2017 A Round Up

What a year this has been. I’ve got to the end through the skin of my teeth!


I was panicking that I wanted to start the new year, healthy, with a tidy decluttered house but in reality, there is stuff everywhere. 2017 was meant to be about decluttering and living more simply, minimal. Instead, I ended up filling our house even more with two extra people!

Why do we do this, why do we strive to start the new year as we mean to go on, when really we should start each day as we mean to go on.

Each day is a blessing! Each day we should make it a day worth living.

2017 has certainly shown me how fragile life can be and what is truly important in my own life.

Here is my year in review.


Oh and what adventures we’ve had!!! 


Our family started the year as we have for the past 3 years on “our paradise isle” Lanzarote.

We spent it with some friends of ours and for the first time since me & hubby have been together we actually went out for new year.

We danced, ate and the kids had pony rides at one of our favourite places for a day out Texas Rancho Park.

When we got back to England, I was able to help out for a couple of days at the theatre, where it was panto time. My favourite time of the year.

After panto had finished I realised I was late for my period and took a test!

The test was positive!

I soon became sick with my pregnancy and me and hubby decided we should have an early scan. To make sure this time there was only one baby.

SHIT! There’s two AGAIN!

Spent a good part of 3 months crying, and asking everyone close if we were doing the right thing, and would we be ok?

We also took geocaching back up this month and went I to see Grease the musical.


Sold my beloved Delilah. She had been with us for 3 years. She was part of the family. I know she had her quirks about her. Like sometimes having to bang the breaks off with a hammer, the muscle toning steering and her kitchen that when you turned a corner everything fell out. But she was mine!

We also took another trip to Lanzarote in February. This time, knowing I was pregnant with another set of twins we joked that we should make the most of this trip and visit places we had never visited as it may be our last trip for a while! We certainly did visit places we had never been before. Like A&E for my mum who trapped her finger in a car seat, and the doctor’s surgery for not just me and my pregnancy sickness but at the end of the week after suffering on hubby decided enough was enough his throat was so swollen and painful he couldn’t hack it anymore.


Well, March was a busy month, it saw a school trip to a windmill, the dreaded class bear, nits and A trip to London for the day with the girls, to see The Girls, musical.


April was another trip to London this time with my kids. Where I took them to daddy’s office, a trip on a boat, a walk to the zoo, a trip on the underground and a stroll by the Thames.


May was all about redecorating the house ready for the new arrivals, we also redesigned the garden, making an amazing bbq area for our family and friends to gather. We also this month got out the paddling pool, went to the splash park and made the most of the spring sunshine.




While June was a down month for me pregnancy wise, I’d hit the struggling to move point of it and was feeling bad for letting the other twins down by not being able to do as much for them. We tried hard to soak up all the sunshine each day and me and hubby became godparents to our friends baby.

Too Cute


A busy month again.

I waddled down to London for Tesco’s Christmas in July event! While I was there I was fussed over by all the team. I’m really glad I did the trip even though it took it out of me for a day or two. I went to Friendsfest, with a couple of girlfriends. It was great seeing all the costumes, and scenery. I even had a Ross,/ Monica, “my sandwich” sandwich. Which I have to say was very tasty.

It was also my birthday this month so obviously, we had to have a BBQ party.

And the start of the summer holidays


This month I tried had to parent our first set of twins as well as grow the second set. Life was becoming increasingly difficult. Little did I know at the beginning of the month just how difficult it was about to be.

Halfway through August, I had a scan that said my placenta was low, after this and a few back niggles I was admitted to hospital, sent for other scans, blood tests, and MRI. All which confirmed that I had something called placenta percreta. Something that now is a common word for me, but back then something that I’d never heard of before and was apparently very rare.

After iron infusions, being monitored constantly and being scared half to death by my surgeon. I finally met my new babies on August 30th. After about 5 hours of surgery, a hysterectomy and 10 litres of blood transfusion.


I was still in hospital as I became quite poorly after the twins were born, sepsis followed by a twisted bowel which meant a week after my cesarían hysterectomy I had to go back to sleep and be cut open through the wound that had split to untwist my bowel.

I managed after a whole month of being in hospital to finally get home.

Recovery was to start.

But not until I’d been hit by gallstone pain. The worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life. Ment I ended up in A&se twice and being admitted back into hospital.


Now my recovery can start and my new healthy lifestyle that I’ve been forced into due to my gallstones.

I managed to spend some time with the big kids over the October holidays while Nanny Sue took charge of the babies.

It almost killed me pumpkin picking but I’m glad I could catch up with my biggest two.

I was discharged from Jessops after my follow up appointment.

October also saw me picking up my laptop again to document my birth story and other things less dramatic.


Blogging, soaking up my new babies, recovery, spending time as a family of 7, lunches with hubby, a trip to the cinema, seeing the Coca-Cola Christmas truck, a school trip to the railway lots of midnight feeds and picking my Christmas tree. Oh and another trip to A&E.


The end of the year in sight but first it’s Christmas. Our favourite time of the year. The tree is up, well two trees. One real one artificial. The elves were out and about up to mischief. There was more wrapping paper than a small forest can sustain being flung around and all the sellotape. The big twins turned 6 this month. Time really does go by so quickly.

My hair really decided to disappear this month and is the thinnest it’s ever been and still going.

We’ve seen Santa on a boat, on a train at the local club twice.

We got through a lot of my cranberry cupcakes.

It was the WI Christmas meeting where we take in nibbles. I had to think of new low-fat buffet options. I’m getting quite into eating healthier. Though I have managed a Baileys coffee or two, and a couple of cakes. But I’ve cut down tremendously and I feel a lot better for doing so.

I cooked Xmas dinner for 13 and we all had amazing Christmas.

If you’ve been with me from the start of 2017 or joined me through the year Thank you for all for your support I couldn’t have got through it without all of you.

What a year.

If you are just joining us I can’t promise that 2018 will be filled with as much drama. In fact, I’m hoping and praying it won’t be. I can but hope for more adventures with my family and my friends and some adventures just for me.


I wonder!!!! 

Happy New Year to everyone.

May 2018 bring you everything you desire and be filled with magic, adventure and love.

Nina x

Bath Time With Twins, Twice!

When I was pregnant with my first set of twins, I worried about everything.

How would I feed two at once?  How would I cope when one ran one way and one ran the other?  What would I do at bath time?

Well I have to say I was lucky that most of the time I had help from either my mum or  Hubby

Now I have two sets and bath time can be a bit of a chore.

Again most of the time I have help but I thought I would share with you how I get through Bath night when I’m running solo.

In our house bath time starts around 6pm,

I start by making sure the room temperature is good – Somewhere around 21o

Take the babies upstairs one at a time and put them in their cot in their own room

Run the main bath.

While the main bath is running I fill the babies bath and get things ready for afterwards


  • Bottles
  • Towels
  • Vest
  • Nappies
  • SleepSuits
  • Bedtime Book
  • Wash Mitt
  • Nail scissors
  • Baby Massage oil

Both baths are filled. Little Miss M gets into the bath first and while she is playing and having a wash I bath Little Miss J.

At the moment I’m using Good Bubble, super bubbly bubble bath the smell is amazing and it so kind on delicate skin.

The bath mitt is from a gift set containing the bubble bath and bath mitt.

Little miss J loves it, as I use it like a puppet before I wash her with it.

Once Little Miss J is done I dry her, put her a clean nappy on and dress her in her vest. Then wrap her in a blanket and put her back down in the cot while I bath Little Mr M,

Little Mr M is not a fan of bath time, however using the mitt as a puppet has made him smile a little more.

Once both babies are bathed and in vests I put them in their cot in my room while I wash Little Miss Ms hair. Once this is done I shout little Mr J, who is in his room playing to come and have his bath. I don’t know what it is about boys in this house but Mr J is not thrilled its bath time either.

Miss M then gets dry with a little help from me and goes off to read in her room.

While Mr J is having his bath I go into my room and give the babies a quick massage using the Good Buble organic coconut oil, Its smells delicious (good enough to eat) I do this one at a time in laying in my bed. Then I dress them into their sleepsuits.

Once I’ve done this I go and get Mr J’s hair washed.

For the big kid’s hair, I’m using Good Bubble Shampoo and conditioner again the smell is amazing. It leaves their hair really soft too!

When everyone is bathed We read the big kids’ school books in my bed while I feed the babies, either one at a time or I prop Little Miss J on a pillow and feed together.

When feeding is over The big kids go to bed and I put the babies in their sleeping bags and into the cot while I go off and tidy up after the bath time carnage.

The products featured were gifted to me to feature in this post.

I have enjoyed using them over the past week or so the fragrance of the products smells so fresh and natural.

I’ve particularly liked using the coconut oil not just for baby massage but also I heard it was good for cradle cap and dry skin.

Little Miss J has cradle cap in her hair and also above her eyebrows although I think its too early to tell whether its working or not in her hair the bits around her eyebrows have definitely calmed down.

Its also helped clear up Little Mr M’s dry feet.

I will definitely be looking out for this brand again

Nina x

Good Bubble featured on dragons den can be purchased from Sainsbury’s stores nationwide.

Highs & Lows of 2017 – Blogger Tag!


This year has been a really big year for our family. A bit of an emotional rollercoaster.

Sometimes it’s good to reflect on the year before you turn the page to start the next.

I came across this post by Katie On Thin Ice and thought I would join in with the tag.

1. What was your happiest event? It was the day I looked at my baby twins and thought you know what. You’ve actually saved me. They are making me a better person.

2. What was the saddest thing to happen? Being told I had placenta percreta and I had to have a huge operation to get my babies out and save my life.

3. What was the most unlikely thing to happen that actually went ahead and did?. We got pregnant. Well technically we got pregnant at the end of 2016, however, found out in January then found out it was another set of twins!!

4. Who let you down? I don’t think anyone really, some of the sonographers missed my low placenta , however had I been diagnosed with my placenta issues earlier I’d have spent most of the pregnancy worrying.

5. Who supported you? First and foremost my husband who stayed with me Day and night at the hospital while I was going through my op and the before & after of the op. Also my children for being so strong and cuddling me when I feel down cheering me up and drawing pictures and writing little notes for me, Ruth my amazing anaesthetist. The rest of my family and of course my very supportive friends.

6. Tell us what you learned. That I am strong, I can do difficult things, and some things in life are more important than others!

7. Tell us what made you laugh My children. Some days they have made me cry with laughter.

8. Tell us the things that made you cry. Pregnancy, finding out I was having another set of twins, the pending operation, then a second op, tiredness, gallstone pain.

9. Tell us three things your child or children did to make you feel proud. Please miss this question out if you are not a parent. (Not really three things) My big Girl has made me proud most of the year by her strength she has had during my pregnancy & while I was in hospital. My boy has made me proud with how he has come on in his school work.

10. Tell us the things that made you proud of yourself. Getting through one of the toughest births.

11. Tell us the challenges you overcame. Again it’s all about my the birth of the twins. And for years I’ve need to eat more healthy. Well this year after the birth of the twins I developed gallstones. This has made me eat more healthy. I think it’s now going to be part of my lifestyle to eat better.

12. Tell us the things you would like to change about your life in 2018. I just want to be more present in the day to day. Enjoy all of my children and my husband. And make 2018 one of adventures.

1. What was your happiest event?

2. What was the saddest thing to happen?

3. What was the most unlikely thing to happen that actually went ahead and did?.

4. Who let you down?

5. Who supported you?

6. Tell us what you learned.

7. Tell us what made you laugh

8. Tell us the things that made you cry

9. Tell us three things your child or children did to make you feel proud. Please miss this question out if you are not a parent.

10. Tell us the things that made you proud of yourself.

11. Tell us the challenges you overcame

12. Tell us the things you would like to change about your life in 2018

Now it’s over to you, If you are a blogger feel free to copy the questions,  please remember to tag myself and Katie on Thin Ice

I’m tagging fellow bloggers

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How to take part in the tag and the rules.

Copy and paste the questions below and answer them on your blog linking back to this post, please.


1 Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog and https://kateonthinice.com

2 Answer the questions

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4 Post the questions without your answers at the bottom of your post so that they are easy to copy and paste for the people you tag

Nina x

Baby Secrets – New Collectable. (Review)

Hidden under the tree on Christmas Day was a little silver box. Once opened it revealed three brand new collectables.

Baby Secrets are a new series of collectables in the series are 50 babies all with unique characters. There is a party baby with a sash, swimming baby with a rubber ring and flippers and more.

What’s more, each comes in a cute little bath that when you fill with cold water and dip your baby in it reveals if the baby is a girl or a boy.

We opened our three babies and filled the tubs. Little Miss M decided to let them all have a soak.

Once we found out if they were a boy or girl it was time to name them and fill out their birth certificates.

Little Miss M then decided to introduce them to each other and even did a little role play with them.

The babies have now gone for a nap while we clean up the rest of the wrapping paper and devour the mince pies.

They are a great little collectable that comes, as we have in a single pack for £2.99 (rrp)

Or as part of an activity set for £12.99 (rrp)

The activity sets come with 2 babies, a surprise baby, a bath to find out if the babies are boys or girls, three birth certificates, collectors guide and either a high chair, rocking horse, pram or bassinet.

I love getting the kids collectables I really think these are something Little Miss M will enjoy instead of a magazine as a reward for good behaviour.

Nina x

Baby Secrets can be found at The Entertainer, Smyths, Argos and Toymaster.

Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año. A Lanzarote Christmas.

For the past few years as a family, we have headed over to Lanzarote during the festive period. Whether that be in the run-up to Christmas or during the holiday it’s self.

2013-12-09 19.43.54

We love Lanzarote and often think of it as our second home.

This in mind and coupled with our love of Christmas what better time to head to Lanzarote for some winter sun and festive excitement.


The few times we went during the run-up to Christmas we visited the Christmas market in Puerto del Carmen.

Here I met a lady purely by coincidence that I had only ever spoke with on twitter. We ended up meeting her every time we went after that.

The past few year, however, we have gone for new year and the Spanish Christmas (día del Tres Reyes Magos or Three Kings Day)

We have stayed in various places for New Year down next to the beach in Playa Honda and further inland up in the hills in Tias

I have to say the first time we went for new year was one of the best.

We drove to a beachside cafe and had baileys & cake and discussed the past year.

We headed back to our villa and we’re all in our jammers by 8pm. The owners of the villa who lived upstairs were just heading out.

The twins were only 3. However, we made it to midnight and had our 12 grapes one at each gong of the clock.


Then outside it felt like the whole island was erupting with fireworks.

As we were in the hills we could see for miles.

There were big displays little groups as well as local children and adults letting off firecrackers in the street.

It seemed to go on for at least an hour.

The next day as we were on our way out for the day. There were people just getting in from parties.

A few days later on the evening of the 5th, The island starts celebrations with street processions called Cabalgata de Reyes, where the three kings arrive on floats and throw sweets to the children. There are also other floats with popular characters on them!

When we have been for this we like to finish the evening with a hot chocolate, as it can feel quite chilly in the evening.

The next day 6th Jan is a fiesta day. shops are closed and families celebrate with a roscon cake, The three kings should have delivered gifts to the children, the gifts normally left in shoes outside the door. If you haven’t been good however they leave coal instead of a gift. You can actually buy sugar coal to give.

After lunch, local kids take their gifts to the park to play and show their friends.

It seems like such a social time!

I’d totally recommend a visit at this time of year.

Nina x

Relieving Anxiety – During an MRI Scan

Having just got out of my 3rd MRI scan in 5 Months for 3 different conditions I thought I would write a little post on what I found helped keep me calm during the scans.


Before I start I just want to tell you that the first scan was while I was pregnant and was suffering from reflux. Obviously, in an MRI scanner, you are laid flat. Something that I’d not done for months. So I could feel the acid coming up and panicked. I ended up pressing the panic button twice!!

If they take you out of the scanner they have to start again from the beginning so if you can keep calm it is beneficial.

When you are sent for an MRI they will ask you a series of questions keep you safe.

They will include but not limited to:

  • Have you ever had metal in your eye
  • Could you be pregnant
  • Have you had any operations in the past 3 months?
  • Do you have metal pins anywhere in your body?
  • Do you have medicine patches – e.g. stop smoking patch or a pain relief patch.

The scanner works by using magnets which is why there is so much emphasis on the metal in your body.

When you arrive depending on where they need to scan you will be asked to remove your clothes and put on a gown.


Normally if you have no metal on your clothes you may be able to leave them on.

Those that wear a bra I would opt to put on one with no fastenings that way you could leave it on.

Remove all jewellery and hair clips.

If you can, keep your socks on it can be chilly in the scan room.

The scanner is noisy but the operators will give you some ear defenders to put on.

Some of the noises and vibrations can range from

  • When you walk past workers, digging the road with a heavy duty road drill
  • A washing machine on the highest spin.
  • A thump like if you were to slide downstairs on your bottom.
  • Buzzing like a smoke alarm but duller

They will give a squeezy button in case you panic or feel you need to get out.

How to keep calm during the scan

  • Firstly ask what’s going to happen and how long the scanning will take.
  • Ask them to talk you through each step. And countdown each scan. The MRI is usually made up of a series of scans each lasting a few mins each. The first one I had they didn’t talk to me at all which made me panic. On the scans since I’ve asked for them to count down and talk me through each scan.
  • Some mindful breathing is a good way to pass the time and stop you getting into a full-blown panic. There are some great apps out there to practice beforehand. Otherwise just breathing in for a count of 5 hold for 2 out for 6. And repeat. Also, concentrate on the breath. Where you breathe in where the breath goes in the body and then where it leaves the body.
  • Mentally plan, this could be what you’re having for dinner, your next holiday, a shopping list. I find this always passes the time for me.

I took to Facebook to ask other bloggers that had been through an MRI what their top tip would is to calm them down during an MRI.

  • I had one last year. I just took deep breaths and kept thinking every time one scan is done I am closer to it finishing. after about 5 minutes though I was fine and actually nearly fell asleep. Jo – The Knight Tribe
  • I had one just this week. I had brain surgery in August so this was to see if they got it all out (the tumour not the brain😂). It was only my 2nd one and I must admit I’m not too bothered about them. But I’m full of a cold and was struggling to stay still so I visualized a luxury beach holiday – I was snorkelling, swimming, eating great food, lying on a giant bed etc. It was quite enjoyable! Told hubby this is the holiday we are having when I get the all clear! Claire – She Eats
  • I’ve had MRI Scans on my Pituitary which was damaged following the birth of my child. Having a MRI can be a little nerve-racking. My advice would be to read up on what to expect. For example, I didn’t know how long my MRI would be or that the machine makes a loud noise and knowing beforehand would have better prepared myself. Angela – The Inspiration Edit 
  • I highly recommend hypnosis. I’ve used it on so many occasions now including scans and it works wonders. There’s some brilliant hypnosis tracks in iTunes you can use to prepare yourself for it. Hollie – Thrifty Mum
  • This sounds weird but I always count the sounds that the MRI makes. Recently I’ve been so relaxed I’ve started to drift off. I have both MRIs where my body is outside and where I’m right in the ‘tunnel’. This has helped both times. Katy – Katy Kicker
  • I’ve had 12 over the last 3 years and spent 1.5 hours in there just last month. I play games while I’m in there, just silly things like I go through the alphabet and think of an animal for each letter, or list as many foods as I can think of starting with the letter S. Anything to focus my mind and pass the time. Laura  – Five Little Doves 
  • When I had mine quite a few years ago now they said I could bring in a CD to listen to… Though they forgot to put the CD on and played Christmas Carols instead, which I hated, but the thought was there! Sophie – Life As Mrs D 
  • I had an MRI this week actually. I closed my eyes, meditated and practised slow breathing during it and found that it kept me very calm and relaxed during the entire thing. Emma – Our Fairytale Adventure

If you suffer from claustrophobia they can give you some sedation to have a scan. Obviously during my first one while pregnant this wouldn’t have been an option, however. This time I was also offered an eye mask to put on. The lady before me said it really helped her. I have always just shut my eyes during it.

I hope this helps if you’re off for an MRI. It can be daunting.

Good luck!

Nina x<<<<


La La Loopsy Minis

Little Miss M has been recently watching a series on Netflix called La La Loopsy,

She is quite obsessed with it and also watches some of the unboxing videos on YouTube of the associated toys.

So when I was asked to review a La La Loopsy product and with the twins birthday coming up I jumped at the chance.

La La Loopsy are rag dolls that take on the personality of the items of clothing they are sewn from. When the last stitch is sewn the dolls come to life.

There are six characters in total

The characters in our set are

Spot Splatter Splash

She was sewn on October 25th from a painters overalls.


Crumbs Sugar cookie

Sewn December 4th from a bakers apron.

When M opened this gift on her birthday her face was a picture. She was so excited to have received this set.

M is so creative so it really is an ideal gift for her. Not only is she able to play with the set but she can also redesign the outfits again & again

In the zipped carry case there is 4 dresses for each doll one pair of shoes, two hair pieces and an accessory.

There is also a pen to use on the dolls and accessories to change the style. The pen is easily washed off with a damp cloth

The idea of this set is that you can change the clothes of each character.

I have to say Melody found it a little tricky at first to get the dresses on while being careful not to damage the dolls little legs and arms.

Once I had shown her though she played with the dolls for ages. Swapping outfits and creating a play where the dolls interacted with each other.

I am quite impressed by the set myself and am currently looking for more in the Minis collection to see how we can add to this.

Follow more La La Loopsy adventures by searching the #magicofcreativity

Nina x

We were sent this set in exchange for a review.

The opinions expressed are my own.