July word of the month.

June Update

June was a tough month both mentally and physically.

During June I made the decision to send the kids back to school.

Chris spent quite a bit of time working away. And I really suffer with my mental wellbeing when he is away.

It also hard bloody work solo parenting when he is away.

However June also saw lots of fun things

Lots of birthdays and Fathers Day.

Lots of outdoor play

Fun in the sun, splashing about in the pool, climbing tree and feeding ducks at the local National Trust property. Raising funds for The Jessop Wing at Sheffield, lots of Parklife, a couple of working trips for me and the big kids.

It also involved a new style for me.


But now July is here.

June’s word of the Month was self-care.

I’m still suffering with my Health however I’ve decided to focus my word on the season this Month.

So Julys Word is Summer!

I’ll be focusing on having summer fun during the Month.

Starting off with a trip to our favourite place – Lanzarote.

Then the kids are hearing back to school for transition.

Before I head off to an unofficial WI camp with 500 other women from across the country.

Summer bucket lists will be drawn up for the school holidays.

And back to school in September will be planned for.

So there you have it that’s my plans for July.

What are you up to?

Have your kids already broken up from school or have you got wait until The end of the month?

Leave a comment and let me know your July word of the Month

Nina x

The post too long for Instagram.

I was going to just post this to Instagram. Then when I started rambling found it was just too long.

Right I’m going to just say it. I’m suffering with depression of late. Im struggling.

When my mood is low I reach for the crap food. My nemesis is cake! I could if left probably demolish all of these in one day. I know that eating crap makes you feel crap and then yo feel crap so reach for the cakes. It’s a vicious circle and I’m quite deep into it.

Since having my gallbladder out I’ve put 2 stone on! I’m not proud. I’m disgusted to be honest.

Why am I feeling like this?

Well I blame the kids constantly But truth is is my fault.

The house is a mess and I don’t give enough time for things so am constantly running behind.

The kids behaviour is probably like it is due to me feeling like I do. Due to me not giving them enough time.

I tried to homeschool but I’m not cut out for it.

I get shouty when they don’t grasp something and it’s no good for anyone.

Right now I’m secretly waiting for September to come so I can get into a better routine with everyone.

I also know this isn’t good waiting for tomorrow. And all that. But it’s the only light I feel I have at the moment.

Thanks for listening to my rant.

What’s your go to when you feel low?

Nina x

Fathers Day but Daddy is Away!

This morning we should be making you breakfast in bed ok well at least a cup of coffee.

But instead you are on day 7 of working away!

I know I moan and am not the best house wife in the world!

Truth is when we first met and I became aware of you, I was a child. I crushed on you so much. Cried over the fact you didn’t even know I was alive!

Years later when you sent the letter to my childhood home I was sure you had sent it to the wrong person!

Then we got together and soon became a family you me and your son (his mum, her other  son and all the rest of the blended family)

I was always adamant as a teen that I didn’t want children!

Then I became a step-mum! I gave up who I was and had to think about another human being and he wasn’t even mine!

Then my cousin had her son – I was there outside the delivery room and one of the first people to see him! I couldn’t believe how amazing this little human was! Then when you came later in the year and met him I saw you holding him and knew I wanted to become a proper family!

I wanted a tiny human!

Fast forward 13 years and what a family we have! 4 children together (two at a time) and one teen who is now as much mine as he is yours and his mums!

I have watched you with our children! Watched you feed, change, snuggle with, play with, talk to and cuddle our children!

Now I know that the children need to work on some things like picking up their toys and stopping screaming at each other and I know that these things can stress you out.

I know that you have struggled over the past year as have I with everything that has happened but I also know how much you love our children. our family, our adventures.

We are so proud of you and how much you have achieved we just all wish you didn’t have to be away as much especially on fathers day!

I think what I’m trying to say in this rambling post is We love you, and miss you and think you are the best daddy in the world!

Thank you! xx

Nina & The Kids x

Summer is here!

Sat inside with the rain pouring it doesn’t feel much like summer.

However during May we have been so lucky with the weather.

May 2018 was the hottest for decades

Inspired by the good weather and the Little Tikes recent findings that Brits have named the first week in June * as the start of summer I thought I would write about what summer means to our family.

*despite the summer solstice being June 21st

63% of Brits state that Summer is their Favorite Season!

Summer for us means

Late nights with friends

Alfresco dinning

Beer Gardens

Mini Adventures to new places

Garden Days



One in ten Brits think that for them summer starts at the first smell of cut grass.

Every Year for at least the last 8 years we have thrown a BBQ party at the start of the kids 6 week summer holiday.

Its my birthday but we call it our summer BBQ party. we invite our friends and family, we chat, play music, dance, some have even to be known to do the conga around the garden out the gate and around the Coop shop next door!  (You know who you are.)

The Majority of the UK class the first week in June as the start of summer

This BBQ party is one of the big highlights of our year. Its where our little group of friends really first started to form a bond!

So although Summer for us starts at the first cut of the grass or our first BBQ. Our Summer Party is the day we look forward to the most.

Summer coming also means I get to spend 3 days in a field (which can play havoc with my hay-fever) with 500 other women from Women’s Institutes all around the country.

3% of brits know summer has arrived when hayfever symptoms kicks in!

This 3 day break with 3 of my friends from our WI is our time no kids no husbands just us girls and a bottle of wine or two. (or 3)


What signals the start of summer for you?

Let me know any traditions you have over the summer period and how you know its summer!

Nina x


Statistics are from the Little Tikes survey of over 2000 people.

Little Tikes has an amazing range of toys for a range of ages from the simple things to do over summer like sand boxes and water tables, Swings and slides and dont forget the iconic cozy coupe .

You can shop the full Little Tikes range at https://www.littletikes.co.uk

Also check out the new Fun Zone for more outdoor fun this summer!


*This post was written in conjunction with Little Tikes In exchange for a gifted Item!





June -Word Of The Month

Good Morning welcome to June EveryOne.

Half way through the year!

May Update.

Last month was a busy one

We had an adventure in Norfolk, where myself and hubby had a date on the water, some family fun in Bewilderwood, a family boat trip and more.

I had a day trip to This Morning Live with the little twins.

There was a Royal wedding,

There was lots of learning, tantrums, smiles & laughs from both sets of twins and me!

And loads more besides.


This month is looking to be a packed one too.

June will see us raising money for the superhero’s at Jessops Sheffield,

I will be having just over a week of solo parenting as Chris travel to the US for work!

It’s Nanny Sue’s birthday and also Chris dads birthday.

It’s Father’s Day,

Myself & Chris are having a date night at Sheffield arena to see Micheal McIntyre.

Then we will have to pack for our Lanzarote trip next month.

Word Of the Month

So with all that in mind what is my word of the month for June?

Last Month I said my word was going to be self care. However due to the sheer busyness of life this hasn’t really happened!

So I’m keeping the word of the month as Self Care and over on instagram I will be using #spencersarcselfcare

Self Care will mean that I do things to improve my health and mood.

So that means doing little things throughout the month. Making sure I schedule in Me time.

They could be swimming, exercise, hair appointment. painting my nails, journaling etc.

What do you do for self care?

What does it mean to you?

Are you guilty of putting self care last on your todo list?

Dont forget to follow me on instagram to see what me and the family get up to daily!

Nina x