Wicked Wednesday – Let me wee in peace!

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday!

This little lovely barged into the bathroom this morning crying because I had said she couldn’t wear her pink tights for school!


Her brother followed her!

I was having a wee at the time!

People asked me over the summer “what are you going to do with your self when the kids start school full-time?”

My reply – Enjoy a hot cuppa tea & wee in peace!

This post is linked on Brummy Mummy of 2’s #wickedwednesday 




  1. What is it with kids and privacy!
    My youngest throws a right paddy if I lock the bathroom door.
    My eldest at 8 still thinks coming into the loo whilst I’m weeing to have a conversation is a completely normal thing to do!

    You should tell her to take up the pink tight issue with her teacher lol.

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  2. Haha I had the same this morning – Not about pink tights, but I went for a wee,followed by the cat and then Finlay, who then had a tantrum because he wanted to feed the cat in the toilot – all I wanted was to wee in peace!!

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