#WickedWednesday – Puddinggate 

Two nights ago I spent an hour fighting with a small boy who wanted pudding.

We sat down for dinner, I’d made some pasta and sauce concoction, and while M and I were happily scoffing our pasta down J spent most of he time playing with his toys
After about 30mins he said he wanted his pudding. He still hadn’t eaten his dinner.
I told him like a role model parent if he eats his dinner then I will go and get pudding. M sat patiently waiting for her brother as it wouldn’t be fair to let one and not the other.
However. While I was talking to M, J did no more but picked up his plate and scraped it in the bin!
He then started to strop so to save agro I took him to his room.
An hour went by before he actually calmed down but this is what I went through……
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​..as well as trying to comfort and distract him with books and stories and what do you think you will do at school tomorrow?

I nearly caved in a few times but I was proud of myself for sticking with it.

Afterwards it was like nothing had happened – I told him I loved him gave him a hug and tucked him in bed.
This boy now knows mummy means business. …..
Until next time!

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