now that claim to help boost your vitamin intake. I’m not sure how true they are but it makes me feel a little better.
  3. Make sure you break cabin fever. Wrap everyone up warm and just have a walk around the block. There’s nothing big like more than being all warm and toasty indoors. So going out into the fresh air really can help you feel a little better.
  4. Online shop. Load your trolly with fresh fruit and veg and some easy meals for the week.
  5. Make sure you eat healthy but simple. When your tired and low don’t over complicate meals. How about just meat and a couple of different frozen veg. Frozen veg doesn’t need preparation and is just as healthy as fresh.
  6. Give in to tech. A few days of using their tablet isn’t going to scar them. Just let them play or watch kids tube. It will give you a break for a while.
  7. Get snuggling on the sofa. Put on a movie. Give them some snacks. Just relax.
  8. Sleep when everyone else does. Simple. Go to bed early with the kids. Take a nap if they do.
  9. Don’t stress about the house work. It will still be there when you feel a little better. Just do what you need to get by.
  10. Enlist some help. I’m so lucky to have my mum visit most days and help us around the house. I have to say over the past week she has done loads including cooking meals and helping bath the kids.

Bonus tip – Remember it will pass you will all be better soon.

You got this!

I hope this helps you get through those endless days of sickness.

Nina x

Word Of The Month – February

I told you last month that instead of giving myself new year goal or resolutions each month I would set a word Of the moth to live by. I’m taking each month at a time.

At the end of January I had my gallstone op, it’s going to take some time to get back to normal again.

It’s like almost getting to the end of the snakes and ladders board and then coming across a snake.

My word for this month is Recover

I didn’t really expect my op to come along so soon however I’m glad its now over and done with.

Nanny sue is still trying to recover from the flu.

Also the babies have now got the big twins chicken pox. So we all just need to take a rest and recover.

Throughout February We will be concentration on getting better. Recovering from my op. Recovering from chicken pox.

  • Little and Often – I need to get moving but I also need to rest so I will concentrate on trying to hit my 10,000 steps a day.
  • I need to rest when I can. This past month has really took it out of me.
  • I can’t swim until next month so I’ll need to find another way to relax.
  • I can’t lift for at least 2 weeks so I need to accept help from family & friends. I can’t even lift my babies.

By the end of the month I’ll be 4 weeks post op and well on the way to feeling like a new woman (according to others that have had their gallbladder removed)

Then we can put the last year well and truly behind us.

Nina x

Relieving Anxiety – Routine Operation

As I’m sure most of you are aware In September 2017 I was diagnosed with gallstones. After 3 debilitating attack’s ending up with 3 visits to A&E my op to have my gallbladder removed is finally here.


Well it’s today in fact. (Monday 29th January)

Up until last week it was at the back of my mind that I needed this operation however now I’ve had all my bloods checked and some bank blood taken I’m petrified.

My anxiety is on fire and I needed to calm down.

So I’ve been trying a few things to help bring my anxiety down.

  • Swimming. I have been swimming again after my pregnancy & complications since Early January.
  • Meditation. A few nights I have listened to a pre op meditation on YouTube. Here are a couple of them.
  • Focusing on future plans, planning treats for when I’m healed. Like a hair appointment & a holiday.
  • Spending time with the people I love.
  • Restricting my diet as much as possible so that my gallbladder isn’t inflamed when they go in. Less possibility of it being hard to get out.
  • Remembering what my cesarían hysterectomy anaesthetist said which was to breath. Take deep breaths.

Just breath.

Wish me luck.

Nina x

How to survive the dreaded Chicken Pox. 10 tips updated

Last week while Nanny Sue was struck with the flu

The Christmas Twins came down with chickenpox.

They really did have a good dose of it too.

While Miss M had a milder dose than Mr J.

We have had the pox here before when they were 4. Miss M getting it slightly worse than Mr J. However this time the spots were so much more angry looking. Full blown blisters.

Mr J bless him had it in he is mouth around his privates even on the sole of his foot.

As parents we often feel helpless when our kids are suffering. Here is a few things we did to help ease the suffering.

  1. Oat Bath – I had a vague recollection that oats were soothing in a bath. Someone on Instagram confirmed this to me. Put a few table spoons of oats in a sock or we used a Muslim cloth secured with a hair bobble. And run it under the hot tap while you are filling the bath. (Don’t have the bath too hot. The cooler te better actually)
  2. Calamine lotion. – although this can sometimes itch more than the spots once it’s dried.
  3. Dedicated chickenpox foam. The foam doesn’t itch like calamine lotion as it seems to soak in rather than dry on the skin. It’s supposed to form a barrier too and stop the Bactria from spreading any further.
  4. Antihistamine can help with itchy spots too.
  5. Ice pops. As I say Mr J had spots in his mouth. The ice pop helped get some fluids into him and cool his mouth.
  6. Plenty of fluids. As with any illness especially if they have gone off their food.
  7. If they are not “poorly” with it keep them busy. We did some school work in a morning while they were off so they didn’t have much to catch up on once the spots had cleared.
  8. Duvet day. In an afternoon We had plenty of snuggles and naps on the sofa while watching a film.
  9. Get some fresh air. We were cooped up a couple of days. In the end we went for a walk just around the block to get some air and sunlight.
  10. Easier said than done but try not to let them scratch or pick. The spots will get sore and may spread more around the body.

I hope this helps your little ones and you.

If all else fails get them in bed hide in the bathroom with a big glass of vino. 😉

“Since the big two have gone back to school and are healing quite nicely from their spots. The babies have now got it. Quite bad. 😦


I’m updating this to add a few more tips for babies.

  1. Give paracetamol & ibuprofen at staggered intervals throughout the day. Our Dr said Ibuprofen is fine for chicken pox

  2. Nappy free time. Where possible lay them on a puppy training pad and a blanket and let the aire get around their bottom. Spot normally develop in the warmest part of the body.

  3. Hydration. Give them a little filled boiled water in between feeds to keep them hydrated.

  4. If you are worried ask the dr. Our little boy started with conjunctivitis a bit like our big girl. He still has quite red eyes so we thought it best just to nip him to the Drs. We now have a Perscription for eye gel, and some antihistamine to try and relive the soreness of the spots.

  5. Try not to handle them too much. It’s hard to see your babies in pain and discomfort. However where possible try and let them lay in comfort as handling them could rub their spots. “

Nina x

Gallstones Diet Plan

If you’ve read this post you will know that I have been told I have gallstones and I am currently awaiting minor surgery to remove my gallbladder.

I’ve said a million times that I need to be healthier let’s face it most of us have.

When I was faced with the worst scare of my life ( My cesarian hysterectomy with an unknown amount of blood loss) I prayed and told whoever was listening that I promised to be a better person, I’d eat better, exercise more and try to just be an all-round better person If they just could let me get through the op!

Now I’ve survived I have not much choice to but fulfil my promise as I have had to revamp my diet due to the gallstones!

I now have to follow a low-fat diet!

It’s one thing to be told low fat but what does that mean?

Well from talking to several people and using the knowledge I have from doing a healthy eating course years ago I have devised some rules for my new healthy eating lifestyle.

  • Low Fat –  Under 10 Grams of fat in any 100g
  • Low saturated fat – Under 5g in any 100g
  • Low Sugar – Under 10g in any 100g
  • Less Processed Foods – Wherever possible Home cooked foods with fresh ingredients
  • Hydrate – Drink 2 litres of water per day
  • Plenty of fruits & Veggies – A least 5 portions
  • Protein – As I’m still rebuilding muscles from my last op protein is important to aid them rebuilding
  • Carbs – Should be whole grain, Like brown, rice, pasta, bread.

So that is my diet plan

I’m going to print it out and stick it to the fridge!


Feel free to do the same.

Leave in the comments if you have any tips for gallstone diets?


Nina x


I survived….. Just! (Placenta Percreta Cesarean hysterectomy) Part 3

If you have come straight to this page you really should start with part one and part two of my story.

I ended last week by telling you they had found my bowel had twisted.

The anaesthetist that had been with me since we had arrived at Jessops was the one that came to tell me along with another consultant.

This meant I had to go back down to theatre and have it untwisted!

They said as my wound was split so significantly they would go in through that.

Now Hallamshire that’s attached to Jessops (where I had my section) didn’t have a surgeon at that time to do this second op, it looked like I was going to have to be transferred without my hubby or the babies to another hospital elsewhere in the city.

The anaesthetist meanwhile was due to finish her shift but told me she was going to do her upmost to get the surgeon from the other hospital to come over and do it at the Hallamshire. she was on the phone ages just outside my room. I could hear her telling whoever was on the end that she wanted the surgery done at the Hallamshire and that it must be done asap!

She came back to see me after a while and told me not only had she got the surgeon to come to us but she was cancelling her evening plans and was going to take me to theatre!

It was around 10.30 at night when I eventually got taken down and by midnight I was back in recovery but this time no tv Theme tunes! Hubby was there though to make sure I was ok. before I was taken up to the Intensive care ward again.

Here I was told I had to wear a pressurised oxygen mask as my lungs were a little squished. however, its nothing to worry about. they said I could either have a face mask that is quite tight and can cause some people to feel restricted and uncomfy or a helmet type thing made of plastic that you put your head in and the oxygen is pumped in. I chose the helmet Called a C-pap helmet.

Image courtesy of google images

It was actually better than the first night I spent on Intensive care as the helmet was really noisy with the sound of the oxygen coming through it. This meant I couldn’t hear the beeps from the monitors and I actually got a better few hours sleep!

After around 4 hours they said I could take off the helmet!

The next morning I must have felt better as I chatted and chatted to the nurse about my thoughts and feelings from the past few weeks. I think I really needed to process things.

I was still nil by mouth but my mouth was so dry and tasted awful so the health workers brought me a wash kit, toothbrush water and toothpaste. I’m not sure if it was because of my mouth being so dry or what but brushing my teeth felt amazing!

Hubby came to see me after a while, he said I looked so much better.


I now had to get up out of bed again and like after the c section. my muscles having been cut for the second time!

Later on, I was transferred back to the high dependency unit.

I was still nil by mouth and I still had the tube in my nose.

I was told once that had nothing else coming up it I could start on some fluids!

It wasn’t long before I was asking for a cup of tea. Next, I was told I could start eating soft food!

A couple of days later Saturday 9th – I was up and out of bed still very sore and tired and full of trapped wind! – Still no bowel movements. But I felt well enough for my big twins to come and visit! They had not yet met their baby brother and sister nor had they seen me for 2 weeks.

It was amazing to see them and see them meet their new siblings. They spent time cuddling them and staring at them!

Sunday came I was transferred back up to the postnatal ward! I spent the night on the ward but the next morning was told that as I had a long way to go before I could be discharged I had to be moved again to the ward opposite as the one I was on was for quick turnaround patients.

I was told that they had a room for me – so I got up out of bed had a wash got dressed and walked the length of two wards the furthest id probably walked since I got to Jessops in the first place! along the corridor, I was met by my lovely anaesthetist who said she had come to see how I was doing, however, she could see I was a lot better as I was waking!

I arrived at my new room- Hubby was given a camp bed so that he could continue to stay and support me and help with the twins.

I sat on the bed in my new room looking at the squirrels running about the trees outside when a wave of emotion of the past few weeks hit me!

I sobbed like Id not sobbed for ages! The nurse came in to do my observations and said there would be no point doing them right now as they would be bound to be high. she went and got me a cuppa and said she would come back in a while!

Sunday afternoon I had a surprise visit from some friends of ours – It really cheered me up they even stayed with the twins while me and Hubby went and got a cuppa in the patient kitchen. It was the first time we had been just us since before the csection!

We went out on the balcony – Although it was cold it was nice to just get some air and see the sky! Even just be us for a moment!

Later that night I felt the urge to go to the toilet! – I did it! A bowel movement finally!

I told Hubby who went straight out to tell the nurses! If I’ve learnt one thing during my hospital stay its that the nurses are obsessed with bowel & bladder habits!

The Next day, another bowel movement! –  That’s when I decided enough was enough! I wanted to go home. I wanted to see my big twins. I wanted to get in my own bed, watch my own TV, be within my own 4 walls!

My daily visit from my anaesthetist came, I told her I wanted to go home and she went off and the next thing I know I’m getting visited by lots of different people to do any last minute checks that neede to be done before discharge!

First up was the mental health team, then a physio, then a lady who did the twins hearing tests – She had to do a complex test on them as they had spent some time in SCBU.


Later that day around 5pm I was given a large bag containing all the medication I needed to take at home and I was told we could leave!


And we’re home.

IMG_3239 (1).JPG

Find out how we got on with the first few days at home next week!

Nina x

I survived….. Just! (Placenta Percreta Cesarean hysterectomy) Part 2

Please Note images may be upsetting for some readers! 

Part one of my journey can be found here!

  • Saturday 2nd – The day went well – tried again to breastfeed, got out of bed and used the toilet. Then by tea time I started vomiting –  I was transferred to a ward during the night where the vomiting got worse!

I hadn’t yet opened my bowels after the op and the nurses were getting a little concerned – I was given suppositories to try to get things moving. and although some things moved it wasn’t easing things enough!

Sunday 3rd – & Monday 4th – Still vomiting, still no bowel movements, I couldn’t keep anything down. so I ended up with continuous IV fluids and pain relief.

In the end, I got transferred back down to the High Dependency ward where there was a better one to one care!

I was given enema’s to see if that would get my bowels moving and alleviate the sickness.

They didn’t work.

It was late on Monday night and I’d had a sip of water to take some tablets and wanted to hold ‘baby boy M’  when out of nowhere came another bout of sickness. It went everywhere all over me and my bed all over ‘baby boy M’ all over hubby’s trousers and shoes and all over the nurse.

I got out of bed and headed for a shower – It was the first shower id had since before my op! It was heaven, I actually felt like I was a human being again!

  • Tuesday 5th – Felt a little better I even managed to drink a couple of cups of orange juice and keep them down.

Then they decided to take out my staples – all looked well apart from one small gape at the bottom the nurse put some steri strips over it! IMG_3011

I was then transferred back to the ward and given some food I managed a biscuit and some fruit and some more orange juice.

Then more vomiting and later that day my wound opened up! There was a little bleeding and I was told later on it was 3cm deep and 9cm long!

I ended up back down to the High Dependency Unit.

Back in the side room!

Later on, I ended up with a tube down my nose to drain any more fluid that had been making me sick! this was not a pleasant experience every time I swallowed I could feel the tube in my throat however it did take the pressure of my stomach and ease the sickness.


I was told I should be nil by mouth!

Wednesday 6th – Nil By mouth, lots of iv fluids and pain relief during the day then, later on, that day a surgeon and the anaesthetist from my previous op came to see my wound and said I needed to go to surgery to have it closed back up but beforehand I was to have an x-ray – the x-ray wasn’t a good enough result so I was set for a CT Scan. This is similar to an MRI but the tube is smaller so you don’t go as far in and don’t feel as claustrophobic. They put a cannula in my arm before I went down for the CT but due to all the previous cannulas, my arms were so bruised they couldn’t find a vein so had to get an ultrasound machine in to look for a suitable one! The cannula was for them to add some liquid during the CT Scan to dye my veins to check the flow of things. The dye gives you feeling of warmth from your head in a wave to your toes as it goes down you feel like you’ve had a wee – I was assured this was normal and I had not just disgraced myself. IMG_3086

The results came back

My bowel had twisted ……….

To be continued