Month: March 2018

Easter Rocky Road


I’m not usually one for posting recipes. However this one is so easy even the kids can do it. Easter Rocky Road Ingredients Two bars of Cadbury Chocolate 2 bars of shops brand white chocolate Marshmallows Cadburys Mini Eggs Crushed […]

Easter Bucket List


Today is the first day of the Easter half term for most people. It is also Good Friday for some reason the holidays have started dead on Easter weekend which means there isn’t much time for easter crafting before Easter […]

Jessops Superheros Walk


As you all know back in Aug 2017 my younger twins were born via cesarian hysterectomy. I was diagnosed only two weeks previous to the op with a life threatening pregnancy complication placenta percreta. If you are new to the […]

Why I Am A Member Of The WI.


I’m a member of the WI, this statement often gets met with “YOU?” “Why are you a member of the WI?” I’m not really an advert for what you would think of the WI I love crafting but really I […]