40 things before I’m 40

Last month I turned 38.


It seemed to just whizz by with the blink of an eye. I’m well and truly the wrong side of my 30’s.  In two years time I’m going to be 40.

How did that even happen? Just yesterday I’m sure I was in my 20s.

I have achieved loads in my run up to now. Including getting married to my childhood crush. 4 children from two pregnancies,  meeting my idol Kirstie Allsop, running a business, working on the entertainment crew at a theme park, working with several stars as a backstage crew at the local theatre, and loads more!

Now there are loads more I would like to achieve especially before I reach 40.

Here is my list.

40 Things to tick off Before I’m 400!


1. Copenhagen
2. New York at Christmas
3. Disney Paris
4. Lisbon
5. Barcelona
6. Cornwall
7. Edinburgh
8. Cardiff
9. Lake Garda


11. Own chickens
12. Update each room
13. Homeschool the kids
14. Declutter
15. Fix up a camper
16. Have my own office
17. Stick to a weekly cleaning schedule
18. Have a more minimal wardrobe


19.Be a size I’m happy with
20. Stick to a fitness schedule
21. Eat healthily
22. Give my self time for self-care each day
23.  Yoga 5 days a week
24. Take part in 10k run
25. take part in a mud/ colour run

Money / Work

26. Become debt free
27. Get the mortgage payment below £1000 per month
28. Hit 5k on insta
29. Earn a living from social media.
30. Get in a position to pay cash for things


31. Have a helicopter flight
32. Do the Lanzarote wine run
33. Raise £5k for Jessops
34. Read 40 books
35. Write a will
36. Get better at Spanish
37. Find ‘my’ craft
38. Meet another Celeb from my list (Ant & Dec, Philip Schofield, Micheal McIntyre, etc)
39. Lean how to properly style my hair
40. Get a skincare routine

So there we are!

I will update this list during the next two years ticking off things a we go adding pictures etc.

Who else is heading to 40?

Are you already there did you make a list of things to achieve?

Nina x



  1. tashas-tales
    5th August 2018 / 22:41

    I’m not hitting 40 just yet but I am hitting 30 next year and this just perfect! I’d love to start thinking of things I want to achieve before hitting 40. Wishing you all the best for you 40 things before you’re 40!

    • 6th August 2018 / 04:38

      Get writing your list. Time runs away with you in your 30s I’m sure. X

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