Back to school after 6 months of adventures.

So that day is finally here. That day that I’m so ready for. My kids are so ready for. 

Yet I feel so not ready!  The day we send them back to school 

Back to school after 6 months of adventures 

6 months of family adventures. 5 months of home schooling. 

I want to look back at this time when my grand kids ask about it for their history lesson as a time where we lived our best life yet! That time in our family’s life where we truly realised what life is about. What  matters the most. 

Back to school 

Today I send the big twins back to school for a new school year. But it feels strange. 

We have had so many adventures over since the pandemic hit. (Who would have thought that would be a sentence?) 

Oh the adventures we’ve had!

We’ve kayaked, found a love of river swimming, picnicked, geocached, cut our own hair, painted our own nails, cried, laughed, had at home festivals, traveled Europe from the comfort of our garden, played uno, watched box sets, hugged, finally saw our family, finally played with friends, celebrated birthdays together and from afar, took on an allotment, cooked and ate more than ever before, learnt too appreciate our local area, remembered to be thankful to those who help. 

What is Back to school going to be like? 

We don’t really know what’s going to happen In the next few weeks, months, or really ever? But Today we start our next adventure. Back to school. Back to some kind of normal. 

Keeping hold of that lockdown life

We may be getting back to some kind of normal but that doesn’t mean we have to let go of that life we lived during lockdown so I’ll be Trying to keep hold of those memories, those grateful feelings, 

Keeping hold of some of that life we created during lockdown.  

What do you want to keep hold of from lockdown? What have you learnt, or started doing since the pandemic hit? Are you ready for some normal to return? 

See you soon

Nina x