Wish List Wednesday – #BML16

Good Morning, next week is Brit Mums Live so I thought this week I would do something a little different.


I thought I would give you my top 5 wishes for the day and what i hope to get out from attending Brit Mums Live


I am attending with my husband yes I’m that nervous he is coming along with me.
But I am hoping to meet other bloggers and hopefully make new friends so that next time I attend I can meet up and know I have someone to talk to.


I keep looking at the agenda to see which of the sessions I would like to do & this is my plan .

I would like to come away from the event with a better knowledge of these topics and hopefully this will help me continue to grow my blog!


There are a few brands at the event that I wouldn’t mind chatting with and finding out about so that possibly in the future I can connect up with brands and start writing sponsored posts.


I hope to come home with inspiration for my blog & YouTube channel and some new fresh ideas.


Most of all I wish for an amazing weekend one filled with fun and to have had an amazing time with some amazing people!


Thanks for joining me for this wishlist Wednesday even though it has been a little different to normal

If your going to BML16 hopefully I’ll see you there!





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