Dreaming of …….. Owning A Hot Tub.

I love the feeling of being in water. I think its something to do with me being a fire sign. It sort of calms me down.

It could be swimming, paddling in the sea, having a bath, lazing in a hot tub or even just a simple shower.

Although, I’ve never really been one for hot baths – you know the baths that make you look like a lobster when you get out. So hot tubs had never really been my thing until recently.


We went on a mini break to the forest and stayed in a log cabin with a hot tub.

It was amazing to sit in the heat while all around was freezing cold. Listening to the birds. watching the nature in the trees, truly relaxing.

Since then we have been on a longer weekend break to Bainland staying in a safari tent with two hot tubs.

Since then I have been taking advantage of the hot tub at my local spa after Ive done my swim a few times a week.

It is so relaxing to sit with no bubbles and just listen to nature around you.

I’ve been thinking about us getting our own hot tub in the garden.

It wouldn’t be surrounded by trees as much as those in the forest but there is still nature about and I think it could still be quite relaxing even with the kids about!

Our garden is so much better now we’ve put a little more love into it and I think a hot tub is just what it needs to finish it off.

Now I better be of to write it in to our budget!


Nina xxx



Dear Ant & Dec, I nearly died.

Dear Ant & Dec,

I want to say What a huge fan I am of the Ant & Decs and itv’s Saturday Night Takeaway and how we never miss an episode.

However, we are a busy household with 4.5 kids. So when a rare opportunity arises to go out on a Saturday night. We take it.

That said we are huge fans of the show and try to watch on catch up if we miss an episode even if we only have time to watch who the guest announcer is and what antics you are going to get up to on the end of the show, show.

But we also have to watch the happiest minute of the week. Most of the time this has me in tears due to the reasons why people deserve “a place on the plane”

Any I want to tell you why myself and my family deserve

“a place on the plane”

Last year I was pregnant with our second set of twins which in its self was a huge shock. I suffered throughout the pregnancy with sickness & pain.

The pain being so severe I ended up cancelling a trip to Disneyland Paris for my family.

Then I was told I was a walking time bomb and didn’t even know it.

I was diagnosed with a rare life threatening pregnancy complication.

Thankfully I came through and the 30+ strong team at Jessops Sheffield saved my life. And the life of my new twins.

Not knowing about the complication or the months of recovery from not only this op but 2 more after this I had booked a New Years holiday which we also had to cancel as I just wasn’t well enough.

This I why I deserve “a place on the plane”

My husband who often works away dropped in that he has to fly off to Orlando in June to do some work at Disney.

I would love to take my family to see Disney and to stay in Orlando but at the moment we just can’t afford a trip like that with 2 sets of twins, a stepson and myself & hubby.

So this would be the only way we could go at the moment.

Please let us have “a place on the plane”

Nina. Xx

Dreaming of .. Spring Wardrobe with FatFace

Although without a doubt my favourite time of year is Christmas, I can’t wait for spring/ Summer to arrive now. I’m longing to wear my flip flops. Not only does warmer weather mean less in the washing basket but for me this year Since having The summer twins & gallstones I have lost a bit of weight. Which brings an opportunity to update my wardrobe somewhat.

One of my favourite high street stores is FatFace. I love the style of their clothing, & the sizing is very generous.

I have a few things on my FatFace wish list at the moment. Here are a few of them.

I love this outfit its great for those cooler days!

What about these Ideal for getting back into sea swimming maybe even in the UK.

What about this outfit for school day style.

I could spend a months wages at FatFace Clothing but just for now I will be picking just a few things off my list.

Whats on your wish list?

Do you love FatFace as much as me?

Nina x

This post has not been sponsored in anyway I just really love the brand.

Dreaming of …..Converting an old bus

Converting an old bus and travelling around Britain & Europe. 

I’m not sure if it’s my hormones or that I’ve started following people on Instagram & facebook that lives a “simpler life” but I’m constantly dreaming of buying an old bus and converting it for our family to travel & sleep in.

Here is an inspiration board of my ideas.


I love the idea of being able to lay in my bed and see a view like this

With two more children on the way, we would need a lot of sleeping space  I love this idea!

So armed with my Pinterest board of ideas I now need to see if I can find a bus to convert!

I’m thinking we could take a year out to travel Europe!

I love the idea of living simply for a while, Living with less stuff, spending time together!

Visiting places on our bucket list, spending time at the beach, living more outdoors!

I’m not sure of the places we will visit. maybe I’ll need a new Pinterest boards for the actual road trip!

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