Amazon Wish List

Did you know on Amazon you can create a wish list that you can send to people. If they buy from the list through the links you send the item then comes off the list!

So Ideal for wedding lists, Birthday Lists,

Never again do you have to receive a pair of socks and some soap for Christmas.

So here is what is currently in my wish list.

My First Magnetic Calendar

The twins are asking more and more about days and times and are starting to recognise a few letters so I thought these would be ideal so they can learn so more.

Magnetic Tell the Time Chart


Again with the twins wanting to know about times this may be a great way of teaching them about the time.


Wipe Clean a-z Board

This board is so they can practice their letters a little more especially Jake who seems to be lagging behind a little – I’m told that is normal for boys as they are more into learning through doing rather than writing.

Read Write Inc. Phonics: Green Set 1 B/W Storybooks

 This selection is what the twins will be doing next year. Its a program developed to help them progress in their ability to read, write and spell. I thought it wouldn’t hurt to just get the books to see how if we can learn a little now.


Read Write Inc. Phonics: Parent Handbook-Help your child read with phonics


This is also part of the program So thought it would be useful.




Thanks for letting me share my wish list with you.




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Spring Paperchase Wishlist

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my stationary

Paperchase is one of my very favourite shops.

Here is my current wishlist

So As I need to get more into a schedule and plan my days out more these items should help.


Nordic Nights activity planner

I love the style of this planner page.

Not keen on the colour but love the idea and I think it would help me on my desk.


I love this, it matches my planner.

Crafts For The Kids 

These would be a great craft to add to our Crafternoons 

For Me

This would be great for my daily water drinking and at night at the side of my bed!



I think I need this to keep my organised at the airport




I hope you have enjoyed looking at my wish list.


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Wednesday Whinges

Today we set off for school in our normal manner “Kids Come on were going to be late”

As they scooted up the street on their bikes J hit the wall and fell off!

when I picked him up and asked what hurt he pointed to his head.


So we turned around and went to see Grandma – Should I take him to school, Drs, A&E? I asked.

No Id keep him off but keep an eye on him. So I left him with her while I took M.

If only I could get up earlier then we wouldn’t be rushing I think to myself.

What I should think is accidents happen we learn from them and move on. We are all guilt of mum guilt sometimes for many different things.

This is probably the hardest job we ever have to do – Being a parent.

Give yourself a break! Pat yourself on the back! Tell yourself what good job your doing.

And if things go wrong have a snuggle.


Don’t forget – Your amazing

See you Next Time x


March – Feeling Lost & ReFinding Myself

So it’s March already and spring will be here soon.

So far this year I’ve felt a little lost.

This month I want to concentrate on finding me again. I need to reconnect with myself and find out what is going to improve my wellbeing this year. Last year I had lots of things that made me feel better mentally.

Hit List


  • Date nights with Chris
  • Dates with friends
  • Mummy & Me Time with Kids


  • Swimming
  • Zumba
  • Yoga


  • Art
  • Crochet
  • Sewing
  • Paper Craft


  • DeClutter
  • Decorate