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With only two weeks left of school whatever that looks like for you at the moment it’s time to think about our summer school Holiday. Time to dust off the note pad and write out a summer bucket list. It’s time to do some Summer School Holiday Planning!

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Summer School Holiday Planning

I’ve said before I love a bucket list. A little bit of a plan for the holiday period. It’ s the best way to make the most of our holidays and not have to think of things to do or places to go on the spare of the moment.

This year summer may look a little bit different with social distancing in place and the threat of local lockdowns looming. However I’m not going to let that stop us making memories and having a summer of mini adventures.

Summer 2020 Bucket List

So what is on our Bucket list for summer 2020? Or Summer no 9 In our 18 summers countdown!

Summer Bucket List Infographic

BBQing is a given over the summer weeks isn’t it? Those nights spent in the garden while the kids play and the adults chat with a wine or two. I’m hoping that we will be able to have friends over a few times also.

I would love nothing more than to spend the whole summer exploring new places. Taking a road trip in a motorhome like we did last summer. I do have a couple of road trips in mind even if they are only short ones here and there.

Heading to the seaside has to be one of my favourite road trips to take whether thats to stay overnight somewhere or just to head out for a day beach life adventure are some of my best memories from previous summers.

We have for the past few months been spending Saturday nights having movie night. Setting up our big screen and projector in our front room or sometimes even out in the garden. as a family we all look forward to movie nights though I think the kids look forward to the snacks more than the actual film watching.

A global pandemic calls for creating new hobbies. Our new family hobby involved a bit of an impulse buy from amazon (The lockdown place of wonder) Yup we are the family that bought a canoe! Though I have to say ever since myself and SpencersARC Daddy went on a coffee and kayak trip on the broads in 2018 I’ve thought it would be a great hobby I could do. Little did I know that the big kids would love it too. So one thing I’m sure we will be doing over the summer is getting out onto the water and canoeing.

One hobby we have had for some years is Geocaching. We love it and this year especially during those weeks in lockdown where we were allowed out for exercise we have really got back into it. The kids love grabbing a map and searching in trees and bushes for those little pots of treasure.

When I was a teenager one year (for about 2 weeks) I had a job strawberry picking for a local farm. As an adult though I have never been to a pick your own. The kids have requested they want to go strawberry picking even though grandma has a patch that we pick from I think they fancy seeing how many strawberries they can eat when there is a whole field full of them!

There are so many little pleasures in life and seeing the sunrise over the sea has to be one of my favourite things. Living so far away from the seaside and not getting up very early its not really an option right now. Though watching the sunrise and the sunset over a nice landscape and not just from our garden has made it to our summer bucket list. now if someone can just point me somewhere fantastic within the east midlands to do so I would be eternally grateful!

The last thing on our Summer bucket list is toasting marshmallows. We often light a fire on a sunny evening and get out the bag of giant marshmallows to toast. The kids love it and thanks to their love of watching vlogs they have now discovered s’mores too! (Alexa add s’mores kit to the shopping list)

I hope our simple Summer bucket list has filled you with some more inspiration. Hopefully to fill your summer with memories and adventure.

It has been a strange year so far hasn’t it. But better days are coming. Days without fighting with “Home schooling” days where hopefully if we are all careful we can explore what the world has on offer once again.

Here is to happy summer adventures!

Nina x

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