October recap. Anxiety, Christmas,

Oh October. You’ve had some highs and lows.

With Autumn colds and snuffles hitting us hard in the house the boiler breaking wasn’t welcomed I can tell you.


Then when mason decided to take a bath in some bleach my anxiety hit the roof and we all fell out.


Hopefully we’re getting back together now and lessons have been learned. Thankfully no one was hurt except mummy’s anxiety.

But this month has seen.

Christmas a Christmas fair, Halloween shenanigans, a sciencey trip to London and a footbally trip to Manchester.

It has seen me embracing cleaning rather than dreading it. Using the organised mum method,


I’ve also managed a few early mornings to give me some space to enjoy a cuppa alone.

We ended October with a trip to the theatre and trick or treating.


Wow what a busy month.

I’m excited for the November and December. Christmas is such a busy and magical time for us.

Nina. X

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Surviving the half term.

Ok many of you have already broke for half term but for us. We are not quite there yet.

The last week lurgy seems to have hit the house including me. If it doesn’t go soon a fear that I may be poorly for half term.

Four children in a house for a week will get a little stressy I feel.

I’m creating a plan using the tips below to try and remain calm during half term.

So here are my tips to surviving the autumn half term.

  1. Get outside. Even if you feel full of cold. Do your best, wrap everyone up warm if you have to. If it’s wet get those wellies out. But get outside. Fresh air really tire people out and it is so good for everyone’s wellbeing. Even if you just head to the local farm for eggs, or walk round the block looking for the last of the conkers or to splash in puddles. Anything to get out.

  2. Soft play. – I know I know. It can be hellish in the holidays. But it saves them climbing on your sofas. You could take a book or your laptop and get a bit of work done. If you find a soft play with good coffee you on to a proper winner.

  3. Craft Box. – ok wait. Hear me out. Get out some paper on the kitchen table or floor. Let them create some autumn pictures or Halloween crafts. Use their own imagination. Maybe put some ideas on your iPad and show them a couple of they are older ones. They could be left alone while you wash pots or put a load of washing in. At the end you can just scoop up the newspaper and create minimal mess.

  4. Snack & Meal Plans. – if you already have plans in place and snacks at the ready you won’t have to deal with hangry kids. I think that’s enough said!

  5. Quiet time. – catch some quite time. I have 14 month old twins as well as my 6 year old twins. We try and get quiet time nap times. Put a movie on or let them have their iPads for an hour or so in an afternoon. Movie afternoons could be complimented by hot chocolate and popcorn.

  6. Online shop. I don’t know about you be my four are a bit of a nightmare to take shopping all at once. If i need to do a grocery shop. I try and book an online shop. It’s so much easier than trying to think what I need with children want want wanting all around the store.

  7. Local events. Search through Facebook or the local paper and see what events are happening nearby.

  8. Tea party. – I’ve spoken about food and hangry kids. But why not supersede your kids with a little tea party. Maybe a Halloween themed one. With spooky snacks and spider balloons.

  9. Breakfast in bed. Before the little twins came along there was nothing my big twins liked more than when I made tea and a plate full of toast and brought a tray up to my bed for a lazy breakfast.

  10. Go with the flow. Life is always an adventure in our house I always try to make a plan but sometimes as I’ve said people fall ill or have a bad night. So I try and go with the flow. See how everyone is feeling. Throw out the meal plans, get in the car and head to McDonalds instead.


Leave in the comments what you le top tips Are for surviving the holidays.

Nina. X

Missing the Newborn Days

When I counted your age in weeks I understood you a little better,

I could distinguish what cry was for what,

I could put you down and know you would still be in the same spot when I returned from the toilet.

Yes the sleepless nights were long but they were my chance to breath you in. To get to know you.

When I counted your age in weeks I was still in that bubble, still in that euphoric place where you could do no wrong.

The new born days are beautiful.

It’s true what people say, make the most of them. Time goes so fast. They will have grown before you know it.

At 13 months. I’m struggling.

I’ve lost any ability to decipher your noises.

The sleepless nights now are because you are poorly and it breaks my heart I can’t make you feel better.

Sleepless nights now seem hard work. I can’t just feed you back to sleep.

When I put you down now your off in a flash.

You are toddling around more than you crawl.

There is no chance I can leave you to nip to the toilet.

Nothing 2ft high is safe from your grasp.

The toddler years feel so much harder for me.

But we will get there. I know we will I’ve done it before even if you haven’t.

For now just trust me when I say your safe, when I say im coming back, when you think I’m trying to poison you with foods you don’t like.

Oh littlest twins. Toddler years are such a bumpy ride. But We can do this.

We can do this because you have both developed your own little personalities.

You are learning everyday. Developing and learning.

You are amazing little humans just like your big brother & sister.

That’s why I wanted to write this little post. To remind myself now matter how tough it is you are amazing!

Mummy. X

School day adventures #ACEforSchool

Ever Wondered how your children’s uniform comes home looking like its been worn for 6 months without a wash?  Sick of unexplained stains every day? and I dont know about you but I can never seem to get to the bottom of our washing pile,


What chance do I have really with two sets of twins!

Anyway I did a little bit of digging at parents evening this week trying to find out what my kids get up to in a day to create so much washing!

I’ve devised a little mock timeline of what happens to my kids uniform in a day.

  • 9am – All children are sat in their seats and Register is taken.
  • 9.15am – Melody heads to Read write ink where all the children are doing some learning from the workbooks. –

Jake has maths this morning learning about fractions.

No stains up to now! Well you know other than the toothpaste that was dribbled down their tops before the school run!

  • 10.15am its break time – This Morning Melody opts for Toast, Jake is having a pizza slice.

Melody has used her dress as a napkin to wipe her hands. Jake wipes his mouth on his sleeve.

  • 10.30am – They all do some topic learning this term its all about fossils so today digging is involved in the learning.

Soil is splattered all over after they fight over who is using the tools. they wipe themselves down!

  • 12pm Lunch Time – Bolognese – What could possibly be better!

Both end up with sauce on their uniform. I’m not sure how they manage it.

Jake finishes lunch in record time and heads off to play football on the field with his friends.

Trying to score a goal Jake ends up on the floor getting grass and mud all over him.

Melody has other plans and heads off to an art club. But not before she has chocolate custard for pudding

Oh no Melody not chocolate – She drops it down her t-shirt

Then she forgets to roll up her sleeves so ends up with paint on the cuffs of her cardigan.

  • 1.15 Registration then Afternoon lessons – Today its PE for both

Yet another set of clothes to add to the never ending laundry mountain!

Both are running round the hall playing dodge ball – by the time they are done they both are ready for a shower with sweat dripping from them.

  • 3.30 Its finally home time – I arrive in the playground I spot my two among a sea of other suitably grubby school kids. I ask “my goodness what have you been doing all day to end up in that state?”



Time to put the washer on again.

How am I ever going to get these clean?

Well currently I’m trying out ACE Stain remover spray along with ACE for colours.

Click on the video to see my laundry routine using ACE stain remover and ACE for colours.

Leave your laundry tips below!

Right off to tackle another load!

Until next time.

Nina x

 “This post is an entry for the BritMums #ACEforSchool Challenge, sponsored by ACE. Get help for all kinds of stains with the ACE Stain Helper. http://www.acecleanuk.co.uk/ or to buy head to your local Tesco’s, Morrison’s, Waitrose or Sainsbury’s.” 

Hotel Football – Squad Room, Class of 92 Room & Cafe Football Review.

Ok so we seem to have turned into some football mad family which from last weeks confession of not being a Football fan other than watching the odd England game is quite a step up!

This week we were asked along to the Lovely Hotel Football to review their family friendly Squad room along side The Class of 92 room which is a must for Manchester United Fans.

I have to say we don’t tend to book many hotels its hard to find ones that can accommodate all 6 of us in rooms next to one another.

But as me and Spencer’s ARC Daddy had stayed at this hotel before when we attended a blogger conference and loved it we thought we would give it another go as a family.

Arriving at the hotel late due to a baby illness on the way we explained that we had a table booked in the Cafe football. They were so accommodating and told us not to worry they would let us settle in and move our booking a half an hour.

The staff on reception and throughout the hotel and Cafe Football are so friendly and helpful. You really don’t feel like anything is a chore. They are very accommodating too.

Squad Room

Our first room The Squad room located on floor 8 just one floor below “heaven” the roof top pitch where the hotels Football Camp is being held had amazing views from the two massive windows one over looking the city lights and one over looking the Old Trafford Stadium.

Arriving in the room the kids were so excited by the subtle football theming, the goal and ball feature wall and the wallpaper on the way to the room that is made to look like old football cards with players on.

Mini Bar

I have to say the last time we stayed here I was amazed at the Free mini Bar yes free and like no other mini bar Its stocked with old favourites like club biscuits, vimto, picked onion space raiders and more besides. They even tell you at reception that even if you don’t eat it during your stay. Just take it with you. It’s free!

On top of the Free mini bar this time the room had two packs of Top trumps cards and a pack of mini chocolate footballs for each of the big kids. The kids spent no time at all eating the chocolate footballs. And ripping open the top trumps cards.

There is also the standard tea and coffee facilities and all of this is within the price of the room.


Climbing into Bed after a long day exploring or in our case driving up to Manchester was like a dream apart from the buzzing from the air conditioning unit from the room next door which luckily we were also reviewing due to the size of our family. The buzz was easily rectified by turning off the air-con. I have to say the buzzing didn’t affect anyone else in our room just me as I have tinnitus and it interfered with my own buzzing ears.


I just love comfy hotel pillows and duvets I never seem to be able to buy the same quality for our bed. The ones at hotel football do not disappoint. And they don’t skimp either there are four pillows on the bed so you’re not having to fold them over and over like in some hotels I’ve stayed in the past. To be honest I could have stayed there all day long!


Sometimes when staying away from home even if the room is advertised as having a cot available it doesn’t mean it fits in the room very well but the room here is so spacious. We managed even to bring in the other cot from the other room so that we could all sleep together.

There was even an extra cot Mattress and sheets provided which a lot of places ask you to bring along with you.

Time For A Wash

In most hotel bathrooms there is just a shower, at Hotel Football there is a shower and a bath. The shower is very spacious and you could probably fit the whole family in there. There is no clingy shower curtain its a wet room style shower.

All of the bathroom products are in the style of football shirts bring the whole football theme in with the room.

Squad rooms can be booked as part of a Stay and play package when signing up for the Half Term Football Camp.

Class Of 92 Room

When you arrive at your room you will see there is something different from the other rooms as the Class of 92 rooms have an identifying red number instead of the white that other rooms in the hotel have.

Entering the room you will see signed football shirts and framed signed poster as well as quotes around the room.

In the Class Of 92 room the Complimentary Mini Bar is stocked with the usual sweets and crisps as well as the hotels very own Hotel Football Beer. Which I have to say went down well with Spencer’s ARC Daddy.

This room had been split into twin beds and then the cot for a baby but as I said we managed to fit it into the other room. Even divided like this the room still felt spacious.

In both rooms there is plenty of work spaces if you do have to do a bit of work during your stay.

If you are there for the football then don’t worry the smart TV has complimentary sports channels as well as all the usual channels if you would rather watch the soaps.

Cafe Football

You can book a table at Cafe Football during your stay. We had booked for when we arrived and as I’ve said we were late due to a poorly baby. Spencer’s ARC Daddy ended up staying in the room with the little twins while me and the big twins went for dinner.


Both Jake & Melody chose meatballs and spaghetti from the Children’s menu. (Children’s meals are a set price for their main meal, dessert and soft drinks)

Now in hindsight I should have chosen for the fussy little critters as although when I tried the dinner found it nothing but delicious the meatballs were quite spicy and the food was full of flavour. Which most would find delicious. But my kids are on a beige diet at the moment. A better choice would probably have been nuggets, and chips! Which I’m sure would have been equally delicious.

Let me tell you they had no trouble polishing off the ice-cream.

I on the other hand went for vegetable pie with chips and four cheese sauce. With a side of garlic bread. I had no trouble eating up this delicious meal. It was just the right sized portion too.

I opted for a sweetie pic n mix for pudding that I took back to the room to share.

We also had breakfast with our stay and breakfast consisted of continental and or cooked options. As well as obviously tea and coffee or juice! The breakfast didn’t disappoint.


Room Service

When I ordered our meals I also ordered Spencer’s ARC Daddy his to be delivered to the room.

He opted for fish n chips which he said was delicious and when we arrived back in the room there was only an empty plate for evidence of that.


When we stayed last we caught the train and then a taxi from the station. I think we could have actually got on a tram but as par usual we were in a time scale and running late.


This time we drove. There is a dedicated hotel car park which is a set price of £5 overnight. It is a first come first served basis.

Roundup .

All in all our stay at Hotel Football was brilliant. The whole hotel still feels new and fresh. It’s super clean and tidy and just has a lovely feel about the place.

The kids found it super exciting and we have already booked again for the BlogOn conference in may next year.

Thank you Hotel Football and Cafe Football for this amazing opportunity to review your rooms with our squad!

To book or for more information you can email reservations@hotelfootball.com

Nina x

Although we received a stay and meal at the hotel in exchange for a review all opinions are my own and as always I only work with companies and brands who fit with our family’s ethics and lifestyle.

If you think we are a good fit for your brad and would like to work with me or my family please email collab@spencersarc.com

Football mum. Half Term Football Camp.

I never saw myself as a football mum.

We are often out and about at weekends so we don’t like to commit to things that would take away our family time.

However when Jake came home with a leaflet for the local under 7s team and then begged to let me go I rang them.

Unfortunately the squad was full however they said he could still train with them.

Now both him and Melody have decided they will train. So my Thursday evenings are going to be taken up by football. Something which I never thought about before. But It’s a win win really as we still get weekends as family time while they still gets to play during the week.

I’ve no idea where this new found passion comes from the only football we really watch is the England games for the euros and the World Cup. So being a football mum is quite a step for me.

Don’t get me wrong, when I was younger I had a crush on Giggsy so obviously supported Manchester United. Come on you reds. And now here I am football mum to maybe the future crush to some poor girls never to get a look in.

Please leave me some tips for a newbie football mum. I feel I’m out of my depth somewhat.

Do I sit on the sidelines and shout or just keep quite?

Do I take oranges for half time or is that a thing of the past?

Nina x

Now. If your little ones are football mad like mine apparently are. Or you fancy doing something different with your October half term why not book them in for some FA qualified coaching provided by “Shooting Stars”

Hotel Football are running their second football camp through the Autumn half term. (22nd,24th,25th, 26th October)

The first opened by hotel co owner and former Manchester United star Phil Neville one was such a hit in the summer that they have decided to bring it back for the autumn.

This looks an amazing opportunity to learn some new skills, and to meet new friends.

Unfortunately my two are a little young this year for it however if this new found passion for football continues I think I might sign them up next year.

Heck if I was within the range I might sign up myself. Listen to this.

The children will revive a breakfast on arrival with a two course buffet for lunch.

They also receive a sticker book, stickers, a certificate and for those that attend all week a medal of attendance.

During the day children will learn all the basics of the game by doing drills and games then they will get to take part in a mini tournament.

Hotel Football October half term football Camp is suitable for boys and aged 7-12 years old.

It is based at Heaven – the rooftop terrace pitch inside Hotel Football.

There is panoramic views of the Salford Quays and of course Old Trafford.

For a day at the camp it is £40 per child with a 25% discount if. Booking for the week making the total for the week only £120. Which for a holiday club is an excellent price.

If you aren’t local to Manchester and Hotel Football do not worry. The hotel gave it covered.

They are also offering a limited number of Stay & Play packages which combines the price of the camp with a stay at one of the amazing rooms with the hotel.

For more details and to book

Already sold on the idea head over to Eventbrite to book.


For more information

Contact Hotel Football: 0161 751 0430

Email Hotel Football: reservations@hotelfootball.com

Website: www.hotelfootball.com


Word of the Month October

Welcome back to this months word of the month.

Can you actually believe that including this month there is only 3 months left of this year!

I know its gone by so fast.

Last months word or in-fact phrase was Back To It.  I wanted to get back to a better routine and better fitness and back on the school run!

I have to say September has been hard. Getting back into the school routine has took its toll on all of us and our stress levels have been high!

The house is a tip and we have hit an all time low in the house!

I’m not sure if its the passing of the summer, the stress of the morning routine, or just par the course of having two sets of twins!

But we have to get back to better ground in the Spencer household.

Thats why this Month our word is going to be Appreciate!

We have to start appreciating what we have as a family, Appreciate the good in each day and appreciate who we are!

I will be going back to writing in my gratitude diary and asking the kids what they are grateful for each day!

We are getting rid of clutter in the house so that we can see our favorite possessions and appreciate them more.

I really hope it gets us all back on track!

Whats your word of the Month?

Any tips for getting us all back on track?

See you next time

Nina x